New Study Explores the Undeveloped Value of New Donors

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Part one of the Blackbaud Institute’s Vital Signs report showed a sector that has both rebounded from and struggled with the immense technological, economic, and demographic disruption that has shaped the world since the Great Recession.

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Attention Nonprofit #DataNerds: A Few Recent Research Studies on Data, Technology, Funding, and Trends

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In the last few weeks, there have been a few good research studies and web sites relaunched that cover technology, data, funding, and trends. Here’s a roundup. Collaborative Technologies: Helping Funders Work Together Better. Technology for Good Report.

The Millennial Running Study: Turning Their Miles Logged into Your Mission Spread

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Last month, a fascinating study was released called the Millennial Running Study. From decades of self-experimentation and study, I can say that these two actions are a winning combination for hacking happiness.

Designing Programs to Build Community: Case Study with Charity Technology Trust

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This afternoon I had the pleasure and honor of spending a few hours with members of the Charity Technology Trust/Charity Technology Exchange team, part of the TechSoup Global network , exploring their options for creating programs or services to build and foster community throughout their network. Lastly, there are lots of 1-time or regular events that surface ideas and case studies and generate content that could be really useful to pull in or capture.

Infographic: How Technology Increases Funding


While this NTEN eBenchmark Study is from 2012, the data continues to grow and support the future of nonprofit technology, and comparing years can lead to newly occurring trends. Fundraising Leadership Tech benchmark study email fundraising Mobile Fundraising social media technology

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5 Technology Stats From Over 500 Nonprofit Executives


shares an infographic from InfoGroup , identifying the nonprofit technology gap by surveying over 500 nonprofit executives to find out how they are using or not using technology to achieve their organization’s mission.

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Beth’s Surprise Party: A Case Study in Crowdsourced Action

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To recap : our audience included bloggers in the nonprofit technology and social impact sector; our goals were to help reach Beth’s $530 fundraising goal and recruit 53 “happy birthday&# blog posts reflecting on Beth’s work. Tags: case studies fundraising beth kanter campaign case study online campaign sharing foundation Yesterday was a very exciting day: we threw a surprise party for Beth Kanter online!

11 Expert Tips for Nonprofits to Embrace Technology for Even Greater Impact

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Last week I had the privilege of networking with over 2000 nonprofit experts and professionals at NTEN ‘s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). Here are the top 11 tips for nonprofits to embrace technology for even greater impact.

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New Fundraising Study Provides Insights on Effective Technology Use


There''s no shortage of technology options available to nonprofits today for fundraising. Here at NTEN, we receive a lot of questions about the the different uses of technology for fundraising. Here are some of the key findings from the study: Revenue growth is not assured.

Study: Nonprofits Want More Functionality, Integration From Their Software

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The post Study: Nonprofits Want More Functionality, Integration From Their Software appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Featured Nonprofit TechnologyStep one was to make the switch from spreadsheets and ledger books to software.

4 Steps to Implementing Your Social Change Strategy: A Case Study with SEFCU

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Since 2008, SEFCU’s Community Support Program has helped more than seven million people within its branch footprint – which includes upstate New York’s Capital Region, Binghamton, Syracuse and Buffalo areas – through funding vital nonprofit organizations.

Study on Nonprofit Technology Adoption Released | Management Consulting 2.0

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Thanks to Deborah Finn for the heads upStudy on Nonprofit Technology Adoption Released | Management Consulting 2.0: "Study on Nonprofit Technology Adoption ReleasedDiscuss Here: [link] attached paper seeks to determine the critical factors that influence the adoption and effective use of technologies within the nonprofit sector.

[Case Study] Have you crossed the mobile threshold?


The first of hopefully many case studies of the awesome work that ICF (the company we consult for) does every day. A Healthline study in 2011 found a significant difference between the top health searches on desktop and mobile.

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Harness Mobile Technology In 2018


Optimize website and donation pages In M+R’s study, researchers found that after visiting a nonprofit’s donation page, desktop users completed a gift 20% of the time. Your nonprofit’s internal workings can be made easier and more efficient with mobile technology too!

