[DATA] 11 Must-Know Stats About How Nonprofits Use Email for Digital Marketing and Fundraising

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Odds are your emails are going to spam folders and are in violation of email compliance laws that require opt-out information and a mailing address to be prominently featured in all email campaigns.

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82 Fundraising and Social Media Stats for Nonprofits

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Fundraising Stats. million) due to spam filters ( EveryAction ). However, nonprofits lose 20.18% of their revenue due to spam filters. Social Media Stats. Have a stat to add? The average online gift in 2018 was $96.40 USD ( Blackbaud Luminate Online Report ). of overall fundraising in 2018 came from online giving ( Charitable Giving Report ). 54% of donors worldwide prefer to give via credit or debit card. 11% via direct mail/post. 10% via bank/wire transfer.

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5 Years of Nonprofit Fundraising Stats: [2015 to 2020] And 6 Trends to Know

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2015 Stats. Mail stats. 2016 Stats. Mail stats. 2017 Stats. Mail stats. 2018 Stats. Mail stats. 2019 Stats. Mail stats. 2020 Stats. Mail stats.

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7 Strong Stats About The Next Generation Of Donors


” Here are 10 stats to help you appeal to the next generation of givers. 70% don’t like getting spammed by nonprofits. The post 7 Strong Stats About The Next Generation Of Donors appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Image courtesy of Griffins. Daniel Melbye’s blog says it best, “Millennials support causes, not organisations.”

“Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations” LinkedIn Group Reaches 40,000 Members

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The Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations LinkedIn Group reached 40,000 members today – a benchmark that took three years, 323 days, and countless clicks of “Flag as Promotion” and “Block & Delete” to keep the group as spam free as possible and on its trajectory of growth. Nothing kills an online community faster than spam (think Myspace ) and LinkedIn Groups have plenty of it.

5 Ways Mobile Giving Can Boost Your Nonprofit Fundraising

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We often hear from nonprofits that they are worried about spamming donors. If that is your concern, I ask you this: do you think the donors who received that same text as I did were unsubscribing as a result of spam? Mobile Stats and Facts. Christy Noel is the Vice President of Digital Marketing Services at MobileCause where she advises nonprofits to accelerate their fundraising and engagement efforts through giving and marketing strategies via digital technologies.

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Free (and Cheap) Mass Texting for Nonprofits

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have unlimited texting and 97% of US adults text ( Pew Research, 2015 SMS stats, and 2018 stats ). The FCC is also a lot more strict about SMS spam versus email, so you have to do it the right way (here are 5 ideas to get your organization started with mass texting ).

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What’s Dark Mode?


Still, based on the iPhone stats, it’s probably safe to guess it’s around 1 in 3.). How to Stay Healthy and Avoid the Spam Folder: Tips from the Deliverability Doctor. Read time: 4 minutes.

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Five Types of “Tips” Nonprofits Can Post on Foursquare Venue Pages

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However, be authentic and don’t spam tens or hundreds of Venue Pages with the same Tip. That said, Tips can also be motivational and supportive: 2) Powerful Stats.

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10 e-Newsletter Best Practices for Nonprofits

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As you can see in the stats below, 40,000 e-newsletter subscribers drive more traffic to this blog than one million social network followers. Besides being annoying to the recipients, it will also get your nonprofit classified as a spammer and most of those emails will go into Spam folders or be blocked completely. Despite the rapid rise of social media, more online donations are made from a click in an e-newsletter than any other source.

What “The Internet of Customers” means to me

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Truth be told, I typically delete such useless drivel right away as blog spam. I don’t remember the last time I looked at traffic stats. Dear Softweb Solutions: I was more than happy to mark that useless ancient comment as spam. I’ve spent the last few days at Dreamforce 2013 thinking about this year’s theme: The Internet of Customers. What does it mean to the nonprofits I support? What does that have to do with CRM?

The Nonprofit Email Newsletter How To

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When that happens, your ask looks like spam in my inbox. Your stats and your assumption that I’ve read the amendment to HB 98542 only make my eyes glaze over. In the Simple Development Systems’ donor communications model, we’ve always recommended both a print and an e-newsletter.

Useful Hacks, Tricks & Tips for WordPress Users: Part 2

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To show the total number of comments install the Simple Blog Stats plugin and, upon activation, add [ sbs _ apoproved ] shortcode to any post or page. One of the main problems with having a comments section on your WordPress site is that, as older posts mellow on your page, they sometimes start to attract a rash of spam comments.

