Training Volunteers for Hybrid Events: 7 Best Practices

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Make the most of your volunteers’ time by training them to take on virtual and in-person tasks.  But to provide flexibility, you’ll need to put some thought into planning—including training your event volunteers.

Live QuickBooks® Seminars Coming to a City Near You

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This CD-ROM-based training software is the creation of Gregg S. At Intuit’s annual QuickBooks® Accountant’s Update Seminar, Gregg teaches accountants the new features available in the latest version of QuickBooks® He has taught more than 1,000 seminars to more than 30,000 students. Beginning Tuesday, September 11, Gregg will be taking his show on the road and hosting live in-person seminars in seven cities around the U.S.


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What Business Application Training Accomplishes


What Business Application Training Accomplishes. In corporate training programs, often the focus is strictly on compliance. In modern times we expect a lot from our training and development programs, and it safe to assume that progression in our industry is strictly relational to a number of additional learning aspects we can obtain from our Learning Programs themselves. I often think back to a sales seminar I was sent to, many moons ago.

Create Dynamic Online Trainings: Webinar Recap

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TechSoup hosted a webinar about how to Create Dynamic Online Trainings on July 26. Janet Fouts from Tatu Digital Media and Kyle Andrei from Idealware shared tips on how to prepare, design, and execute online trainings to make them more intriguing and dynamic. and shared tips for planning an online training. She discussed how to determine the type of online training for your audience, how to get organized, and tips for recording.

Training Your Staff: Online Alternatives

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Idealware , a partner of TechSoup's recently posted an article addressing how to train staff in simpler, more cost-effective ways. All of the methods listed use the web or some form of computer technology in order to avoid the hassle of going to off-site training seminars or conferences. Many of these solutions can be integrated into your employee training through product donations offered by TechSoup. Tools for Training Staff Online.

New Year's Resolution: Get the Tools to Train and Educate

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For nonprofits, libraries, and their constituents, training is essential to keep knowledge and skills up to date. Whether your organization is training its own staff in nonprofit management, or teaching others technical skills, TechSoup can help you get started. Acquiring Technology Clients Community Tech Centers E-Learning E-Learning Online Seminar Running Your Organization Software Staff Training Training Volunteers

MaintainIT's Online Training Tools and Tips

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Sarah over at the MaintainIT Project blogged about ways that libraries have used online trainings to lower costs, increase efficiency, and reduce travel. Tags: E-Learning GreenTech Online Seminar Staff Training Training Using the Web and Internet Volunteers Web 2.0

Webinar and Online Training Tools

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more information on webinar tools, check out the following pages: Training Your Staff: Online Alternatives. Thanks, and happy training! Online Seminar online collaboration webinars ReadyTalk Watchitoo CitrixAs the webinar program manager for TechSoup, I am often asked to. provide information and insight about various webinar tools. I wanted to take an opportunity to talk about some tools that I've used, and some.

Create Dynamic Online Trainings: Upcoming Webinar on July 26

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Pacific time, Create Dynamic Online Trainings, will explore this topic. Register now for practical advice on making your online trainings as effective as in-person events. Included among our speakers will be Laura Quinn and Kyle Andrei from Idealware , who will be discussing their creation of short videos and on-demand training modules. Janet Fouts , social media coach and senior partner at Tatu Digital Media , will then share her thoughts on planning an online training.

Webinars: Training on a Shoestring

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Online seminars can offer an affordable option for professional training, ideally suited to nonprofits who don't have the travel budget to send staff and volunteers to major conferences and workshops.( read more

Free Webinar November 18: Tech Training Made Simple with Online Videos

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Imagine how something like this could assist you in training sessions for patrons or staff. Tags: Community Tech Centers Digital Divide E-Learning E-Learning Online Seminar Training Training Wouldn't it be great if complicated technology concepts were explained in a simple way that's easy to understand? Well look no further, Common Craft creates explanatory videos "in plain English" that cover topics like money, society, and technology.

QuickBooks Made Easy Training Coming to a City Near You

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TechSoup donor partner QuickBooks Made Easy is taking its popular QuickBooks trainings on the road, and offering a special discount to TechSoup members! Grab the discount code below to get $20 off the cost of training (a 13 percent discount!). These two-part seminars include two key components. QuickBooks Made Easy Seminar Discount Codes. In total, Gregg has taught over 1,500 seminars to more than 35,000 students.

Who should pay for your training?

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I get so frustrated with nonprofit leaders who are short-sighted and don’t see the benefit in paying for training and professional development for their staff, particularly the fundraising staff. How do they expect their professional fundraisers to keep their skills up-to-date without attending seminars and webinars? I understand that some organizations are struggling and the training budget is the first thing to go.

