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The New Wave of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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Looking back at America’s five largest peer- to-peer fundraising programs in 2006, four have experienced precipitous drops in revenue.

5 Fundraising Resolutions for 2016

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The same trends that are changing the world around us at a rapidly accelerating rate are impacting the fundraising profession in new and exciting ways.

Technology and the Shift to Donor-Centric Fundraising

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On December 31st, 2015, the busiest day of the year for online fundraising, we had just one email queued up to go out from NTEN. Automation.

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When Fundraising Programs Stop Running Like Clockwork

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The intricacy of the clock movement is much like our fundraising programs. Some fundraisers won’t stick around to fix it.

3 Nonprofit Fundraising Lessons Learned from Political Campaigns

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Lesson One: Online Organizing and Fundraising. And who could forget Howard Dean’s turkey sandwich fundraiser?

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Strengthen Fundraising Before the Next Recession

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Heavy political campaigning via mail, online and phone may hurt some fundraising efforts in 2016. I am by no means a financial genius.

DIY Fundraising – Easy Money for Your Nonprofit?

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“Do-it-yourself” (DIY) fundraising has long taken a back seat to more traditional run, walk, or ride fundraising events.

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5 Myths of Mobile Fundraising, Debunked [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The results are eye-opening and really thwack some of mobile fundraising’s biggest myths. ” Have you been there? Get your own.

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What’s to Come in Digital Fundraising?

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This milestone got me thinking about how fast time flies, but also about the huge changes the company has seen in the digital fundraising space.

How Fundraisers & Grant Managers Can Collaborate to Achieve Stronger Results

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As a former grant manager who works on a daily basis with grant-makers, the complex, creative, diverse world of fundraising has been incredible to me.

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10 Ways to Offend Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

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But motivating peer-to-peer fundraisers is a bit of an art. And that’s what happens in many peer-to-peer fundraising coaching emails.

The Future of Fundraising is Already Here. Stop Fundraising! Start Inspiring!

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When asked about what I think the future of fundraising looks like, my best advice? Strive to inspire and your work will be done. billion.

Social Fundraising: Expanding Beyond the Fundraising Event

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These supporters want to be able to fundraise with same online fundraising and social fundraising tools available to event fundraisers.

The 5 Rules for Supercharged Year-End Fundraising

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Many non-profits make the mistake of trying to use gimmicks during year-end fundraising.  Stick with adding beds. Want to learn more?

Wrapping Up Your Fundraising Campaign the Right Way

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Fundraising emails increased 17% last year (and 72% two years ago), according to Luminate Online Benchmark Report. But all was quiet on Dec.

Design a Fundraising Appeal that Raises More this December

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Design your fundraising appeal for mobile. Want more insight into crafting a fundraising appeal that raises more? They include: 1.

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The 2016 Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


For some things, spontaneity is highly desirable, but any fundraising professional will tell you that planning a campaign isn’t one of them.

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How To Engage Your Fundraisers With Gamification & Rewards

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Bringing some fun into your charitable campaigns via gamification and rewards is a great way to raise awareness for your cause, create an engaging experience for your fundraisers, and turn them into lifelong advocates for your cause. To me, gamification isn’t about buying a system and using it to get fundraisers to do things for you.

4 Ways To Diversify Your Fundraising


Does your nonprofit rely one type of fundraising to bring in revenue or is it diversified? Crowdfunding and Giving Days can be helpful too.

Why Pop-Ups Should Be Part of Your Online Fundraising

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To increase online giving, nonprofits often crank up their number of fundraising emails. Probably. Are your constituents? Likely. Of course not.

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400 More Email Subject Lines from End of Year Fundraising

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The 2014 edition of my annual review of year-end fundraising email subject lines. Here it is! Email by Date. Email by Hour. Email Frequency.

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What The Crowd Is Telling Us About P2P Fundraising

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The early 2000s laid the groundwork for a significant shift in fundraising communications. rise in impulse fundraising. Stay tuned!

The Key to Relevant Fundraising in 2015 and Beyond

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As far as I could tell, he did not have any fundraising background; he was a matchmaker, linking nonprofit organizations with resources.

450 Email Subject Lines From End of Year Fundraising

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32% of all fundraising emails were received between 9am ET and 1pm ET during the month of December 2015. Emails By Date. Emails by Hour. Steve.

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19 Proven Fundraising Ideas from Nonprofit Experts


If you’re looking for Fundraising Ideas you’ve come to the right place. Social Media and Its Relationship with Online Fundraising.

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Are You Ready for the Future of Fundraising?

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Nonprofit Fundraising #nptech fundraising ideas fundraising tips future of fundraising npEXPERTS Innovation. Technology.

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3 Things You Should Know About Fundraising in Canada

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Knowing Canadian giving habits is key to successful fundraising in Canada. Peer-to-peer fundraising in Canada is big. Maple syrup.

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Tips for Keeping Your Fundraising Events Unique and Memorable

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With this in mind, here are tips for planning a fundraising event  that is memorable, spiced up, and unique. . Get Creative.

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The Key to Great Year-End Fundraising? Your Brand.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This guest post from Big Duck reminds us why Branding is so important to the success of fundraising and some options to help you be successful.  .

Improve Fundraising Results by Knowing Your Donors’ Birthdays [Study + INFOGRAPHIC]

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If so, how should my fundraising strategy adapt? Answering the above questions about your donor base and others that come up as you dig in can have a tremendous impact on your fundraising performance. Improving fundraising performance. Make sure to give it read and think about how you’re approaching fundraising.

How to Craft a Tight Message for End-of-Year Fundraising Success

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No, that’s not right… Ah fall… when a nonprofit’s fancy turns to thoughts of their end-of-year fundraising efforts. Well in advance.

Your Fundraising Decision Making Yardstick: Recruit-Retain-Reactivate

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But I can’t forget the bottom line: I am a fundraiser, and I must raise funds. Recruit new donors. Retain existing donors.

Nonprofit Fundraising Basics: Matching Gifts


Fundraising events. fundraising guest postNew to matching gifts or interested in understanding the basics a bit more? Education.

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It’s Results that Matter in Fundraising

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If you remember nothing else from reading this post, remember this: It’s the … Annual Fund Direct Mail Fundraising #nptech end of year fundraising fundraising Online Fundraising writing for fundraising

How to Send More Fundraising Emails and Maintain Conversion Rates

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What caught my eye, though, was that as nonprofits sent significantly more fundraising emails, conversion rates went south. Hungry for more?

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Write Better Fundraising Appeals by Implementing One of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principals of Persuasion

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Here’s how the science of persuasion can be used to create more effective fundraising appeal letters—email or direct mail. 1)  Reciprocity.

Boiling it Down to the Basics | P2P Fundraising is Defined by Engagement

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What separates peer-to-peer fundraising from the other revenue channels? Peer-to-peer fundraising is that engagement factor.

Enhancing Your Major Gift Fundraising Strategy with Analytics

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As a fundraising analytics consultant, I see a variety of development program structures and fundraising strategies. Campaign Planning.

4 Fascinating Facts about Online Fundraising (and some ideas to help boost your fundraising results)


If you had to guess how much charitable giving grew in 2012, what … Online Fundraising 2012 Charitable Giving Report by Blackbaud fundraising best practices fundraising ideas fundraising tips

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With #IceBucketChallenge in the Rear View, Where Does Fundraising Go from Here?

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This means lower program and fundraising costs. donors in a record one-month period. The Times They are a Changin! It Takes a Village!