11 TwtPoll Results Nonprofits Can Use to Plan 2010 Communications Strategies

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7) Is your nonprofit monitoring your Website stats to see how much traffic is coming from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn Groups, etc.? [ [link] ]. Warning: Poll has been spammed: [link] ]. During 2009 I created and promoted 34 TwtPolls to help better understand the needs of nonprofits. The TwtPoll results are often surprising and can be very useful for nonprofits as they forge ahead with their 2010 communications strategies.

WordPress Plugins for Nonprofits

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WP-Stats: Display your WordPress blog statistics. WP-Stats Widget: Adds a Sidebar Widget To Display Partial Stats From WP-Stats Plugin. Akismet: Used by millions, Akismet is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and track-back spam. WordPress is one of our favorite systems for making it easy for nonprofits to maintain a blog. Even if you don’t have much technical background, WordPress makes it easy!

Don’t you hate it when your database goes poof?

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More troubling, the title of the blog was changed to a funky spam link. We figure the spam title was because the default WordPress install that replaced my database was an older version which immediately fell victim to known security exploits. Related posts: Wordpress.com stats on self-hosted blogs One thing that I really like about Wordpress.com blogs is. Not a fun Friday.

Online Fundraising Site: How To Create A High-Performing Fundraising Website


It’s easy to get bogged down by stats so make it relatable by designating an individual as the focal point and adding a personal, heartfelt narrative. spamming) their inbox. Online fundraising sites are powerful tools to help you fundraise.

Email: Still Not Dead!


Check out these email stats: There are an estimated 2.9 188 billion emails are sent daily, though granted a portion of those are spam. Over on Facebook, 60 million Facebook updates are made and 140 million tweets are sent through Twitter (and many of those could be considered spam too!). Mark Zuckerberg is a pioneer of the social web. Over the last eight years he’s led Facebook from a scrappy startup to one of the most powerful and influential companies.

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Social Media: Before You Get Started, Get Organized!

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It will help you centralize all your efforts and reduce the amount of spam and notification e-mails sent to your work e-mail account. You should also never automate content using these tools, or spam each community with the same message. Show her the stats. The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of the newly released book Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits. Though most nonprofits in the United States, Canada and the U.K.

4 Signs Your Nonprofit Should Quit a Social Network

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The groups had become a burden to manage and now with only one group remaining, I can commit myself to being a better group manager ( translation: deleting spam and spammers faster). of posting and reblogging on Tumblr, my WordPress stats revealed that referral traffic from Tumblr to Nonprofit Tech for Good was an abysmal total of 359 click-throughs over 26 months. Nonprofit Tech for Good began as a “Nonprofit Organizations” Myspace Page in 2005.

Master These Email Marketing Strategies For Fundraising Success: Nonprofit Link Roundup

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The real case for multiple ESPs is that it provides a different IP address, which can prevent your emails from being marked as spam. This is important because spam filters are responsible for an average loss of $15,000 per year, according to the Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study. 4 The Ultimate Email Marketing Cheat Sheet: Facts, Stats, And Actions.

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[VIDEO] The Early Bird Guide to Epic End of Year Fundraising


” So I showed you the stats of board members calling to thank donors. If you are ready to ride an epic wave of generosity with an airtight end-of-year fundraising strategy join our special guest Rachel Muir. Full Transcript: Steven: All right. Rachel, I got two o’clock Eastern.

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Master These Email Marketing Strategies For Fundraising Success

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The real case for multiple ESPs is that it provides a different IP address, which can prevent your emails from being marked as spam. This is important because spam filters are responsible for an average loss of $15,000 per year, according to the Nonprofit Email Deliverability Study. 4 The Ultimate Email Marketing Cheat Sheet: Facts, Stats, And Actions. In this link roundup, we’re looking at email marketing strategies for year-end fundraising success!

NTC Boston: Brian Reich: Online Fundraising Strategy

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Provided some stats on Internet ads, ???even t Spam regulations ??? t Spam requires you to have a physical mailing address, opt out of every mail and be responsive, registered domain and bunch of other things, only allowed to email to people who have opted into your list. t Spam. t spam work. Did it get passed into a spam folder. 35% of email goes into spam filter, most people don???t t check spam filters. Download brian.wmv.

2021 Year-End Appeal Guide

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It’s cheaper to do than you might think, and stats show that your appeal will be 50% more likely to succeed if you do! Those stats you used earlier? There are many reasons for this, not least of which is it prevents your entire organization’s domain from being spam-blocked!

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5 Practical Reasons Why You Fail To Get Digital Marketing Results

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Continuing with the page above I can dive into the page level specifics over the last week to view its performance: There are two main stats that jump out at me: Average time on page. Maybe they’re searching for a particular stat or they are spending time reading through the different statistics – it’s hard to know. Typically this means I agree not to sell their email and not to spam their inbox.

