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Accessibility: 5 Lessons for a Better Nonprofit Website

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Now, this is not where I spring a dusty and intimidating list of accessibility guidelines upon you. I’ve got something better. Be careful!

Accessibility Excitement in Geneva

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This is totally the “how sausage and law are made” view, so don’t read this unless you want to know more about global accessibility in detail!

Accessible eBooks for Equal Opportunity

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One of their main challenges is that they do not have adequate access to educational materials that are necessary to learn and succeed in school.

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Addressing Accessibility in Social Media


These needs may relate to accessibility and the user-friendliness of your site for those with auditory, visual, cognitive or mobility impairments. So when building these forms, how can you capture the information you need while still maintaining accessibility? Keep Accessibility in Mind. By Stuart Holland, Sr. Media.

How Accessible Data Can Help You Better Care for Your Donors

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Healthcare is changing—and for the better—because of this immediate and remote access to data. You want personalized healthcare.

Working Toward Internet Access for Everyone

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adults still don't have broadband Internet access at home. billion people currently without access — as a basic human right.

Making the Book Truly Accessible for All Students

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This includes accessible educational materials, such as e-books that can be used with computers, or mobile devices that display enlarged text or read the book aloud while also highlighting text. Bookshare has grown into the largest online digital library of accessible books and periodicals in the U.S., In September 2007, the U.S.

Free Tools to Test Your Nonprofit's Website for Accessibility


People generally associate the topic of web accessibility with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but I like to think of web accessibility as the practice of making websites with content, features and functionality that people of all abilities can access and use. Cindy Leonard. Consulting Team Leader.

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The Road to Accessibility without Borders: Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the Marrakesh Treaty

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Furthermore, the accessibility community can work together to prepare the ground for providing accessible books for people around the world.

Breakthrough on Global Access at WIPO in Geneva!

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There has been a major breakthrough recently on international copyright negotiations in Geneva around improved access for people who have print disabilities. Answer : A copyright exception makes it much easier for people with print disabilities to get access to the materials they need for education, employment and social inclusion.

The Race to Expand Internet Access. in Space

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Yet a significant portion of the world's population doesn't currently have access. Space. There are some big names in this race.

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day: A roundup of accessibility resources


For many people with disabilities, this is a daily reality when they encounter the common problem of non-accessible websites.

Leveraging Mobile Internet Access: Nonprofit Stories of Leading by Leaving The Desk


Affordable mobile internet access can help you get more work done in the field instead of at your desk! Cloud Infrastructure Michelle Warner Mobile Mobile Citizen mobile internet access nptech nten Strategy tools Communications IT Staff Michelle Warner. Director. Mobile Citizen.


Computer Refurbishment and Accessibility

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How Accessible Technology Computer Refurbishment Came About. How Accessible Technology Works. Accessible Technology Coalition.

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Increasing Accessible Publishing Globally

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Plenary Talk at the Eighth General Assembly of the World Blind Union Access to published information is an essential requirement for education, employment and full social inclusion. People with vision impairments and other print disabilities deserve equal access to that treasure of information. Funders like the U.S.

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6 Interview Questions To Ask To Access Leadership Skills

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Describe a situation when these qualities helped you lead others. Give an example of when you demonstrated good leadership. What was your approach?

Expand Access to Healthcare Services with Text Messaging

Mobile Commons

Connecting people to local health resources is an important service that healthcare organizations provide for their communities.

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Objecting to Accessibility Weaseling

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Last week, the National Federation of the Blind and 22 organizations serving people with disabilities filed detailed objections to a petition from a group of makers of e-reader devices led by Amazon to be exempted from accessibility requirements under the relatively new Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act.

Exciting open access project in Vancouver!

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It takes an editor through the entire process of operating and publishing a journal, with a heavy emphasis on open access journals (where the articles are freely available to everybody from the moment they are published). Their largest project is Open Journal Systems, software for running a scholarly journal.

A Worthy Read: National Education Technology Plan

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Of course, one thing might be that accessibility is put right up top, front and center! Born accessible is a play on the term born digital and is used to convey the idea that materials that are born digital also can and should be born accessible. born accessible edtech NETP UD UDL

The Art of the Steal: Access & Controversy at the Barnes Foundation

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The documentary raises basic questions about donor intent, legal execution of eccentric peoples' wills, and, most interesting to me, the definition of access to a collection. Despite my focus on populism and access, I am sympathetic to Barnes and his followers, who feel strongly that a serious injustice has been done.

