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I am lucky to be able to contribute this passion to Benetech by providing outreach and membership support in Spanish to the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Why shouldn’t students in Puerto Rico benefit from our technology and services? These were the questions that inspired my relationship with Marta Sanabria, the supervisor of Special Education of Puerto Rico who invited Bookshare to perform trainings for teachers, parents and agency workers on the island.

Visionlink’s Volunteer Registry Deployed for Hurricanes Harvey & Irma


Allows unaffiliated volunteers to offer their services in an organized manner and specify their location, availability period, desired area of service, special skills, and language capabilities. If you would like to volunteer the system is currently accessible from the following sites: For Texas: [link] For Puerto Rico: [link] For U.S. Thousands of volunteers have offered to assist in the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.


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Ready for Year-End? Here Are 10 Easy Things You Can Do to Raise More Money


The image below is from World Central Kitchen, and it shows the impact of their work providing over 1 million meals in Puerto Rico! Use your donor self-service portal to enable sustainers to set up their increased monthly amounts. We won't waste your time with a lengthy intro. With #GivingTuesday and Year-End fundraising rapidly approaching, we'll get straight to the point. Below are some quick and easy things you can do to raise more money.

Giving Tuesday #Inspo: 14 Donation Pages That Know What They’re Doing


Catholic Relief Services. Catholic Relief Services gets a shout-out for their clean and crisp page design. In this case, they’re directly relating the work they do to the immediate need for relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Kicking off with #GivingTuesday, year-end fundraising season will be in full swing. This busy time is marked with nonprofits around the world striving for new and exciting ways to engage with potential donors.

February 11 Is National 2-1-1 Day!


Did you know that in 1997 the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta was the first to introduce a 2-1-1 service? The success 2-1-1 garnered in the United States opened services in Toronto, Canada in 2002. As of February 2015, 2-1-1 serves over 291 million Americans (93% of the entire population) covering all 50 states plus Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. VisionLink Is Proud To Support 2-1-1s Do you know 2-1-1?

6 Trends Shaping Corporate Engagement Today

Connection Cafe

I encourage you to listen to the episode and read on to find out about three other trends shaping corporate engagement work: The most important pro bono service for the decade ahead will be to bring the nonprofit sector along for the data revolution. Members of Points of Light’s Corporate Service Council , like Blackbaud, are helping to grow this work. And we all witnessed the role that tech innovators like Tesla played in reconnecting Puerto Rico.

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WNYC Maps the Street Cleanup after the New York Blizzard

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As a service to city residents – and a testament to the city’s slow response – WNYC asked users to text in whether or not their street had been plowed. Still stuck here on the beach in sunny Puerto Rico,” a traveler gloated.). Those of you living in warmer climates might not know that last week, New York was hit by a blizzard that grounded flights and clogged city streets. City transit was all but shut down, and many New Yorkers were unable to leave their homes.

How to Earn Bonuses and Qualify for Promotions with Chase Bank Accounts:


Here are a few more reasons why you should consider joining this bank; Customer service: Their customer service is what we would call world-class. Their customer service is open 24hrs each day, and you will always be connected immediately — no need to wait. The offer is available nationwide except in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. If you maintain an average of $15,000 in the account, you shall waive the monthly service fee of $15.

The Bold, Focused Ideas of Breakthrough Nonprofit Brands: Book Giveaway Winners Announced

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

An island-wide educational campaign in Puerto Rico to educate people on the importance of spaying and neutering and vaccinating their dogs and cats, in hopes of alleviating the drastic conditions for the 100,000+ “satos” (street dogs) that are homeless and roaming the beaches and streets of PR. We are Rape Crisis and Victim Services, Employment (80% placement rate for women and men), Adult Literacy, general counseling for women and families, legal clinic…and on and on.

16 Million 2-1-1 Calls in 2009


More than 40% of the 16,235,348 callers had basic human service needs for housing, utilities, food, clothing, personal and household goods. Requests for health and mental health services increased to 15% of all calls. VisionLink''s Role VisionLink customers are among those providing 2-1-1 services, from New York to Washington state, from Florida to Maine, and here in our own state of Colorado--and for many regional and metropolitan systems in between.

Win a Trip to the Obama Inauguration with Your Commitment to Change

Have Fun - Do Good

States, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico. change civic engagement service Obama inaugurationHow are the first 8 days of your New Year's resolutions going? Do any of them involve serving your neighborhood, your community, or even your nation? You could win a trip to the Obama Inauguration by submitting your commitment to change to the Case Foundation's online civic engagement campaign, Change Begins with Me.

What Should I Do About Junk Hardware Donations?

Tech Soup Blog

Certified recyclers offer data destruction services, but often charge a bit extra for that service. and Puerto Rico, so they’re convenient to most locations. Refurbishers routinely offer data destruction services, often at no cost. It’s the holidays. We love to get donations, but what do you do when they’re junk? Donation Horror Stories on Facebook. A couple weeks ago we posted this on Facebook : “People mean well — they do!

Making Sense of Windows 8 Hardware

Tech Soup Blog

Microsoft itself makes and markets the Surface online and in its new retail stores in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The company is building a new programming model for applications, launching a new mobile app ecosystem, developing an array of cloud-based services, and developing new technologies that will be added across all their platforms involving touch, voice, and gesture.

New Intranet for Feeding America | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

Skip to content Clients Services Portfolio About Us Contact Blog Home > Blog Recent Posts 07/16/2010: The Wisdom of the Old Spice Man 07/12/2010: Is your online campaign going to succeed? They are a network of more than 200 member food banks and food-rescue organizations, serving all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

Book Club Part 3b: Talking Institutional Change with Elaine Gurian

Museum 2.0

In Puerto Rico and Chile, there are museums made out of posters so that kids in parks can come and visit real art—well, it’s not real art, but you’re getting access to Picasso for $5. But I would argue that it’s a community museum and it’s doing really good service. He’s invested in social service as an economic driver. And he’s quite revolutionary—what he’s figured out is that charity from multi-nationals goes to social service more than anything.