Online Jobs for College Students


With the recent generation relying entirely on technology, online jobs are some of the best options for a college student. Jobs that will be able to cater for your college expenses and even help you out with your student loans. Here are some of the best online jobs available for college students. Not only can you get to tutor your fellow college kids, but you can offer your services online to even high school students that are having trouble in a specific area.

Training on your new database

Robert Weiner

A question was posted to a listserve for nonprofit techies looking for tips on training staff on a new database. I discussed training at a high level on page 13 of this chapter from CASE's Handbook of Institutional Advancement. Here are some more detailed rules of thumb: 90% of training is forgotten within the first 2 weeks if it's not put to immediate use. Not everyone can train. Train the system administrator thoroughly at the start of the implementation project.

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Learning Analytics: Big Data Applied to Training, Teaching, and Learning

Beth Kanter

And, NTEN is the first stop for nonprofits to go for this type of field level of research and coverage. For those of us who also focused on training, instruction, and professional learning for nonprofits, the New Media Consortium , has been charting the landscape of emerging technologies in teaching, learning, and creative inquiry on a global scale for the past ten years.

Technology Support as Teaching

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Technology Support as Teaching April 24, 2007 I’ve been thinking a lot about technology support lately. I realized, in thinking about all of this, that the model of technology support that makes the most sense to me is to think of it similarly as a teacher-student relationship.

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Speaking and Training Advice from Over 2000 Years Ago

Connection Cafe

One of my favorite assignments, though, is what we call “Train the Trainer” (T3), where I will work with a group of folks who will later put on a different hat and train their colleagues on new software. These assignments call upon product knowledge of course, but also a great deal of facilitation training, including many practice teachbacks in front of the group. Not just for training.

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Nonprofit Technology Training: Book List

Beth Kanter

At this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference, I’m thrilled to be doing a panel on nonprofit technology training and it has a bit of a star wars theme, “ Learn You Will.” I read a lot of educational technology, training, and teaching blogs, follow those people on Twitter, curate on Scoop.It, etc to keep up. When I’m training other trainers, I often get asked “What books should I read?” Training Design

ASU Lodestar Center Blog: Can You Teach a Watchdog New Tricks?

ASU Lodestar Center

Disclaimer Wednesday, May 4, 2011 Can You Teach a Watchdog New Tricks? Associate Professor, ASU School of Community Resources & Development This post is about a bad dog and the role that a class of ASU students is playing in its quest for redemption. Where do donors get trained to think that investment in administration and fundraising is bad? Over the course of this past semester, teams of students have been working through the rating process for a pool of organizations.

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Training Board Members As Brand Champions on Social and Beyond

Beth Kanter

” It was an interactive workshop and the content was on how to leverage senior leaders, board, and staff as champions on social channels. Rachel Calderon, Marketing and Communications Manager, Central Florida Foundation was a workshop participant and after the workshop we brainstormed a design for training her board members to be champions. She agreed to write up her process and experience – and especially grateful as I’m in London now teaching the same topic.

What I've been learning, cooking, reading, teaching and making

Have Fun - Do Good

Learning After working as a communications consultant since May for Rockwood Leadership Institute , I finally had the opportunity to participate in their signature personal leadership development training, The Art of Leadership. Teaching On Friday, I taught a fun Social Media for Coaches unit as part of a "Building a Successful Coaching Practice: Nuts, Bolts and Social Media" course in San Francisco State''s College of Extended Learning''s Core Strengths Coaching Skills Program.

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Get the Tools to Train and Educate

Tech Soup Blog

For nonprofits, libraries, and their constituents, training is esse ntial to keep knowledge and skills up to date. Whether your organization is training its own staff in nonprofit management, or teaching others technical skills, TechSoup can help you get started. Train on Over 150 Products with Atomic Training. You can use Atomic Training to help your organization maximize its tech tools and software products. Train Nonprofit Managers.

What can nonprofit technology trainers learn from the social work field to improve their training techniques?