Community-Driven Social Impact: Presentation, Case Studies, and Workshop

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Last week was the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference and not only did I have the pleasure of presenting a couple sessions, it was also my first NTC as a staffer, as I joined NTEN earlier this month. Case Studies.

NFPs Becoming More ‘Tech Effective’ - US Study | Pro Bono Australia

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NFPs Becoming More ‘Tech Effective’ - US Study | Pro Bono Australia : A US Not for Profit technology staffing survey has found a sharp increase in the number of organisations with a formal technology plan. The annual NTEN Nonprofit Technology Staffing and Investments survey reports that more than half (55 per cent) of respondents reported that their organisation has some type of formal technology plan compared to just 40 per cent last year

Technology Trends in Associations


Key findings from the 2014 Association Technology Study from Lehman Reports and what they mean for associations. Technology Trends in Associations from Informz on Vimeo.

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New Study Says Don't Be An Earned Media Hog


Here’s what they concluded in their new report 2016 Mediamarks Study. Technology nptech Trends NonprofitNonprofits spend a lot of their Communications staff time trying to get their issues covered by the media. One common question that gets asked is “how many media hits is good?”

IBM Study Shows Consumers Want More Mobile Interaction While Shopping

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Well, the IBM Institute for Business Value recently published a study analyzing consumer preferences for mobile. The IBM study wanted to find out what people wanted out of their mobile devices when it comes to shopping. How do consumers feel about mobile marketing?

Seven Responsively Designed Nonprofit Websites to Study and Learn From

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Over the last few years as I have studied the rapid rise of the Mobile Web , I have become more of an advocate of launching a responsively designed website over launching a mobile site separate from a desktop site. Mobile Fundraising Mobile Technology Mobile Websites

Technology for Change Contest: Win a new computer from HP!

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Technology for Change. What’s your favorite example of technology helping people create positive change in the world? For example, simply review the hundreds of ideas listed in NetSquared ’s Project Gallery and you’ll quickly see that people from around the world are hard at work leveraging all kinds of technologies to create positive change for communities tackling many different issues.

New Study Shows Millennials Want To Make A Global Difference


Millennials are often the target demographic for many nonprofits, as they are known to be the most technologically-savvy with high adoption rates of smart phones, their value of entrepreneurship, and the belief that they can make a local difference, according to the Telefonica Survey.

JMIR Reviews Text Messaging Studies, Finds Positive Overall Results

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From medication compliance to affecting behavior change to sharing information, there have been a wealth of studies examining text messaging’s role in the healthcare industry. As such, there were over 900 studies available for JMIR to review.

Nonprofits’ Use Of Mobile Technology Could Double This Year


According to a recent post from The Huffington Post, a recent study shows that the use of mobile devices will more than double this year. Tablets, smartphones, they’re … Continued The post Nonprofits’ Use Of Mobile Technology Could Double This Year appeared first on Tech Impact.

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National Study Reveals: Digital and Social Media Are Delivering Results for Arts Organizations

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: I had pleasure of facilitating a panel discussion in October at the recent Grantmakers in the Arts pre-conference on technology and media with Rory MacPherson where I learned about some of the preliminary study result he discovered. Research Studies

2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Highlights Online Advocacy, Fundraising, and Social Media Metrics


The 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study was just released and is packed with insightful data on advocacy and fundraising response rates across the nonprofit sector. The study also has some great data on how nonprofits are expanding their use of social media and mobile.

Students and technology [INFOGRAPHIC]


Another interesting infographic from BachelorsDegreeOnline , using data from Educause’s ECAR Annual Study of Students and IT. Are you ready for when these undergrads become grads… and postgrads… and coming to you for professional development ?

Millennial Donor Summit 2011: Online conference connecting you with research, case studies and trends

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Incorporating the latest trends in mobile technology for engaging and giving. Check out the full agenda , get the Millennial Donor Study report , and register today !

