President's Update: Summer 2008

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This means new challenges ahead in scaling to serve every single student with a print disability in the U.S. In essence, we're being paid to deliver – free – accessible books to all students with print disabilities in the United States for the next five years. We will increase the number of students we currently serve by more than a factor of ten – in fact, our membership has already grown by over 20,000 users. students.

Preventing Human Trafficking: An Interview with Christina Arnold

Have Fun - Do Good

We have an annual study tour that we do every year to Southeast Asia for scholars, researchers, academics, students, funders, you name it, who would like to get outside of the bubble of the United States and see firsthand the circumstances that people endure, and where people are at, and what this looks like on the ground, especially in some of the very at risk areas along the Thai-Burma border, the border with Laos, and also in Vietnam and Cambodia.