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Great reads from around the web on March 17th

Amy Sample Ward

Her round up includes the slides we used in the session as well. 10 Questions for Camfed — Camfed International – Jordan Ridge and Kristy Green will be traveling to northern Zambia this week to meet students, filmakers, and young entrepreneurs in the communities where Camfed works – and you can go with them! I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day.

Zambia 105
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[VIDEO] Raise More Money And Improve Donors Relationships Through Personal Branding


Don’t worry, if you have to leave early or get interrupted, we’ll get you that recording, slides, everything. We’ll let you bring up your slides here and then the floor will be yours.

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Designing for Good: Pratima Mani + Josh Tabb

Connection Cafe

Pratima: Designing the collateral for our MNM’s International Honors in November was a pretty intensive project because it covered everything from the invite collateral, appeals material, web-promo-content, slides, program book, banners. It’s a feeling we hope to share through our Power of One campaign, every dollar given provides a malaria test and life-saving treatment for a child in Zambia.

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