Wild Apricot Launches Polls

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You can now ask questions and run surveys from your Wild Apricot admin account, thanks to our new Polls feature. Find out how to start creating polls, and get some inspiration on ways to use them. polls New releases product

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Polls and Surveys and Quizzes! Oh My!

Mobile Commons

Text messaging is a fantastic way to collect data and conduct polls, surveys, and quizzes. But setting up a complex survey has always felt a little klunky. Instant access to the results of your survey through the Mobile Commons Dashboard, your SMS Inbox, or via API.

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Study Finds Text Messaging More Effective for Healthcare Surveys than Phone Calls

Mobile Commons

From collecting patient data to conducting clinical trials, a well-run survey can make a big difference in how efficient and effective your healthcare organization is run. Comparing survey responses from text messages and phone calls.

Pew Finds that Sending Text Reminders Shortens Response Times from Survey Panelists

Mobile Commons

Pew found that texts combined with emails would spur survey participants to respond much faster than people who just received emails. This has important implications for survey researchers who need to collect data in a short amount of time,” Pew writes.

Donors still lack confidence in digital giving, survey finds

AFP Blog

Donors still lack confidence in digital giving, survey finds : Polly Gowers of Give as you Live, which polled 8,000 people, says the research will help charities to focus their resources in the right places Digital giving channels are playing an increasingly important role in inspiring donations, but donors do not feel confident enough to give significant amounts of money through them, according to a survey of online charity supporters

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Blog Reader Survey Results - Part 1

Wild Apricot

Here's the first of two posts with the results of our Blog Reader Survey for 2012. Reader Polls

Nonprofit Economic Survey from GuideStar

Amy Sample Ward

GuideStar , an organization that gathers and publishes data on charitable organizations, recently conducted a survey looking to measure impact of the economic downturn on nonprofits. The old joke fits the findings from our latest nonprofit economic survey, which looked at how charitable organizations fared financially between March and May 2009.

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Use Online Surveys to Schedule Meetings and Poll Your Constituents

Tech Soup Blog

Save time, money, and the environment ," she also discusses how they poll their board members and other constituents using SurveyMonkey. Trying to pull a group of people together for a meeting, but they are spread out all over town, or the state or even the world? Instead of banging your head against the wall, consider following Tena Hanson's lead. Tena is the Director of the Milford Public Library in Iowa and she uses Doodle to schedule her meetings remotely.

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3 Ways to Use Text Messaging for College Students

Mobile Commons

Gain feedback on campus events with surveys by text message. Students are unlikely to fill out and respond to an email survey , for example. And they are even less likely to fill out a hardcopy survey.

9 Questions For You - Wild Apricot's Blog Reader Survey

Wild Apricot

We're asking our blog readers to tell us by completing our online Reader Survey.( Associations blog membership nonprofit non-profit nptech Reader Polls surveys Wild ApricotWhat type of information will help small membership, association and non-profit organizations thrive in 2011? read more ).

HELP NEEDED: community managers for CiviliNation Survey


CiviliNation has therefore created a survey to determine community manager’s level of expertise in this area and what their specific and most pressing challenges are. The results of the survey will also published online in a free and comprehensive report. Take the survey here.

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Why Text Messaging is the Optimal Tool for Patient Engagement: Interactivity

Mobile Commons

Polls, games, and quizzes make regular interactions more engaging. Interactivity is a crucial factor in patient engagement because it facilitates the back and forth exchange that patients need in order to stay consistently engaged in healthy regular routines.

Wild Apricot Blog : Top 10 cool, easy-to-use web poll and survey tools for your blog and website

Wild Apricot

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Improving Student Life with Text Messaging

Mobile Commons

Conduct polls with text messaging for student engagement. With a simple text message poll, you can learn what students are interested in instantly! Similarly, you can send out surveys at the end of an event to gather feedback from students about their experience.

5 Little Known Features of Text Messaging Campaigns

Mobile Commons

5) Use polls to learn about your users and send them customized responses. The fun doesn’t stop there – you can also use text messaging to conduct surveys and polls and find out what your users are interested in. Everyone knows how to send a text message from a mobile phone.

