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Channel Surfing: A News Roundup


Additional coverage. •  The Nonprofit Times covers the Report in Study: Online-Acquired Donors Switch To Mail, Not Vice-Versa. Or Yeti?

How Many Social Channels Should Our Nonprofit Use?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

” or variations “Is X social channel worth it for our organization?” Why this gap? ” 2. Kudos to @petsuppliesplus.

Amplify Your Voice with Facebook Ads

Connection Cafe

The nonprofit advantage comes from the fact that content that people engage with on Facebook (like, share, comment on, etc.) Nonprofits!

Voice 124

Going Digital? Five Things to Consider Before Making the Move

Connection Cafe

When deployed in concert, traditional and digital channels can be extremely effective. Why this channel? 2. Build on what you have.

Digital Strategies are Moving the Needle for Nonprofits

Connection Cafe

By 2018, social media will be one of the most important channels for nonprofits, according to a study conducted by Forrester. Mobile.

Drowning in Marketing Data? 3 Steps to Take Control

Connection Cafe

You may not have to save every click, cookie, Facebook like, retweet, web analytic and social media listening fact. Start with the basics.

7 Facebook Hacks for Your Nonprofit’s Website

John Haydon

If your Facebook Page reach has dropped ( yet again ) in recent weeks, don’t give up hope. Reach is not limited to your Facebook Page updates.

Engaging Millennials for Nonprofit Storytelling

Connection Cafe

By that I mean that they story should follow best practices for the social channel(s) that you are using. So where should you start? Engagement.

Three Recent Facebook Upgrades That Nonprofits Need to Know About

Nonprofit Tech for Good

One of the most important lessons that all nonprofit social media managers need to learn is that social media is constantly in flux. Facebook

Five Tips To Be More Influential Across Channels


Not beg for it on Facebook.” ” Today someone shared this awesome photo with me on FB (oh the irony). ” This is spot on!

Today’s Marketing Buzzwords: Sizzle or Substance?

Connection Cafe

The number of channels we have to work with is growing so fast that even the term multi-channel marketing seems like an understatement.

Sharing Your Story: How to Engage Donors with the Philanthropic Impact of Their Gift

Connection Cafe

Then, compile those pictures into a Facebook album with captions that help tell the story. This is key for repeat donations. Make a short video.

Donor 106

[FREE Webinar] Hot or Not: Which Fundraising Channels Are a Forecast for Success?


42% of the American population is active on Facebook, but most struggle to successfully raise significant amounts of money. Don’t sweat it. 

Facebook is Great, but Does it Really Work for Fundraising?


By far the most effective channel was paid search marketing, which 90% of respondents put in their top three biggest sources of acquisition.&#.

Work 89

18 Ways to Beat Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

John Haydon

This article gives you 18 ways to beat the Facebook News Feed algorithm with posting strategies, external channels, and Facebook Insights.

Feeds 60

17 Steps to Creating Explosively Successful Facebook Contests

John Haydon

Facebook contests can increase your fan-count and engagement. Is a Facebook contest right for your organization? Set some goals. Buy ads.

How to Hack Facebook Interests Lists for Content Marketing

John Haydon

One of the biggest challenges nonprofits have is finding content that will resonate with their community. Go beyond Facebook.

How to Add The Facebook Page Call-To-Action Button to Your Page

John Haydon

Facebook has been rolling out a call-to action-button for Facebook Pages. How to Add the Facebook Call-To-Action Button to Your Page.

112 Nonprofit Blog Posts, Articles, and Stories from 2013 You Can’t Miss.

Connection Cafe

And if the collection of resources and highlights below are any indication, a lot has happened in the nonprofit industry over the past 365 days. Here’s Your 2013 Nonprofit Roundup: THIS – thanks to Marc Koenig of Nonprofit Hub:  Nonprofits, 2014 is the Year of the Blog. So what’s a nonprofit to do?

Story 106

Using Facebook Timeline to Market your Nonprofit


Wondering how you can market your charity through Facebook timeline? For someone else, if we match, it surely will be.