Is Twitter for Old Folks? And other gems from TWTRCON

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Get More Twitter Tabs, Columns and Stats [100 FREE Invites] [link] #twtrcon @ davemcclure yo @ hootsuite not really that cool to be incentivizing followers to spam the #twtrcon hash tag with product spam. Youth Haven't Adopted Twitter in Drives. On Sunday, if you were tuning into Twitter you might have noticed the TWTRCON tag trending. The tweets were from a business conference focused on Twitter. The speakers were a stellar list of celebrities in the Twiiterverse.

Creepy or Community Building?

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It also provides you with some decent stats on who has visited, most popular outbound links, and it offers some social networking functionality. I didn't recognize the name, so I clicked through to read that readers profile - and it was a blogger who also writes a p*rn site (I'm not spelling out that word or I'll get a trackback spam attack by you know what type of sites). Deborah Finn has been playing with widgets and decided to install the MyBlogLog widget today.

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How do you consider the intangible benefits of social media?

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In the comments of a post I wrote titled " Reports of Social Networking's Death Are Exaggerated ," Paul Caplan from Content to Be Different said I think the point about measurement/evaluation is vital as long as we don't get hung up on stats etc. At any rate, it is a good example of how NOT to spam the Flickr community. Flickr Photo by Maurice.

Nonprofit Technology News for August 2013

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These services, by-the-way, are different from spam filtering services like Postini , GFI.com, or Spamcop. The website compiles a large amount of mostly economic data on each country and also regions within countries like the government expenditures on health and education, population and demographic stats etc and compiles the information in to easy to understand graphs and maps. It's time to catch up on some nonprofit technology trends and news!

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5 Steps to Finding the Ideal Email Service Provider


What usage stats do you need to track to measure results? Ideally this includes a strict anti-spam policy, automatic SPAM cleaners, ISP-specific controls and white-list approvals. Nancy Schwartz, President, Nancy Schwartz & Company. Have you ever felt trapped by your email provider -- dissatisfied with the features and/or service but daunted by figuring out how and where to move? That was our situation 18 months ago, and I was completely flummoxed by it.

5 Tips for Mobile

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This is a really great aspect to mobile communications because it keeps response rates high and as consumers it keeps spam out of our text message inbox. The most widely quoted stat is that 83% of text messages are viewed within 15 minutes. Author: Guest Blogger. The following blog post is by Michael Sabat. Michael is the VP of Account Management and Business Development at Mobile Commons.

Measuring Your Blog's Outcomes and Use of Other Social Media Tools

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But the stats. Word Press users can use General Stats plugin. The only way to track the real numbers of subscribers or at least people who read via bloglines is from looking at the subscriber stats in bloglines. With all that aside, I'm pleased with these stats! I did not include spam comments or my own). via Kevin Gamble (see larger here ).

Convio gets a big win: Susan G. Komen for the Cure Adopts Aikido | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

The most telling stats in the press release are as follows: Ricketts [VP of information technology for Susan G. No spam.

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Facebook shuffles the deck | Beaconfire Wire

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But what I find more interesting is a new feature added today that tracks stats not solely by installs but by engagement. This is the argument that will almost certainly be thrown around by the install-and-run crowd who create the spam apps I railed against earlier this week. Now with this change, the black hats of development will undoubtedly be retreating to their lairs, twirling their mustaches as they scheme new ways to spam their way to the top.

Plone strikes a blow for OSS CMS transparency! | Non-Profit Tech Blog

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Plone’s marketing person, Paul Everitt, just gave me a URL that details all the web stats for plone.org. No spam.

Measuring the Value of Your Blog: Reflections Over the Last Year

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Word Press users can use General Stats plugin.). With all that aside, I'm pleased with these stats! I did not include spam comments or my own). My blog is worth $314,448.78. How much is your blog worth? I'm thinking about writing the description for the WeAreMedia Module 6: Considering the ROI for this week. Okay, I'm procrastinating. I was inspired by Connie Bensen , a community strategist, who shared a post celebrating the success of her blog over the past year.

Standards, standards and more standards | Non-Profit Tech Blog

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Those of you who know your stats knows how this works So, the best scenario would be to seek out a Wi-Fi solution that doesn’t increase the number of items that IT would have to support. No spam.

More proof Second Life is a boondoggle (well, sort of) | Non-Profit Tech Blog

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If you look at the Linden stats on frequency, you’ll see the spread. No spam.