Nonprofit Technology Training: Book List

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

At this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference, I’m thrilled to be doing a panel on nonprofit technology training and it has a bit of a star wars theme, “ Learn You Will.” Photo from Librarianismchronicles Blog.

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Newly Released! The 2018 Global NGO Technology Report

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Now in its third year, the 2018 Global NGO Technology Report is based upon the survey results of 5,352 NGOs from 164 countries. The Global NGO Technology Report is a sister report to the Global Trends in Giving Report.

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Technology and the New Workplace Currency

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Technology and the New Workplace Currency : Cisco has recently come out with a new study, the 2011 World Technology report, that looks at the [internet] habits of college students and young professionals entering the workforce. The report asks specifically whether ”their demands for information access are changing business communications and the future of work”. According to the report

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11 Hispanic and Latino Organizations Everyone Should Know

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Read our full profile of the Latino Victory Project and how they use technology to run winning campaigns here.

Computer Technologies Program in Berkeley: Windows MultiPoint Server Case Study

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Computer Technologies Program in Berkeley, California, was one of our test sites. Computer Technologies Program has an employment placement rate of 80% and has served as the model for technical training programs. Computer Technologies Program Recommendations to Others.

ERP Software for a Nonprofit – a Case Study

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Check out our latest ERP case study on KSI today.

New technologies can dramatically improve fundraising efforts | TMA Resources

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New technologies can dramatically improve fundraising efforts | TMA Resources : A recent study by j2 Global has found that savvy nonprofits are looking to cloud services to ensure staff is more connected and to drive productivity. The "State of the Nonprofit Sector" survey found that following years of economic hardship and budgetary issues

Case Study: NTEN’s Website Relaunch


However, as technology and the available tools have progressed, we’re now finally able to tackle all these issues in a comprehensive way and within a budget that our board will actually approve. case study Web Sites website design IT Staff After thinking and talking about it for a long time, this year we at NTEN are finally beginning a website overhaul and re-launch in earnest.

How Technology Increased Non Profit Funding in 2011 (Infographic)


Non Profit Technology Infographic Thank you NTEN and M+R for teaming up to create such an informative infographic! To read the full report or to view past studies, visit

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The Fail-Safe Guide to Pitching Technology to Your Nonprofit Stakeholders

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CharityDynamics just released the Interactive Investment Benchmark Study that looks at how organizations plan to invest in digital resources and strategy. In fact, almost 30% expect their interactive technology investments to grow by 11% or more this year. Before the Board and executive team can make a decision, an analysis of current results, resources and technology should be conducted. Technology fundraising technology nonprofit management technology investments

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Case Study of NTEN’s Website Relaunch: The home page


After all, the nonprofit association for people working at the intersection of technology and social change should have a website to match that mission and vision. Explore career opportunities in the nonprofit technology sector? case study Web Sites website design Communications

HealthRIGHT 360: BetterWorld VoIP Case Study

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Accessible Technology Acquiring Technology Technology Assessment Green IT nonprofits BetterWorld Telecom VoIP tsbetterworldtelecom HealthRIGHT 360 This is a guest post by Salem Kimble, Manager of Online Strategies with TechSoup donor partner BetterWorld Telecom.

New Study Shows that Planned Parenthood’s Live Text Chat Program Relieves Teen Anxiety

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A new study from the Journal of Medical Internet Research shows that Planned Parenthood’s live text chat hotline helps relieve teens’ anxiety.

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The 6 Scariest Monsters Nonprofit Fundraisers Are Facing This Halloween

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

As the End-of-Year fundraising season approaches and strategic planning for 2019 looms, technological advances, donor demographic shifts and nonprofit workloads all pose challenges for nonprofit fundraising professionals.

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5 Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch in 2017

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Today, however, social media is in transition as its newness wanes and innovative technologies are on the horizon that will have just as profound effect on the nonprofit sector. The following is an excerpt from October-December 2016 Edition of AsianNGO Magazine.

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