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WordPress vs. Drupal … fight!

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

As a user and developer of WordPress since 1.x Also, this is primarily going to be from the developers point of view, although I’ll talk some about user interface and experience. (A caveat: I have more experience, especially with larger sites, in Drupal than in WordPress, so there are things that I may be missing.

See How Wild Apricot Integrates with WordPress

Wild Apricot Blog

With the help of a plugin, Wild Apricot and WordPress now speak to each other like never before! Read about the exciting new features.

Should You Build Your Nonprofit Website with Drupal or WordPress?

John Haydon

Before picking a CMS system like Drupal or WordPress your stakeholders need to determine […]. appeared first on John Haydon. Your Websit

Version 5.4 Released: Includes WordPress Integration

Wild Apricot Blog

includes WordPress integration and enhancements to our API and text formatting options. We’re glad to announce our latest release! Version 5.4 Plus a brand new mobile-friendly theme! Wild Apricot

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WordPress vs Drupal. Fight!


As a user and developer of WordPress since 1.x Also, this is primarily going to be from the developers point of view, although I’ll talk some about user interface and experience. (A caveat: I have more experience, especially with larger sites, in Drupal than in WordPress, so there are things that I may be missing. Community Blogs.

Nine steps to building a WordPress website for your nonprofit

John Haydon

WordPress has a great list of hosting providers that support WordPress. Install WordPress. Choose A Hosting Provider. What else?

WordPress Tags And Categories – The Ultimate Guide For Nonprofits

John Haydon

According to WordPress, tags “make it easier for people to find your content. How to Create Effective WordPress Tags.

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WordPress Plugins for Nonprofits

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WordPress is one of our favorite systems for making it easy for nonprofits to maintain a blog. Even if you don’t have much technical background, WordPress makes it easy! Here are a few of our favorite plugins we’ve used to help our nonprofit clients to customize WordPress to fit the needs of their audiences: Administrative.

Three Killer Nonprofit WordPress Sites To Learn From

John Haydon

Last week I asked folks on Quora for examples of exceptional nonprofit WordPress websites. What WordPress websites do you like?

Site 24

WordPress 3.1 Allows Nonprofits To Choose From Up To 10 Different Post Formats

John Haydon

WordPress now allows admins and editors to from up to ten different Post formats. WordPress wordpress wordpress posts

Why I Love The Headway WordPress Theme Framework More Than Ever

John Haydon

As you may know, I’ve been a huge fan of the Headway WordPress Theme since it first came out (this site is built with Headway). Header.

State of the Word – from WordPress


Thought you might enjoy this State of the Word address from Matt Mullenweg of WordPress. There’s a concise history of WordPress, and some interesting survey results from the site that boasts it’s running every 22 of the latest 100 new active domains. Lots of association examples of respondents to the global survey. Awesom

The Starting Line: Great Tips for Beginning a WordPress Blog

Byte Technology

And although that number includes a lot of fly-by-nights sites and those who don’t have staying power, blogging—especially via a WordPress site, an innovator and leader in the technology—is still a force to be reckoned with on the Internet. Utilizing WordPress plugins and widgets, be sure to plant social share buttons on your pages.

15NTC WordPress Day: Event Recap


What happens when you bring together 200 developers, power users, content managers, community organizers, and IT-decision makers that are either using or considering, WordPress? A lot! Here's a recap of the first ever WordPress Day for Nonprofit Professionals at the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference. Chrissy Rey. We did it!

How to Add Stupidly Simple Polls to your WordPress Blog

John Haydon

Test it out for yourself: WordPress pollsCreate simple polls with Quipol.

Poll 10

WordPress 2017: A Taste of What’s New and Exciting

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The good folks at WordPress are constantly making fixes and improvements to the platform’s core program, and just this last December they rolled out the latest version, WordPress 4.7. major release from the designers, the update includes lots of great new features that all WordPress users will want to investigate thoroughly.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Host for Your Needs

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When it comes to designing, launching and running a WordPress site, there are so many critical elements to consider for achieving success, from stellar content to an easy-to-navigate theme and templates to keeping track of updates to plugins. Free WordPress Hosting. Shared WordPress Hosting. Managed WordPress Hosting.

Picture Perfect: A/B Split Testing Your WordPress Site Imagery

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And when it comes to designing and running a WordPress sie—whether it be a blog, a money-making e-tail page or even a bit of corporate PR—getting the right image that grabs attention and keeps visitors interested and engaged is incredibly important for a successful website. Some great ones to explore are Nelio A/B and AB Press Optimizer.

It Takes A Village: Joining and Participating in the WordPress Community

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For anyone who designs, owns, manages or administers a WordPress site, the importance of the “community” that surrounds the wildly popular content management system cannot be understated. Here are some good tips for tapping into this information-rich resource and becoming an active player in WordPress world. Web Design WordPress

Bad Ideas: The Most Common Mistakes for Rookie WordPress Users

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It’s little wonder that some 76 million websites worldwide are designed and administered via the WordPress platform given the ease with which any one—from tech newbies to Internet and design pros—can get their blog or e-commerce site up and running. WordPressSo how can you avoid and remedy some common rookie mistakes?

Plugging In: Updating Your WordPress Utilities Safely and Securely

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Want to know the number one reason WordPress sites get hacked as well as the number one reason users experience compatibility issues? Navigate to “Appearance” then “Editor” in your WordPress backend, copy any changes you made to “functions.php, style.css” as well as any other files, then update your themes and paste the changes back.

