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Update: Philanthropy’s response to Ukraine crisis


Ukraine has banned all able-bodied men and boys between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country, resulting in millions of displaced women, children, and elderly, but only 3% of grant dollars were earmarked for women and the elderly respectively. The care and protection of children account for 30% of grants and 26% of dollar value.

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5 Ways to Gain The Upper Hand in Facebook’s Newsfeed

Connection Cafe

Facebook recently announced a test in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia. But I am saying that if you want to see real results, it’s time for a paid strategy. So the Newsfeed algorithm tries to predict what each user wants to see in their Newsfeed. But no algorithm is perfect. So they test and tweak.


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Apping Out Illegal Waste: Free Download to Target Illegal Dumps

Tech Soup Blog

For some people, however, it’s about results. Per Jozef: "In Slovakia, Mr. Pado took the whole database of illegal dumps and sent letters to each affected city. This is what you will find: You might think of this use as sort of the equivalent of signing an online petition. They want that dump gone! 2 days and it was gone.

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Your Cause Camp 2018 Lineup is Here

NonProfit Hub

When she’s not speaking at conferences around the world, Lori delivers virtual communications training through her Ignite Your Fundraising Results program. She speaks worldwide, enjoying the opportunity to work with colleagues in places like Mexico City, London, Paris, Italy, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Slovakia.

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