Learn More About Your Users with a Text Message Survey

Mobile Commons

Our built-in survey function lets you ask your users questions, then immediately see the results. Unlike a web survey that monopolizes a user’s attention at their desk, a text message survey can be done from anywhere – while people are on the go, for example – and doesn’t have to be completed all at once. Read more about our Survey functionality here.). How Public Radio International Used a Text Message Survey to Poll Their Audience.

5 Reasons Hotel Concierge Services Should Start Using SMS

Mobile Commons

Sending a text message survey as guests are leaving the hotel is a great way to capture information right away so that the experience is fresh on their minds and doesn’t require them to fill out paperwork or go online.

How SMS Can Improve Students’ Study Habits

Mobile Commons

Information Lookup Live SMS Chat Surveys, Polls & Quizzes Text Messaging Text messaging is a great tool for helping students adhere to their studying goals. Here are three ways that SMS can keep students stay on track with their study plans and achieve their test day goals.

Using SMS to Increase Influenza Vaccination Rates Among Pregnant Women

Mobile Commons

A follow up survey was sent to all participants. Alerts & Reminders Appointment Reminders Live SMS Chat Studies Surveys, Polls & Quizzes Text Messaging

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Contribute to the Field: Take the Spring 2014 State of Grantseeking Survey

Tech Soup Blog

GrantStation polls organizations on the status of their grantseeking in order to provide the nonprofit sector with a vivid, up-to-date snapshot of grantseeking today, and you can help the grantseeking community stay on top of trends through your participation. The survey runs through 03/31/14.

Chipotle Launches a Text Message Sweepstakes to Promote a Partnership with Tough Mudder and Engage with Customers

Mobile Commons

Client Stories Features Industry News List Building Mobile Strategy & Tips Surveys, Polls & Quizzes Text Messaging

Using SMS to Increase Influenza Vaccinations Rates Among Pregnant Women

Mobile Commons

A follow up survey was sent to all participants. Alerts & Reminders Appointment Reminders Live SMS Chat Studies Surveys, Polls & Quizzes Text Messaging

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How Your Text Message Inbox Has Changed for the Better

Mobile Commons

Advanced Scheduling Alerts & Reminders Appointment Reminders Live SMS Chat Medication Reminders Surveys, Polls & Quizzes Text MessagingThese days, it’s likely that your SMS inbox includes messages that aren’t from people you know personally.

The Widget Poll and Blog Reading Habits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Create Free Polls. If you haven't had a chance to take the poll, please click through your reader and vote now! The poll is being used to gather feedback from audience about how they read the blog (RSS vs Browser) and frequency. I get this information via a combination of my stats programs and feed stats, but it would also be nice to add data from a blog a audience survey.). I'm working on a piece about widgets and nonprofit blogs (some context here and here ).

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Latest Survey Says People Plan to Donate More to Charity this Holiday Season


According to a national poll conducted by the American Red Cross, seven out of 10 Americans plan to donate more money to charity this year even in this economic downturn for a third straight holiday season. ” Check out some of the key survey results.

Survey 103

Your Voice Really Does Count: Why It Is Important to Participate in Surveys

Tech Soup Blog

Do you suffer from survey fatigue? It seems that a new survey pops up every day, sent to you by organizations, businesses, advertisers, pollsters, and opinion analysts. Surveys are often an advertising gimmick, a marketing ploy, or a general nuisance. Before the advent of simple survey software, which leveled the playing field, surveys were run by businesses and organizations large enough to have a statistical department or a partnership with a university.

N-TEN NP Blogging Survey

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This is the results of a recent poll that N-TEN published in its March Newsletter. The respondents would be nonprofit techies, although it doesn't indicate the sample size

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Dear Causes: Please Share Your Cause Exit Survey Data With Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Clicked the wrong button. I was surprised to see the above exit survey pop up. And, if they were a little bit more transparent - they could get some feedback about to shape this exit poll more effectively. I get a lot of email and I'm looking for ways to cut back.

