Video Is A Must For Your Organization’s Content Strategy

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What would you rather do: Watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in a movie theater, or flip through the storyboards? I know the storyboards seem pretty cool, but if you have to choose just one, you’d probably watch the movie. Why we love video. Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no Internet, you realize that the amount of video content on social media has skyrocketed over the past few years. But why is video content so compelling?

Video Marketing on Social Media: Best Practices & Inspiration for Nonprofits

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By Becky Brooks , Director of Communications at Animoto , an online video maker that makes it easy to create marketing videos for social media and beyond. Facebook has, for a couple years now, committed to making their platforms “video first.” Videos with Mobile In Mind.

Why Is Video Content Missing From Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Strategy?

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What would you rather do: Watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in a movie theater, or flip through the storyboards? I know the storyboards seem pretty cool, but if you have to choose just one, you’d probably watch the movie.

Video Storytelling Made Easy with Adobe Spark

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An eye-catching opening, slick text animation, smooth transitions — these are all important elements of polished social videos. In all cases, video stories are most memorable when they have a core message — a "so what" moment. How to Create Video with Spark.

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Upcoming Webinar December 12: Sowing Stories from Your Community - Video Pre-Production

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Before you push record on any video, there are some key steps you. should take to ensure your video will achieve the goals you set out for. for storyboarding and sometimes scripts, to what kinds of equipment are.

5 Tips to Effectively Tell your Story with Video

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Feel confident being able to effect change in your organization with video. These 5 tips from Atomic Training can help you get on your way to producing effective videos. 1) Plan ahead: Coming up with an engaging video from being to end might be a bit overwhelming - planning ahead can save you a lot of time in the end. Start with drawing up a simple storyboard. Your storyboard can help you come up with a list of scenes, camera shots, and props you will need.

In Search of Bachelors and Philanthropy in Rural Alaska and Video Story Capture Tips

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I couldn’t help but think – what if Joe Page or other community foundation board members had flip cameras, some video and story telling training and shared their stories on the Alaska Community Foundation Facebook page? With video, don’t try to capture everything. The Story.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 13 vs. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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Some of the most captivating imagery produced by nonprofits in recent years hasn't been photos — it's been viral videos. Nonprofits like yours are getting savvier with social media and video, and you don't need celebrities or high-definition video.

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Adobe Premiere Elements 14 vs. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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You're ready to tell your organization's story in video, but which software is best for you to put it all together? Premiere Pro CC adds more features on top of these basics, including support for more video, audio, and image file formats and more tools and utilities.

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Will this video editing software also do my laundry?

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I'm in the process of preparing material for the Screencasting Session at NTC (BTW, I'm presenting with Ian Miller from C3 who is sponsoring the NTC Video Contest last call). Steve played it the software and created this video). In terms of the home-movie approach to screencasting, as you can see I didn't spend a lot of time scripting, storyboarding, zooming, additing titles or arrows, etc. I did go back and add a few zooms because of the video size.

Staying Nimble in a Time of Change

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For instance, when creating your video strategy, considering the storyboard through both a conservative and a more progressive lens will likely drive the type content that is produced and served to your audiences. These are unprecedented times.

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Even More Ways to Tell Your Story with Your Smartphone

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If your organization isn't already using Instagram, Vine, or another video/photosharing tool, now is the time to start experimenting. The other big news in digital storytelling apps is that Instagram now supports videos in addition to photos.

Nonprofits Live: Collaborative Storytelling Recap

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Collaborative storytelling refers to working with a team, sometimes distributed, to produce video. Bramley spoke to getting a project off the ground, which can be difficult because of the many pieces that go into creating a video. Bramley suggests that a video project's stakeholders develop a video production grid to get everyone on the same page. A production grid outlines: What will happen in a video from moment to moment.

Build Your Storymaking Skills with Free Events and Webinars

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Topics include the latest storytelling tools, fundraising strategies, and a video 101 seminar. Saint Paul, Minnesota: Video and Photography 101. Mukono, Uganda: How to Create a Simple Video Story to Advocate for a Community Concern.

Join Our 2016 Digital Storytelling Challenge!

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Our partner See3 has announced the winner of the 2016 GoDooder Video Awards. TechSoup's storytelling campaign will have four prizes: Best Nonprofit Video, Best Nonprofit Photography, Audience Choice Award, and Best Story of Tomorrow Award. April 7, 2016 — Free webinar 1: Preplanning Your Digital Story from Concept to Storyboard. April 19, 2016 — Free webinar 2: Producing a Successful Video Story from Sound to Screen.

Digital Storytelling: Expert Tips by J.D. Lasica

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Create a Storyboard 6. About that last point on sharing the video, I wrote a blog post on netsquared about nonprofit video channels , so I was delighted to see good roundup of all the video sharing services that are available to nonprofits from TechSoup. I met J.D.

Visual Meeting Facilitation Workshop with David Sibbet

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It goes beyond the linearity of powerpoint, but it to use it to present with takes getting to know the program well – and thinking about your storyboard and visuals as three-dimensional tick-tac-toe board. (I

My Slides from the Screencasting Session and Please Vote.

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minute videos, map out the screencast before you actually film it, create a storyboard, write a script, use music. These are my powerpoint slides from the Screencasting Session at NTC. If you didn't write down the wiki, it's here and if you didn't get a hard copy of the Idealware article, it's here. My favorite quote about the session was from Jason Zannon at Democracy in Action: Beth Kanter delivers herself of a tour de force on screencasting.

Technorati Tag Bookmarklet: The Screencast

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The timing errors make it more of a comedy than an instructional video, but you have to start somewhere. Screencasting (and the software) has three functions: storyboarding, production, editing. Marshall has a great post about a technorati tag bookmarklet that can save you a lot of grunt work. Technorati tags can help you attract more readers for your blog and also facilitate contributing to the collective community wisdom surrounding a particular tag.

The Jing Project: Embed Screencasts Into Conversation

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Here's the description: The concept of Jing is the always-ready program that instantly captures and shares images and video???from It was very liberating for me to create a screencast like this -- no storyboard, script, no retakes. Click to play.

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Flickr As Presentation Tool: Screencast #2

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After a few phone calls back and forth between my video host tech support and the cable company and a visit by the cable man with a new modem, I was finally able to get this sreencast uploaded today. I originaly produced this at 800x600 as a SWF with highest quality audio/video and the resulting file was a whooping 72,000 KB. I rendered ten different versions (6 in SWF with different audio sampling and video frame rates and sizes) and 2 in Quicktime and 2 in WMF.)

NTEN and SalesForce Screencast: Learnings About the Interview/Documentary Approach

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So that left me with a few hours of video and audio to edit and that's too much to do in Camtasia. I got enough information to put together an outline and rough storyboard So, I had the overall structure for the 15 minute screencast. I discovered that I could playback the Ready/Talk video file, and screencapture particular sections as either stills or video using Camtasia. Add Beth's Blog: Screencasts to your page.