Substitute In-Person Meetings and Trainings with Online Conferencing

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Green Benefit: If you can reduce the need for travel by car and plane for your meetings and staff and volunteer trainings, you will dramatically reduce the CO2 produced by all of that travel. Tags: Green Office GreenTech GreenTips Online Seminar This article, A Few Good Online Conferencing Tools , from Idealware, reviews a handful of tools available to nonprofits for online conferencing and webinars and also suggests some service providers.

Free Webinar August 25: Three Ways to Know if You're Ready for Planned Giving

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Tags: Donors E-Learning Event Finances Fundraising Online Seminar Staff Training

Stay On Top of NPTech Training: Member Appreciation Update


Over the last year or so, we've really bulked up our online seminar offerings, usually with at least one per week, and often as many as three for you to choose from. We also know that traveling to conferences and in-person seminars is often beyond the reach of most folks, be that because of location, time, or costs involved. Flickr Credit: Philon Have you attended an NTEN webinar lately ?

Tapping the Corporate Dollar – Mosaik Strategies Seminar - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


60) Search « Props to MyEmma for Doing Good | Main | How They Did It: LWB Wins Facebook Causes Giving Challenge » Tuesday Feb 19 2008 Tapping the Corporate Dollar – Mosaik Strategies Seminar Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at 12:18PM | by Karen Taggart Ever wonder how to find a great corporate partner?

E-Readers for Everyone: Teaching Tips Webinar

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She has worked in training and education for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WebJunction, the Public Library Association, the Northeast Kansas Library System, and more. Digital Divide eLearning Event Online Seminar Training library libraries nonprofits webinars nonprofit education online training e-book tablet literacy e-reader

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Free Webinar February 9: Designing and Delivering Technology Workshops

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Eastern) for this free webinar to find out how to make your training job easier, more fun, and an even better learning experience for your participants. We'll also share sources for training materials already available for your use. Whether you are new to technology training or a seasoned expert, we'll have something new for you to use in your job. Community Tech Centers Digital Divide Online Seminar Training VolunteersJoin us on Wednesday, February 9, 11 a.m.

Upcoming Webinar April 30: Public Tech Instruction for Online Job Search Assistance

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Come to this free webinar to learn how your library or nonprofit can improve its job search training programs. We will hear from Shannon Distel of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library about their successful services for job seekers, including resume assistance and access to online training materials. We will also hear from Stephanie Margossian of JobScout , a free online resource created for libraries and nonprofits to provide individual or group training.

Free Webinar on July 14: Fundraising as a Career

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Tags: E-Learning Event Fundraising Online Seminar Staff Training

What are the key questions nonprofits should ask about social media training?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The question is related to social media training: What are the key questions nonprofit organizations should ask to help them determine how to prioritize social media training and experimentation as they do their technology and organization-strengthening planning? Is that a priority for staff time and training investment? Professional development and training budgets are not unlimited in nonprofits. Make it Fun: Training doesn't have be boring.

New Web Conferencing Tools from Citrix

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We discussed various technologies for making it easier for your staff to work at home, including web conferencing, online training, and online collaboration tools. Tags: Acquiring Technology E-Learning Online Seminar Running Your Organization Staff Telecom Services Training Training Using the Web and Internet As of this week, qualified nonprofits can now request donated Citrix products through TechSoup.

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Free Webinar: Using Mobile Technologies for Outreach and Education - July 16

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Tags: E-Learning Online Seminar Telecom Services Training Training

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Manage Your Events with Ease: Upcoming Webinar on August 16

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Acteva event management experts will share information on best practices and event management tools to help make the most of your planning efforts for community building, networking, training, and fundraising events. Your staff training, fundraising events, and conferences can all be coordinated in one streamlined event management system. Sponsoring an event requires a lot of planning and involves many details.

Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning


With the availability of online seminars, actual seminars rolling through your town, and even trade shows consisting of industry leaders, it is hard to ignore this method for continuing education. Soft-Skill Development meetings and discussion of current happenings – Some organizations require this type of training, especially in the consultancy field; where everyone needs to be able to continuously improve their intrapersonal skills.

C3 Announces 2010 In-Kind Donation and Grant Program for Nonprofits

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C3 will also provide complimentary training as needed. Tags: Grants for Technology Grants for Technology Multimedia & Graphics Online Seminar Running Your Organization Telecom Services Training Applications are being accepted for $2,500 in-kind donations of audio, video, and web conferencing services from C3 Conferencing. In addition to the in-kind donation, C3 will provide a $2,500 cash grant to be used for the purposes of enhancing communication.