Why WordPress is the Best Choice for your Website CMS

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Not so with the behemoth of the Internet, WordPress. Today nearly 75 million sites are constructed and managed on the WordPress platform—which first debuted in 2011—and there are some very good reasons why. Here are the top five reasons while WordPress is a no-brainer choice no matter the vision you have for your website.

Wondering About Widgets? How to Use Them in Your WordPress Site

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It may be a funny sounding word to many beginning WordPress users, but widgets can be—and should be—a vital component to any WordPress design. In simple terms to the uninitiated, widgets are small blocks that provide very specific functions on your WordPress page. Web Design WordPressWhat exactly are widgets?

Plugging In: Must-Have WordPress Extras for Business Websites

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As a business owner operating via a WordPress-based website, it’s important to leverage all the tools the amazing platform has to offer in order to maintain a competitive edge and keep your products and services relevant and noticed in the burgeoning world of online commerce. Industry News Web Design WordPress

Off to Market: The Best WordPress Plugins for Maximum Traffic

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For those trying to make the most of their WordPress—or, more importantly, the most money off their WordPress site—it can sometimes be difficult to ascertain just how to go about marketing your blog, products, services and so on. Here are a handful of marketing-specific plugins culled from WordPress and e-commerce experts.

12 Ways to Make Your Website More Pinnable

John Haydon

WordPress users can use the Open Graph Meta plugin to sniff out the problems. Here’s an awesome plugin to create rich pins for WordPress.

Don’t Panic: Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them (Part Two)

Byte Technology

In part one of this series we looked at some of the most common errors that occur with sites using the WordPress-based Content Management System (CMS). It’s not uncommon for the administrator of a WordPress-based site to forget or otherwise lose their password. 404 Issue (WordPress Admin Login). Web Design WordPress

Save the Day: Knowing Which WordPress Files to Always Back Up

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Ask any WordPress designer or seasoned administrator what is one of the most important aspects of keeping a website safe and secure and you’ll no doubt get a vehement answer: back up! And the sad reality is that too many WordPress users—especially beginners—believe that having a backup system in place is of no importance.

Safe by Design: How to Boost Your WordPress Site’s Security

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And while a hack is rarely fatal—WordPress thrives on the fact that it’s easy to backup your data and information, so getting up and running after an attack isn’t too painful—it is a gigantic hassle that costs you time and, occasionally, money. Don’t let anyone browse the directory of your WordPress website. Web Design WordPress

Join the Trend: Six Ways to Discover Hot Topics for Your WordPress Blog

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One of the biggest obstacles bloggers encounter—whether they’re on the WordPress platform or not—is how to create content that is based on currently trending topics. The post Join the Trend: Six Ways to Discover Hot Topics for Your WordPress Blog appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. WordPressQuora.

Know Your Audience: How to Use Google Analytics With Your WordPress Site

Byte Technology

Write down this code as you’ll need to enter it on your WordPress site. The post Know Your Audience: How to Use Google Analytics With Your WordPress Site appeared first on Byte Technology’s Web Design Insights Blog. WordPressSuccessful website owners and administrators all have one thing in common: they know their audience.

Pipe Up: How to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Posts

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One of the hallmarks of the WordPress content management system is the ability to engage a user audience and create a back-and-forth conversation of sorts in the virtual world. WordPress experts will tell you that a website comment section can strain internal resources, especially for your web hosting server. Web Design WordPress

Three Simple Ways to Dramatically Increase Website Traffic From Facebook

John Haydon

Your Website content marketing Facebook Marketing facebook social plugins wordpress

Under Attack: Why WordPress Sites Are So Popular with Hackers

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However, most people don’t consider an equally startling fact: WordPress sites are some of those most commonly attacked. 30,000.

Don’t Panic: Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them (Part One)

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The vast majority of WordPress users managing and administering their own sites have most likely, at one time or another, received an error message or code that got their hearts racing and induced a bit of panic. WordPress experts agree that most often the white screen happens because you’ve maxed out your PHP memory limit.

Dollars and Sense: When to Whip Out Your Wallet for a Premium WordPress Theme

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And seeing as though the WordPress platform dominates the site-building industry with a more than 26 percent market share, there’s a good chance that’s the platform you’ll be using. So if you have a problem with your site that is theme-related, you’ll have to cull through WordPress forums to find an answer. WordPress

7 Easy Fixes to Get Your Nonprofit Ranking Higher on Google

John Haydon

Your Website ranking higher on google Search Engine Optimization SEO wordpress It’s true, SEO is a complex topic with a lot of moving pieces.

The Magnificent Seven: Great WordPress Features Worth Checking Out

Byte Technology

WordPress is an incredibly rich and multi-layered content management system, one packed with options and features that help it clearly stand head and shoulders above other platforms. That said, check out these seven helpful and easy-to-use features most WordPress users probably don’t even know exist. Hide and Seek. Sidebars Simplified.

A/B Split Testing 101: Tools and Tips for WordPress Site Optimization

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WordPress site designers, owners and administrators all have something in common with one another: they all want to see their sites perform better: look more attractive: get more hits and conversions; see more pass-alongs and click-throughs; engage more repeat visitors etc. One great way is to initiate A/B split testing. Web Design

Plugging In: Utilizing the Most Important WordPress Options

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Currently there are more than 45,000 plug-ins available on the WordPress CMS. registered domain names run exclusively on the platform.