Beth Kanter

Last month, I spent two days teaching at University of Buffalo, School of Social Work. During my visit, I gave a keynote at a nonprofit leadership conference, facilitated a workshop for social work agencies on networks and data, guest taught a graduate course in social work research and evaluation methods, met with faculty, gave a talk on giving to students at the student union (pictured above), and was interviewed for the podcast series. Training Design

Trainer’s Notebook: The Feng Shui of Good Teaching and Learning

Beth Kanter

All of my work these days is focused on designing and delivering effective training for nonprofits -primarily on the topics of social media, strategy, networks, and measurement. I’m also doing a lot of training of other trainers. The event kicks off a semester long internship for students working with nonprofits. Training Design

How To Think Like An Instructional Designer for Your Nonprofit Trainings

Beth Kanter

Join me for a FREE Webinar: Training Tips that Work for Nonprofits on Jan.29th at 1:00 PM EST/10:00 AM PST. I’ll be sharing my best tips and secrets for designing and delivering training for nonprofit professionals that get results. And, if you are attending NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology in March, join me, John Kenyon, Andrea Barry, and Cindy Leonard for a session on designing effective technology training. Training is only valuable if participants apply what they learn.

QuickBooks Made Easy Training Coming to a City Near You

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup donor partner QuickBooks Made Easy is taking its popular QuickBooks trainings on the road, and offering a special discount to TechSoup members! Grab the discount code below to get $20 off the cost of training (a 13 percent discount!). Since 2000, Gregg has been teaching QuickBooks seminars around the country for various groups and is considered to be an expert in the program. In total, Gregg has taught over 1,500 seminars to more than 35,000 students.

Learn You Will: #14ntc Nonprofit Tech Training Session Reflection and Resources

Beth Kanter

Earlier this month, I presented on a panel called “ Learn, You Will ” with Cindy Leonard, John Kenyon, and Andrea Berry on the topic of designing effective nonprofit technology training at the Nonprofit Technology Conference hosted by NTEN. We framed the session as what to think about before, during, and after a training , using the “ADDIE” model as an organizing device. 6 Tips for Evaluating Your Training Session. The Feng Shui of Good Teaching.

ARHP Releases Two New Educational Tools for Reproductive Health Students & Professionals


I've just been introduced to what look like useful new online tools for reproductive health students, faculty, and professionals, produced by The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP). They are: The Global Opportunities Tool (GO Tool): "Discover unique educational and training experiences in reproductive health settings around the world." Organizations can recruit students by listing program information online.

Tips for Keeping Your Fundraising Events Unique and Memorable

Connection Cafe

Is your mission teaching and equipping? Go with a school theme and have your students come up with some ideas for the theme or entertainment. Nonprofit Fundraising events fundraising events TrainingWhen you think back on the major adventures or experiences you’ve had in your life, rarely are your memories average. Each flashback is unique in the way it makes you feel, good or bad.

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The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The Alliance Management Institute (AMI) is a capstone experience for students seeking the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. The IMPACT Conference is historically the largest national gathering of student leaders, administrators, faculty, and nonprofit staff committed to engaging students in service, activism, politics, advocacy, and other socially responsible work. It's finally here!

Coaching in your Learning and Development Program


Instructional designers have been trying for years to come up with the perfect teachings for organizational entities, with learnings ranging from electronic, social, micro, mobile, instructor-led, and blended. Let the students interact with each other on what they have learned. In these meetings present the employees with real-life practice problems or perhaps current departmental issues that best reflect the teachings of the lessons.

The One-Look Virus and Immersive Environments for Teaching and Learning

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

we will have witnesses and student-lawyers speak in text under disciplines of civility and rules of evidence, subject to objection by opponents and ruling by the judge, who will be me. m looking forward to teaching students who are able to gather and practice in a virtual environment which immerses them in the reality of the questions of liberty, identity and governance presented by our investment of energy and assets in a virtual world owned by a for-profit corporation.

[PODCAST] INSPIRE with Jeff Nelson

NonProfit Hub

Jeff grew the organization from a small start-up in Chicago, with two staff members supporting 32 students, to a leading college access and success organization with a staff of 150 supporting 13,000 students in Chicago, Houston, New York, Massachusetts, Metro Atlanta and Bay Area. Jeff began his career as a sixth grade elementary teacher and Teach For America corps member at O’Keeffe Elementary School in Chicago.

Academic vs. Corporate LMS – Where the Lines Blur


In the employee training realm, these learnings are typically grouped by position, department, region, and a variety of other factors. The goal output of educational LMS are forming a foundation of understanding on a chosen path of learning, whereas employee training is strictly ROI (Return on Investment). They allow teachers and administration to measure a student’s amount of correctness, and an overall average of cumulative courses. Teaching Focus.