Social DRM: It’s About Equal Access for All

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Our commitment is to provide access to books for those who are unable to read a traditional print format and to do so without harming the economic interests of authors and publishers. However, strong DRM turns out to be an impediment to the commercial distribution of accessible ebooks. What is it and why is it important? With 1.3

Benetech’s New Image Description Tool Improves Accessibility of Graphical Content for Students with Print Disabilities

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The DIAGRAM Center team has also created an image data content model which will provide standards to define and enhance the efficacy and interoperability of accessible images as the project evolves. DIAGRAM stands for Digital Image and Graphics Resources for Accessible Materials.

Guest Post: Collections Access - Open the Door Wider

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are well versed in new ideas for audience engagement and committed to opening up their institutions to increase public access.

Nonprofits Live Recap: Accessible and Assistive Technologies

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Many organizations, however, overlook ensuring that their web presence is accessible to individuals who may have visual or auditory impairments.

Metro4All — Making All Metro Systems Accessible

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Metro4All is actually a collaboration of people in different countries interested in addressing mass transit accessibility. What Is Metro4All?

Voices from the Community: Accessibility

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As our community discusses the topic of building a culture of accessibility, an important distinction arises. online community channels.

Commercial Availability: The Poison Pill for Marrakesh Treaty Implementation

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Libraries for people who are blind or dyslexic are the primary source of accessible books in audio, large print or braille. Wouldn’t it make more sense to make it easier for people with disabilities to get access to the books they need for education and employment? Our motto is “If it’s born digital, it should be born accessible!”

Beyond the Shuffle: Data Accessibility in the Cloud


Over the years we’ve seen that the nonprofit world has particular difficulty with data accessibility. Kirsten Kippen. Marketing Manager. Idealist Consulting. Is your organization stuck in the time-honored tradition of shuffling paper-based accounting records? Look to cloud-based solutions for your data woes.

New to TechSoup: 4G Broadband Access from Mobile Beacon

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This USB modem is handy for someone who often travels with their laptop, and needs broadband access as they go. Choose from One of Four Devices.

Upcoming Nonprofits Live on September 14: Accessible and Assistive Technologies

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Technology has greatly increased the ease with which we can access news and services and serve others. Pacific time.

Our WIPO Statement on the Treaty for Access for People with Disabilities

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For example, all residents with the qualifying disabilities in Australia, Denmark and Qatar, to pick just three examples, now have free access to Bookshare thanks to our joint efforts with local and national disability groups in these countries. Our collection has grown from 70,000 books to almost 110,000 books in the U.S. Thank you!

Building an Accessibility Culture

Tech Soup Blog

Just recently NetSquared , part of the TechSoup network, has opened a discussion on Internet accessibility as their think tank theme this month. What we want to know is: How do you increase, promote, and advance Internet accessibility on your site? We would love to hear what you have to say!

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How To Access Your Organization's Risks

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Within the first 100 days as a new leader in an organization, you'll want to assess your organization's risk. Authors George Bradt, Jayme A.

Thank You, Gerardo!

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Overseeing the Accessibility Metadata Project , with which we led a collaborative effort to develop standards for accessibility metadata.

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Is “Mobile Access to the Internet” Synonymous With “Access to the Internet”

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While I certainly find that 45% figure interesting, there is a question I find even more compelling: who is using their phone as the main way that they access the Internet ? This question intrigues me because the answers speak not just to raw numbers, but to some larger questions of race, privilege, and access. 50,000-$74,999. Sources.

Is Website Accessibility a Social Responsibility?


Cindy Leonard, our presenter at " Access for All: Basics of Website Accessibility ", believes we as nonprofits have a social responsibility to make our websites more accessible : By their very nature, nonprofits exist to make the world a better place and to create positive social change. nptech nten

Free Webinar: An Overview of Website Accessibility

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We will be discussing website accessibility with Jane Vincent from the Center for Accessible Technology. Implementation of web accessibility can seem excessively complicated. Tags: Accessible Technology Online Seminar Using the Web and Internet Web Building Please join us next Thursday, January 14 at 11 a.m. webinar.

Working with Limited Internet Access

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The user who started the discussion has only mobile broadband access, so he was trying to keep his costs down. Disable prefetch. read more.

Webinar Recording: An Overview of Website Accessibility

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held a webinar focused on making your website more accessibility for those in need of assistive technology. Jane Vincent, Usability/Accessibility Manager from the Center for Assistive Technology , gave an overview of web accessibility and the current accessibility guidelines both nationally and internationally. read more.