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Develop Your Social Media Strategy with NTEN

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Tags: Consultants Online Activism Online Recruitment Online Seminar Social Networking Training Using the Web and Internet Web 2.0


Online Nonprofit Technology Conference: September 16-17

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Tags: Clients E-Learning Online Seminar Staff Tech Planning Technology Assessment Training Using the Web and Internet

NTEN's Online CIO Conference in September

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Tags: Online Seminar Running Your Organization Staff Tech Planning Training

Work from Anywhere with Tools to Stay in Touch

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Tags: Acquiring Technology Online Seminar Running Your Organization Security Software Staff Tech Planning Training Troubleshooting and Maintenance Using the Web and Internet

Nonprofits and Libraries: Have You Considered Web Conferencing?

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If you have a meeting with 10 people who would normally drive 20 miles each to get to a meeting or worse yet, fly to a training… how much CO2 is being saved? Tags: E-Learning Green Office GreenTech GreenTips Online Seminar Staff Telecom Services Training Using the Web and Internet Volunteers In my opinion, web conferencing is one of the easiest ways to be greener with technology. Think about it.

Free Webinar: Producing Webinars for Nonprofits and Libraries

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Learn how you can utilize online conferencing tools to deliver training, conduct outreach, raise awareness, host a conference, or build community with only a phone or VoIP headset, computer, and an Internet connection. Tags: Online Seminar Training E-Learning Thursday, March 19, 11:00 a.m. Pacific.

Manage Your Events with Ease: Webinar Recap

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These tips relate to many types of events, including training workshops, special events, and conferences. Fundraising Online Seminar social media cloud computing nonprofits webinars nonprofit Event Management Acteva online trainingTechSoup hosted a webinar with special guest Jessica Aebi on August 16. Jessica is an event management and nonprofit industry expert from Acteva — one of TechSoup's donor partners.

Make the Most of your Microsoft Software Donation Webinar May 13

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Tags: Acquiring Technology E-Learning Office & Productivity Online Seminar Running Your Organization Software Tech Planning Training

Free Digital Storytelling Webinars: September 30 and October 1

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Tags: Accessible Technology Hardware Marketing Multimedia & Graphics Online Seminar Software Training Using the Web and Internet Web 2.0

GoToWebinar vs. GoToTraining

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The TechSoup subscription for GoToTraining, on the other hand, is more suited for an intimate audience of up to 25 attendees and is intended for formal training and education. GoToTraining includes these training-specific features: Option to charge for training – Collect online payments and track revenue earned from training sessions via PayPal. Tests and materials – Design tests for use before, during, or after a training session.

Do Your Outreach Plans Include Webinars? If Not, They Should

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A great way to reach out to your constituents, funders, activists, and supporters is to engage them in online seminars, or webinars. Well, webinars can cover any topic you want — from training your board of directors on how to be great advocates for your mission, to hosting an online press conference about a new report for media contacts, to learning the ins and outs of an important piece of legislation that's important to your supporters.

Citrix Online Returns

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Using Citrix Online products, you can conduct online meetings, trainings, and video conferences. Need to conduct online meetings, trainings, or webinars? Online Training for Smaller Groups. GoToTraining allows up to 25 users and a host to conduct training sessions online and over the phone. Online Seminar Telecom Services Training Green IT cloud computing online collaboration webinars apps Citrix GoToTraining GoToMyPC GoToMeeting web conferencing GoToWebinar

The State of Grantseeking

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Both of these issues, as well as many of the other challenges identified in the survey , will set the stage for webinar trainings as well as new tools and resources that GrantStation will provide in 2012. Consultants Donors Grant Management Databases International Online Seminar Training TechSoupCynthia M. Adams is President and CEO of GrantStation.

Webinar Recording: Producing Webinars for Nonprofits and Libraries

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I'll probably find a Friday to join Shawn's training webinar too. Tags: E-Learning Online Seminar Reference Training Using the Web and Internet Web 2.0 Are you interested in conducting webinars but not sure how to get started? Well, here's a great resource to help you understand what goes into conducting them and how to get started. In this TechSoup Talks!

25+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for July 2010

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There’s no more convenient way to brush up on your skills than to do your professional development online - and July 2010 brings us lots of free online presentations and seminars for fundraisers, board members, administrators, active volunteers, volunteer coordinators, and other non-profit folks.(

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Microsoft Donation Program: Webinars, Resources, and Tutorials

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Online Seminar TechSoup Help Training MicrosoftInterested in TechSoup's Microsoft Donation Program ? Whether you are new or experienced with Microsoft donations, you may still have questions about recent updates. To help answer questions you may have about the recent updates, we hosted two webinars in August focusing on the program. In the first webinar, Microsoft Donation Program: How Does It Work? ,