ASU Lodestar Center Blog: American Humanics: An Elite Group

ASU Lodestar Center

But I think it fits the graduating class of American Humanics (AH) students, all 18 of them. The 18 students being recognized at the annual graduation celebration will have completed all requirements during the spring, summer, and fall semesters of 2011. As part of the dinner tradition, AH student leaders, Justin Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer of the AH Student Association, and Torrie Yerkovich, Senior Dinner Chair, planned and hosted the event.

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How We Learn – Capitalize On Knowing


Our learning instruction we receive from youth into early adulthood is fairly regimented; teachers are taught how to convey information to students, and for the most part, they engage in the same methodology across their efforts. The best instructors and course developers are able to evaluate how their student’s learn and cater their offerings to get the best out of the situation. Consider Instructor lead training to add the human effect of seeing learning styles first hand.

Trainer’s Notebook: The Importance of Hands-On Learning

Beth Kanter

For the past five years, I’ve been an adjunct professor at Middlebury College in Monterey teaching a graduate course called “ Networked International Organizations ” for students pursuing an advanced degree in International Development. Going beyond content delivery, I also use a lot of participatory and hands-on learning techniques to help students gain a deeper understanding. That’s why I always enjoy teaching in flexible classroom spaces.

Giving 2.0: The MOOC Launches Today: Sign Up for Free

Beth Kanter

The MOOC , is a Stanford University-sponsored FREE online course intended to teach givers of all ages, backgrounds, incomes and experiences to give more effectively. Participants will do a real-time grantmaking process during which up to $100,000 of Learning By Giving Foundation capital will be allocated to student-selected nonprofits. The goal is for students to create an Individual Giving Action Plan to guide their future giving in a meaningful way. Training Design

Back to School: New Tech for the Classroom of the Future

Byte Technology

Imagine this scenario: instead of staring at a wall map of foreign lands, students can don some hi-tech headgear and be transported to those places in a 360-degree virtual world of images. Online resource EdSurge has even compiled a five-point list for educators to help understand and begin merging VR into their lectures and lab exercises as well as how to create their own custom-made videos as supplements to their normal teaching routines.

Tutoring Jobs


There are many opportunities for you to make money if you can teaching. The simplest reason why you should consider this job is because it is quite easy, especially if you decide to teach English to children in non-English speaking countries. This is because, in most cases, you will be teaching English as a second language, and it is important that you teach the right things. What you do is help students out with their homework, or teach them a specific subject.

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Peeragogy: Self Organized Peer Learning in Networks

Beth Kanter

As a trainer, I’m intensely interested in creating learning experiences that integrate or about how to use the technology for nonprofits that engage and inspire people to put the ideas into practice. I’ve been obsessed with peer learning and self-directed learning models in my own learning and the trainings I design and facilitate. What struck me was his authentic co-learning process with his students. Training DesignPhoto by Aussiegal.

Online Collaboration: Taking Education to New Heights

Tech Soup Blog

It was there that she discovered her passion for teaching others: "When I was working with kids with autism or ADHD, something happened within me where I identified with their experiences. Not every student can be reached in person. For New Heights to realize its dream of fair and equal education, it must use remote work tools to connect with students directly in their homes. New Heights has used Citrix GoToMeeting to connect teachers and tutors with students.

Creating Learning Experiences That Connect, Inspire, and Engage

Beth Kanter

The instructor’s role should be to facilitate this understanding for their students, not dump content on them. They gave the students tests based on content and scored them. And the resulting graph is the analysis of 1200 students. He expects students to read the assignment before they come to class so that instructional time can be spent helping them make sense of it and apply to their work. The last question asks students to tell Mazur what confused them.

Trainer’s Tip: Your Room Set Up Can Make or Break the Learning Experience

Beth Kanter

Classroom style with desks puts a barrier between the students and the instruction, especially when people are using laptops or tablets to take notes. That’s why I always enjoy teaching in flexible classroom spaces. I involved in what I call “room hacking,” (when you have to rearrange furniture in a training room to accommodate a more interactive style of delivery). I also had them move them chairs back at the end. Training Design

Akilah Institute for Women: Social Media Workshop

Beth Kanter

After the ACE leadership training, I had the opportunity to spend a day in Kigali. I volunteered to do a Social Media and Professional Networking workshop for second year students at the Akilah Institute for Women. I got an opportunity to do a workshop with second year students during their IT class. One Student, Giselle, has used Razoo to help raise her travel funds to a conference in the United States. Training DesignAkilah workshop.