6 New Facts About Facebook You Never Knew


36% of Facebook users dislike people sharing too much information. Half of all adult Facebook users have more than 200 friends. General

How Facebook Changes Are Impacting Engagement on Brand Pages and What Nonprofits Should Do About It

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Measure Networked Nonprofit. Commenting on the posts in other aligned partner’s Facebook pages. Content Engagement Facebook

Six Ways Nonprofits Can Benefit from Facebook Hashtags

John Haydon

By now you’ve heard that Facebook Hashtags have been rolled out to many users. How to create a Facebook Hashtag.

DIY Nonprofit Technology: 5 Tips For Increasing Engagement on Facebook


Read the complete issue of NTEN's new quarterly journal for nonprofit leaders by subscribing to the journal for free! ].

3 Nonprofit Social Media Challenges, And How To Overcome Them


Nonprofits have been told since Facebook’s rise to prominence that they need to be investing in a social media marketing / fundraising campaigns.

It's a Multi-Channel World

Connection Cafe

tag her in a Facebook status update about how I'm looking forward to dinner. And all of this happens fairly seamlessly - to the two of us, it's just one big long conversation even though each piece of it happened using eight different communication methods - or "channels.". Facebook. Author: Sally Heaven. Such as: email. events.

How Save the Children Is Using An Edgy Infographic As Part of A Multi-Channel Campaign for Children in Syria

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This infographic is part of a multi-channel campaign.  Every day we learn something new about how to be better multi-channel campaigners.

Syria 32

[Case Study] Why Nonprofits Should Save Some Marketing Budget for Facebook Advertising


Why Facebook Advertising is Beneficial for Nonprofits. Do you want to send people to your Facebook page to promote more likes?

17 Extremely Useful Facebook Video Tutorials For Your Nonprofit

John Haydon

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ve seen the various different video tutorials I’ve published on using Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics and WordPress. But if this is your first time here, do yourself a favor and subscribe to my YouTube channel. How to Add and Manage Roles for Facebook Page Admins.

How Nonprofits Can Use Measurement To Adapt to the Facebook Algorithm Change

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How Nonprofits Can Use Measurement to Adapt to the Facebook Algorithm Change – guest post by Meghan Keaney Anderson, Hubspot.

27 Online Stores That Benefit Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By shopping at any of the 27 online stores listed below, conscious consumers can channel some of their spending power into the nonprofit sector.

16 New Rules for Facebook Marketing Success

John Haydon

The world of Facebook marketing has drastically changed over the past year. The biggest obstacle to Facebook marketing success is lack of time.

How Networked Nonprofit Use Facebook SMARTly

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How Networked Nonprofits Use Facebook What’s missing? 1: Create a Facebook culture inside your organization.

5 Ways Technology Will Shape the Nonprofit Sector in 2014

Connection Cafe

It’s no different for nonprofits. Think back even five years ago, ten years ago – how different is the nonprofit landscape now compared to then?

A Fundraising Success Checklist for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Send follow-up thank-you emails to social fundraising campaign donors with your nonprofit’s branding and social network icons. Facebook.

How To Spruce Up Your Facebook Page In Less Than 15 Minutes

John Haydon

Let’s say your nonprofit has an event next week, and you expect lots of people to visit your Facebook Page. Time required: 60 seconds.

Facebook's New Donate Button: Good or Bad for Nonprofits?


The nonprofit world was buzzing today over the announcement of Facebook rolling out Donate buttons to nonprofit organizations on pages and posts.

Join TechSoup's Social Media Channels

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup has over 400 technology products available for nonprofits and over 40 donor partners. Since 2002, TechSoup has helped over 118,000 nonprofits and libraries save over $1.7 And TechSoup's Learning Center has more than 500 how-to articles and webinars on technology topics created especially for nonprofits and libraries.

Five Online Strategy Tips to Manage Data Across Mulitple Channels


Fundraising and building a robust and active email list is critical to nonprofits who want to thrive in a multi-channel world.

email 16

How Networked Nonprofits Use Facebook

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How Networked Nonprofits Use Facebook. And, of course, to revisit my Cute Dog Theory and see how it applies to Networked Nonprofits.