Stop the Daisy Chain of Bad Data Management

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Create a plan for proper synchronization of your data, following a set of controlled, manual steps. And it requires the development of a central database, as well as multiple data exchange scripts to move data between the CDR and your other systems.

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4 Nerdiest Upcoming Convio Features

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A lot has changed since then, most notably, Google has updated Analytics to use what's known as an asynchronous script. This new script, which loads silently in the background without holding up the rest of the content on a page, is faster and more precise than the older synchronous version.

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Guide to Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL

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It has been developed by Intelligent Converters, a software vendor focused on database conversion and synchronization for more than 10 years. For scripting and scheduling the migration process Oracle to PostgreSQL converter is supplied with command line version.

Peer Fundraising Case Study: Integrating Blackbaud / Sphere Friends Asking Friends With a CMS

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To enhance the user experience as visitors transitioned between the CMS and Sphere pages, we implemented a custom JS script which passed data between the two sites.

Nonprofit Video: How Rhythm Keeps Us Watching


By riding the waves of tension and release, the spectator's body rhythm is drawn into a kind of synchronization with the film's rhythm. The tempo of the dialogue, which can be scripted, interview format, or even visual dialogue is another element that establishes the rhythm.

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My Firefox Extension Favorites | Beaconfire Wire

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You can inspect elements and view the Console, HTML, CSS, Script, DOM, NET and a page Layout Diagram. Bookmarks allows you to store/synchronize your bookmarks online so you never have to be separated from them again. Foxmarks Synchronizer: keeps the same set of bookmarks at home or at work.