Adobe Creative Suite and One Nonprofit's Winning Formula

Tech Soup Blog

The project, designed through a collaboration between CUP and 15 local high school students, investigated the community impact of a new housing development in East New York. Tags: Multimedia & Graphics Running Your Organization Software Spotlight Training Volunteers Earlier this year, organizations submitted their best creative works to the Show Your Impact 2010 design contest, sponsored by Adobe and TechSoup.

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TechSoup Local Impact Map Profile: Nonprofits Back to School — In Brazil

Tech Soup Blog

nonprofits like Teach for America take on the hard work of rebuilding and reinventing education in places where schools have failed or where dropout rates among low-income children are very high. They’re now to the point where each student has access to an individual computer workstation during classes. Now that TechSoup’s Local Impact Map has officially launched , let's discover one of great new organizations featured there.

TechSoup Local Impact Map Profile: Nonprofits Back to School — In Brazil

Tech Soup Blog

nonprofits like Teach for America take on the hard work of rebuilding and reinventing education in places where schools have failed or where dropout rates among low-income children are very high. They’re now to the point where each student has access to an individual computer workstation during classes. Now that TechSoup’s Local Impact Map has officially launched , let's discover one of great new organizations featured there.

Webinar Recap: Free Windows 7 Curriculum

Tech Soup Blog

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with My PC program manager Todd Watts on the TechSoup webinar, Free Windows 7 Curriculum: Basic Computer Training at Your Library or Nonprofit. You could start off by downloading the curriculum on the My PC Program page , or you could take a look at the class handouts on the My PC Student page. Training Windows 7 Microsoft libraries

Reimagining education in the digital age


Are we trying to teach skills, concepts, or learning mindsets? Just what are the challenges facing our nation, and what are problem solvers doing to keep training the next generation to be the best and brightest? Related Posts Awesome Nonprofit Social Media Decks from #14NTC How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization 5 Colleges Using Social Media to Boost Student-Alumni Relations If Social Learning is the Answer, What’s the Question?

A Few Reflections from SXSW Crowdsourcing Panel

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Seattle Free School , suggested by Amy Sample Ward, uses social media to organize classes and teach students. Tags: sxsw training materials Crowdsourcing View more presentations from Beth Kanter. I was honored to design and facilitate a panel at SXSW on Sunday called " Crowd Sourcing Innovative Social Change." The panelists were Holly Ross , Amy Sample Ward , David Neff , and Kari Dunn Saratovsky.

Live QuickBooks® Seminars Coming to a City Near You

Tech Soup Blog

This CD-ROM-based training software is the creation of Gregg S. At Intuit’s annual QuickBooks® Accountant’s Update Seminar, Gregg teaches accountants the new features available in the latest version of QuickBooks® He has taught more than 1,000 seminars to more than 30,000 students. Donors Finances Fundraising Grant Management Databases Training QuickBooks nonprofits nonprofit Accounting intuit budget payroll seminar

The Disruptive Approach to the Learning Industry


It seems that Training personnel are always focused on new and innovative teachings, and designers are obsessed with developing an open platform that can accommodate all these visionary changes that we as learning professionals would wish to implement. Think of the industry and how it currently stands, and the new features that are being introduced within the context of your training environment. The Disruptive Approach to the Learning Industry.

Successful E-Learning – A Roadmap


As we become increasingly dependent on our technology, it only makes sense that it teach us as well. Elearnings as a whole are very attractive, as they offer an inexpensive alternative to classroom training. When building eLearnings it is necessary to consult people who teach and record their methodologies in making sure a message maintains its pertinence over time. If there is an opportunity to aid the teachings with text, then, by all means, include it as an option.

Twenty "Fearless" Changemakers

Have Fun - Do Good

provides a 12-week afterschool program and 4-month paid apprenticeship wellness program for low-income high school students. Lori Markowitz | Introduction to Teaching (Youth Ambassadors) | Seattle, WA The “Introduction to Teaching” course provides a problem-based learning experience for high school students to introduce them to the profession of teaching.