A bit of background and some stats.


One change in structure was to have ONE main class of membership, instead of many small categories each with their own dues. The change in this structure has been very important for the culture of the association, in trying to show that everyone is equal, despite the rigid hierarchies inherent in any medical/health field.

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How to Set Up Wordpress for Your Non-Profit

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This plugin is also great if you’re moving a site over from Typepad to Wordpress as it allows for the easy conversion of previous URLs to Wordpress’ custom permalinks structure which I’ll talk about next. In the custom structure field, type “/%postname%&#. To that end, I recommend using Google Analytics , Quantcast , Getclicky and a server log-based tool like AW Stats or Webalizer for your metrics package.

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New Gmail Tabs and Nonprofits: Don’t Panic, Don’t Assume the Worst and Keep an Eye On It

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— As most e-mail marketers are very much aware of by now, on July 22 Gmail released a new tab structure to its inbox. In some cases, the new tab structure may actually turn out to be beneficial.

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How to calculate donor acquisition costs

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Same goes for outcome measurement – you may use outcome stats for marketing purposes, but their primary purpose is program and/or contract management. Check your data structure. All charities need new donors, just like all businesses need new customers.

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Museum Work

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They had the committee decision-making structures from universities and the collections-authority systems of libraries. Moving toward a more professionalized, and I might say corporate, structure has also brought negative issues in the workplace. In an old life, I took plenty of stats.

6 Tips For Creating A Better Donation Form


Collecting this type of information and automatically storing it will help you identify stats about the average donation amount, donor demographics, isolate ‘big’ donors, and recognize returning donors, among many other stats–depending on the questions you ask with your forms.

Why Access Barriers Aren't Easily Fixed

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Last week, I talked a bit about the structural issues inherent in our systems and how they may play a part in our access issues. I don’t know if his stats are right, but he had a point. This month, I’ve been thinking about access barriers. The idea of throwing the doors wide open is something many of us dream about. Foundations give real money for DEAI efforts. People speak about these efforts at conferences. Whole departments are focused on this work.

5 Practical Reasons Why You Fail To Get Digital Marketing Results

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Continuing with the page above I can dive into the page level specifics over the last week to view its performance: There are two main stats that jump out at me: Average time on page.

September #4Change Chat Topic: Change Failure

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The workers on the front lines of the change are often the first to see signs of trouble yet, in most org structures, they have the least interaction with upper management. Change: an event that occurs when something passes from one stat or phase to another.

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Create Effective Nonprofit Websites Using 3 Simple Suggestions


hint: effective nonprofit websites follow the two-or-less rule) If not, revise your structure. Show the impact of the support visually through stats or infographics (see my last post for more on infographics, my new obsession).

WordPress Plugins for Nonprofits

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Page Tree: Display WordPress pages in a collapsible tree structure for better overview. WP-Stats: Display your WordPress blog statistics. WP-Stats Widget: Adds a Sidebar Widget To Display Partial Stats From WP-Stats Plugin. WordPress is one of our favorite systems for making it easy for nonprofits to maintain a blog. Even if you don’t have much technical background, WordPress makes it easy!

Year-End Giving Prep: 21 FAQs Answered by Fundraising Experts

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For more interesting industry metrics, check out these 50 fascinating philanthropy stats —Danielle . Then, I’ll shorten and tweak the 2 page letter for an email, knowing that email readability and structure is quite different from direct mail.

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NTEN Members Online Round-Up: Research and Resources to Help Your Organization!


Read her post and get the stats. We love new members, and we love it even more when new members are excited to be here: Be Structured even announced their membership on their blog. This week, NTEN members are sharing and discussing interesting research and helpful tips from marketing to Facebook. Get ready to learn something new today with these links! Have more news to share? Drop us a line or include your links in the comments!

Low Risk Blog Experiments

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I do experiments like this, but I don't necessarily put them in a structure that allows for easy evaluation. My subscriber stats went down and I got several emails from folks asking me if I was okay. Source: Flickr. In my workshop, I cover Web2.0

15 Steps to an Awesome Website Launch


Double check redirects – If you have changed your domain name or the structure of your site significantly you’ll want to ensure that links to old content redirect properly for popular content throughout the site. Set your www preference - Check your site’s.htaccess file and be sure to set a canonical url structure so the site’s urls observe your www or non-www preference consistently.

Community Organizing and Social Justice Measurement in the Connected Age

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Community organizing is about getting people who share a common need, a common goal, a common bond in alignment to redefine power structures – and that holds true online. The statistics listed were sourced from the Internet World Stats Index.

Best social media tools bringing conversions to your online store


This is all useful information for structuring your social media posts, to develop items that people are willing to click on and share. Obviously this is a generic stat about the entire Twitter population, but what about your social network?

Live Blogging: 09NTC Mapping Your Social Media Strategy

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Themes that people want to learn: new metrics structures can bubble up. Sarah - share by email because we are an online organization, can have a spreadsheet with stats and how they are growing, organization wide as well as campaigns, etc. I’m here at NTEN’s 09NTC and am going to live blog Beth Kanter’s session on mapping your social media strategy to metrics. Below is the live blog or the archive of the live blog. Can’t wait!

