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How Will We Harness the Potential of the 4th Industrial Revolution for Good?  

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At this year’s World Economic Forum , one phrase was on everyone’s lips:   Fourth Industrial Revolution. Even your mission?

Heartbeat of the Nonprofit Industry

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Author: Cheryl Black. While enjoying the spring conference circuit, Convio put our (very patient) camerapeople and me to work.

Is Your Event’s Success Tied to Your Industry’s Performance?


An industry that is outperforming the general market will likely be drawing investor attention, M&A activity, and early-stage investment.

Industry Buzz: 4 reasons why is the up and coming community platform


———— Cool Social Tools Industry InsiderAptify’s mission is “Changing the World, One Client Mission at a Time.”

The Next Generation of American Giving: Insights, Takeaways, & Suggestions From The Nonprofit Industry

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Take a gander at what industry professionals are saying about your donors: baby boomers, generations x and y, and the matures. You may have heard that Blackbaud recently released a generational giving  study  and associated infographic that covers the Next Generation of American Giving! Interesting stuff, right? Your Donors Are Old!

How TechSoup Helped to Build the Refurbishment Industry

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup is arguably best known for its technology donation programs. read more ). tsinnovation refurbishedcomputers greentechnology

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Key Findings from 2012 State of the Nonprofit Industry Report

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The 2012 State of the Nonprofit Industry report shows that globally nonprofits believe their successful with multiple engagement over a period of time results is greater results. Fundraising Retention global trends Multichannel Fundraising Research nonprofit research

Become an Advocate (Not Just a Leader) in Your Industry


You’ll earn the respect and appreciation of others in your industry. What Is an Industry Advocate? Become an Industry Advocate.

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Wanted: Industry Advisory Group Members

Wild Apricot Blog

We’re looking for participants for a grassroots industry advisory group. If you''ve been involved in a small association, club or non-profit and want to be an advocate for your industry – check out this post for details! Advisory-Group-membership

Is the Financial Services Industry Poised for Market Disruption?


If the financial services industry is to keep up, it needs to: embrace and acquiesce to the new customer mindset. Leaving a bank was difficult. After

Are you part of the charity industrial complex?

Steve Bridger

This is not an opportunity for you to put some “cool internet toppings on your factory-based charity mindset.” It is worth  every second.

12 Advanced Google Tricks


Implementation Industry InsiderCame across this awesome article by Larry Kim. One to bookmark!

Social CRM Fuels Engagement and Growth [Infographic]


Industry Insider Useful Data

Reflections from the World Economic Forum: Four Big Trends for Social Good Organizations to Watch

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The emerging technology driving the 4th industrial revolution has incredible potential to change the way we work, live, connect and more. If one thing was clear at Davos, it was that companies are already shifting rapidly to a new paradigm, preparing for the ways that the 4th industrial revolution will change the world.

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8 Tips for Radical Collaboration to Advance Your Mission and Help Strengthen the Social Economy

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Social Good 4IR 4th Industrial Revolution foundations nonprofits Outcomes Outcomes Measurement Partnerships Radical Collaboration Social Economy

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[Industry News] Avectra acquired by Abila (aka Sage)


Industry Insider You’ve probably heard, so here’s the official news release. Avectra has a huge customer base.

[Cool Infographic Friday] Snapchat 101: What You Need to Know


Content Strategy Cool Infographic Friday Cool Social Tools Industry InsiderTip o’ the hat to MDG Advertising  for this one.

Are industry vendors deserting ASAE’s annual meeting?


Does that seem like a lot less industry people (non-association execs) to you this year? Do the math. What’s the story on this?

Meet the People We Work With – Columbia Industries

Vertex Systems

Now, we’ve got another client to tell you about – Kay with Columbia Industries in the state of Washington! A while ago, we introduced you to Brenda at Kent-Sussex in Delaware so she could tell you her story. She’s the … Continue reading →

26 Disruptive & Technology Trends


Featured Social, In Theory Industry InsiderFrom Brian Solis.  Oh and check out slide 27-28. ——— ( photo credit ).

Infographic: 2013 Nonprofit Communication Trends


Industry News Mobile Tech infographic nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech technology No matter how you look at it, communication is key.

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[Cool Infographic Friday] How design attracts donors


Cool Infographic Friday Featured Industry InsiderA really good one for you from ElevationWeb. “Online giving is on the rise.

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The 2014 Charitable Giving Report

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Nonprofit Fundraising 2010 State of the Not-for-Profit Industry Survey Analytics Blackbaud Blackbaud Index fundraising nonprofit online giving

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Infographic: When To Post To Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Feeds


Industry News Social Tech nonprofit technology npTech social media technology Social media, to many, is a total mystery. When do I post?

4 Strategies To Help Assess Your Nonprofit’s Technology


Industry News Leadership Tech cloud nonprofit nonprofit technology npTechWith the amount of new and innovative technology that is surfacing every day, assessing your nonprofit’s technology should be a daily process. While every nonprofit wants to cause change in some way, every nonprofit is different. As a result […].

Infographic: Optimizing Your Nonprofit Donation Page


With online donations to nonprofit organizations on the rise, the onus is on the nonprofit to make the donation process as simple as possible.

Bridging the Skills-Gap with Competency-Based Learning


In the eLearning industry we call this the skills-gap crisis, and it affects both college graduates and skilled trade workers alike.

Infographic: Women Working For Nonprofit Orgs


Industry News Leadership Social nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech supporters Did you know that over 2/3 of nonprofit employees are women?

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Humanize in Action: great social media is possible even in a regulated industry


Does your association operate in a regulated industry? Can a bank be a social business? The answer is yes. Must watch. What’s right for us?”.

Ancient Greece 2.0: Arts Participation before the Industrial Age

Museum 2.0

But what if the "traditional" arts experiences is a myth? What if historic arts experiences were actually a lot more participatory? can't wait.

Infographic: 10 Most Successful Nonprofit Twitter Accounts


Industry News Social Tech nonprofit nonprofit technology social media technology Not too shabby.

[Cool Infographic Friday] The 2015 State of Social Business


Cool Infographic Friday Culture That Works Industry InsiderThis one’s not particularly “cool” per se, but useful.

13 Nonprofit Statistics You Never Knew


Fundraising Industry News Tech nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTech Image courtesy of

How the “Shark Tank” of Podcasts is Changing the Start Up Game


The Pitch is a simple concept: hopeful founders come on the podcast and pitch their dream to a group of investors, industry experts and the hosts.

5 New And Quirky Nonprofit Social Media Tactics


Fundraising Industry News Social Tech content marketing nonprofit nonprofit technology npTech social media supporters technology virtualization

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Nonprofit Tech Week Is April 7-9th


General Industry News Leadership Social Tech For 3 days, Nonprofit Tech Week brings nonprofit leaders and technology together for focused sessions on how your nonprofit can better leverage technology to complete its mission. Each day has a focused […].

So did you GO to #ASAE15?


From the Trenches Industry InsiderBy Adele Cehrs, CEO of Epic PR Group and Author of SPIKE Your Brand ROI.

Everything You Need To Know About Online Community Management


Content Strategy Featured From the Trenches Implementation Industry Insider Nimble Nonprofit Open Community Risk and Social Media Social Learning

Infographic: Social Media for Social Good


Industry News Leadership Mobile Tech fundraising infographic nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTech social media technology

The best nuggets from AMS FEST


Debunking the Hype From the Trenches Industry Insider Social CRM and ROIAMSFest Tweets. photo credit ).

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