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11 Must-Follow Nonprofits on Pinterest

Nonprofit Tech for Good

With 10.4 million registered users, Pinterest hit the 10 million-user benchmark last week making it the fastest growing website ever.

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Social Media, Journalism and “The News Will Find Me”


The awesome Debra Askanase of Community Organizer 2.0 Is this a likely future trend?” READ DEBRA’s FULL POST ABOUT THE PRESENTATION HERE.

How After Action Reviews Can Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Source: via Beth on Pinterest. The process is simple.   You ask and answer these questions: What was the intent? What actually happened?

A Few Good Tools for Video Editing


PublishDate: February 2012. Author: Kyle Henri Andrei. Before the digital revolution, videos—like still photographs—were actually shot on film. Editing them involved cutting out individual frames and splicing the filmstrip back together, a tedious and expensive process that resulted in lots of little plastic squares on the cutting room floor. link].

Love your Techies: Send Them to the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conferenece


We love our techies. We also love the Nonprofit Technology Conference. As it turns out, lots of you feel the same way. Just tag it #luvnptech.

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Technology and the New Workplace Currency

AFP Blog

Technology and the New Workplace Currency : Cisco has recently come out with a new study, the 2011 World Technology report, that looks at the [internet] habits of college students and young professionals entering the workforce. According to the report

Tag, You're IT! An Introduction for Technical Managers: Coaching Employees

Tech Soup Blog

Grant Howe is VP of research & development for Sage North America’s Nonprofit Solutions business, based in Austin, Texas. Follow him on Twitter and read his first post in the Tag, You’re IT! series. Technical leadership generally gets a bad rap for not having quality soft skills. in managing people. ” Our initial move. reality.

AFP Blog - Untitled Article

AFP Blog

nationally representative phone survey of American adults finds that

Lame spam of the day: U.N. natural disaster victim payment

Robert Weiner

This spam is both lame (no graphic, no attempt to make the senders address look legit, mangled English) and odious -- preying on disaster victims (one can hope they're just preying on greedy idiots who will pretend to be disaster victims). Sender: Ban ki Moon ( Subject: United Nations Headquarters. Text: United Nations Headquarters.

CharityVillage? Research: Hey You, Get Out of Your Social Media Comfort Zone.Yes You!

AFP Blog

CharityVillage Research: Hey You, Get Out of Your Social Media Comfort Zone.Yes You! Becoming comfortable with a social network yourself is the best way to understand how your supporters and donors might interact with your organization in social spaces. Here are three less popular (but no less addictive!)

Make Your Videos Better

Tech Soup Blog

Kyle Henri Andrei is a research assistant at Idealware and is a recent graduate of communications at Indiana State University. Others are handheld.

5 Things Virtual Event Platforms Can Learn from Pinterest ? It’s All Virtual

AFP Blog

5 Things Virtual Event Platforms Can Learn from Pinterest  It’s All Virtual : 5 Things Virtual Event Platforms Can Learn from Pinterest. NPVirtualEvent NPVirtualConference