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31 Days to Build A Better Blog - Part 2


I specifically looked at my search stats - Lijit specifically provides a section for " searches that produced zero results " - that's very important for thinking about things you should be writing about. I've also read some really interesting books lately - Community: The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block, The Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki, The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, in the middle of the fantastic What Would Google Do ?

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Enabling Program Staff to Become Digital Editors


In this article, we will explore how to manage these challenges from a technology standpoint, including publishing metrics, establishing structure, removing barriers and offering training. This is not a complete list; you will need to adapt to your culture and organizational structure. Establish structure and accountability. based on industry standards and other YMCA stats. Establish structure and accountability.

Reflections from Networked Nonprofit Workshop for 300 People

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A conversational panel or keynote does some blending of learning modalities – it includes some content-delivery and structured small group and full group conversations. There is a lead facilitator – in the panel or keynote model – it’s the Oprah with the mic.

About Hootsuite's Costly 'Freemium' Plans and Free Twitter Alternatives


Recently, HootSuite, a prominent social media dashboard, introduced a new “Freemium” pricing structure, which offers basic Web services at different price points. Here are some of the reasons you might want to buy into one of HootSuite's paid plans: 1) Stats: The cheapest plans only offer seven days of statistics.

Measuring Social Media Outcomes Is Easier than Measuring Hurricane Strength

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While these results seem relatively straightforward on the surface, structuring an online campaign around them proved more challenging than anticipated. A breakdown of the engagement and site visit stats are below. Source: Nasa.

NpTech Tag Summary: Face-to-Face or Mediated Experience, Open Source Software Communities, and Blog Days

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Allan Benamer and Holly Ross debate transparency and publishing web stats numbers. Michelle Murrain weighs in with a thought provoking post, " What Do Web Stats Mean, Anyway? " I think web stats are useful when we are using them measure our outcomes.

NpTechTag Summary: Happy Thanksgiving and Geeky Gobble Gobble

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Social Signals launches a podcast series with " From Org Charts to Sitemaps: How Organizational Structure Affects Web Strategy and Implementation." And, for a quick summary of recent Second Life stats, see here. Happy Thanksgiving!

What I want a social media expert to know


Five stats worth knowing for any blog/website. How to structure a blog post so that humans and Google like it. Just wanted to revisit my fave social media blogger Chris Brogan 's list of what we might want a social media expert to know. This was originally posted over a month ago, on April 15, and his original list was as follows: Strategic Which department you think your role should fall into. How your role ties to marketing, PR, advertising, R&D, finance, HR, sales.

10 Things Every Nonprofit Should Know About Social Media and Online Communications - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Google Analytics: Google Analytics , a free and powerful website stats software, lets you dig into your website data so you can find out all sorts of useful info such as who your audience is and what keywords they are searching for to find your website.

APIs for Social Media Integration and More: A Gentle Introduction for Nonprofits


One way of conceptualizing this is using blocks to make a structure. In my office, we have a TV displaying all the stats we can think of, and it helps our team make decisions based on this data. By Chris Dumas, Product Manager, FirstGiving. Websites today are often full-blown applications. Even if you're using a content management system like WordPress or Drupal, by incorporating APIs, you can further enhance built in app-like functionality to create a highly customized experience.

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Data Are Not Information


This process produces data broadly defined, whether numeric, textual, or audio-visual, structured or unstructured. GE: Stats of the Union iPad App Note: The Center for Digital Information is compiling a catalogue of examples in its Digital Information Showcase. By Jeff Stanger, Director, Center for Digital Information We are obsessed with data — big data, open data, linked data, personal data, government data, visualized data. And rightly so. Data carry enormous potential.

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Screencast Treatment: Web Analytics As Simple Gifts To Measure Mission

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Act 2: Selecting An Analytics Tool There are a number of web analytics software tools available ranging from simple web counters, web hosting stat tools and more powerful (and expensive) software packages. Several reported difficulty in getting Google to show up-to-date stats, while others noted a very occasional loss in historic stats for an entire site. can also use the statistics to improve the quality of their site structure. Young Einstein.

Plone strikes a blow for OSS CMS transparency! | Non-Profit Tech Blog

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Plone’s marketing person, Paul Everitt, just gave me a URL that details all the web stats for plone.org. delavega valverde said: Plone V drupalGreat article, really useful, well organised and structured.

Beyond 800 Pixels: Don’t Be Afraid To Lose Control | Beaconfire Wire

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Although the percentage of users browsing the web with a screen resolution of 800×600 is decreasing (between 10% and 30% depending on whose stats you’re looking at), those that do so may be using the lower resolution (and even increasing the font size further from there) because they have trouble reading the smaller text-sizes at today’s higher screen resolutions.

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5 Steps to Finding the Ideal Email Service Provider


What usage stats do you need to track to measure results? After a quick scan of each ESP’s website to get a sense of the features and pricing structure of each (pricing is generally by number of contacts or by number of emails sent per month), I called the colleagues to dig into their referrals. Value (but reliability is more important): Look at the pricing structure and the hidden costs. Nancy Schwartz, President, Nancy Schwartz & Company.



I’ve also benefited from the equity donation as well…) Let’s look at some stats. Another side benefit of the template is that now our nonprofit consulting community is speaking the same language in regards to sf.com structure–all the groups we work with are starting with the same base template, so we’ll be able to share more stuff–code, best practices, and experiences.