The Phantom Pollbooth


Maybe not with polls and surveys, but they are voting with their actions. People are voting on your website every day. You can track this to give them more of what they want and cut down the clutter of things they don’t need. Content Marketing Interactive Google Analytics Nonprofit websites tracking websites

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51% of Donors Not At All Interested in Social Networks - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


The survey, taken during late December of 2007 and early January of 2008, included 2,275 adults who reported donating, volunteering, or advocating on behalf of a nonprofit in the 12 months prior to taking the survey. The limits of survey research.)

Wild Apricot Blog : Top 5 Web Tools to Create Your Own Online Quiz

Wild Apricot

How to Import Your SurveyMonkey Data into FluidSurveys

Tech Soup Blog

If you currently use SurveyMonkey and have been looking for an alternative survey software program for building online surveys, polls, and forms, FluidSurveys may be just what you need. Log in to your FluidSurveys account, and choose Create New Survey.

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3 Ways to Gauge the Success of Your Next Fundraiser

NonProfit Hub

Survey, poll or focus group. Social media and email have made surveying and polling easy and inexpensive. SurveyMonkey and Doodle Poll offer free platforms with which you can email your stakeholders questions about their interest in a particular event.

Poll 80

3 Reasons Why Your Participants Aren’t Raising Enough Money


Blackbaud and the Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council recently conducted the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Consumer Survey where we asked people who’ve participated in at least one run, walk or ride event in the past two years to answer a series of questions online.

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Can Public Art Increase Civic Participation?

Connection Cafe

In Philadelphia, many polling places are difficult to find, hidden deep in the recesses of schools, churches, and community centers. The signs were placed at key polling locations around the city on Election Day in 2015.

Public 208

Attention nonprofits: We don’t know our donor data!

3rd Sector Labs

A recent Third Sector Labs survey of fundraising advice showed us that 80% of expert advice focused on content, messaging and materials. Before the start of every event, we poll the attendees about their technology and data, and we’ve been accumulating and tracking the results. While this is an informal poll and not a scientific study, the results are eye-opening. Understanding data is critically important to success in any business.

How to Hype Homecoming Using Social Media

Connection Cafe

Run a Survey. Run an online poll to find out what people liked and what could be different. Use an anonymous online survey or opt for something more fun such as poll stickers on Instagram stories. Do you need a social media strategy for homecoming? Absolutely! And you’ve probably already got one. Students, alumni, parents, and friends are living life’s biggest moments online.

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12 Quick Hit Facts On Nonprofit Content Marketing


Among the organizations polled, respondents who use blogging, social media, email, a video to bolster their marketing efforts claim their marketing campaigns are more effective than those that do not. 53% of respondents to this survey cited website traffic as the metric most important to them.

Gather Feedback and Stay Accountable with FluidSurveys

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup has partnered with FluidSurveys to bring their cloud-based survey and polling tool to nonprofits and libraries. Bring your community in to your discussions through surveys and polls. Wondering how to direct new grant funding, or whether or not your library should invest in e-books? With FluidSurveys Pro, your nonprofit or library has a quick and direct way to gather feedback on new and developing programs, and stay accountable to constituents. read more.

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Twitter for Nonprofits in 2018: Rebirth or Retire?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Twitter Polls: Twitter Polls , the ability to do a flash survey, have been integrated with Tweets for some time. Here’s an example of how AskACurator used polls. Twitter polls are limited to four answer options and have a lifespan of a week.

How to Build and Engage Your Community through Your Website

Connection Cafe

Polls and surveys – as simple or as complex as you need them, they can be a way to gather information about a specific topic or a place to start an ample market research. Use the information you collected through polls or surveys to put together a blog post.

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Email Is Most Popular for a Reason: Its the Strongest Performing - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


According to a just-released survey from Datran Media , email was voted the strongest performing media buy in December 2007. The survey showed that 80% of marketers believe that email is ahead of other tools such as search and display ads. For more details, check out the full survey.

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Infographic: 57% of American's Don't Trust Social Media


Today, a new national poll was released that showed almost three-fourths of Americans worry about how much personal information is available online. According to the survey of 1007 people 18+, mistrust of websites and social media and concerns about privacy increase as people get older.

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