5 Benefits of Deploying a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Policy

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Creating and implementing a volunteer time off policy can provide much-needed support to the community, help develop skills for employees, and boost morale. Implementing a VTO policy is a great way for an organization to stand out and show they are socially responsible.

Google Ad Grant Policy Updates

Whole Whale

It’s critical to stay on top of Google Ad Grant policy updates for the Google Nonprofit program in order to keep your grant. This change is accompanied by an update to Google’s Ad Grant policy. Have any Google Ad Grant policy questions?


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Tech Policies for Virtual Teams: A Leader’s Responsibility

Non Profit Quarterly

Welcome to “Tech Policies for Virtual Teams—A Leader’s Responsibility.” I’m with Nonprofit Quarterly , and I direct our Advancing Practice program. As you know, we’re building a membership program of people that focus on advancing their leadership and management practice.

Create a Successful Volunteer Program that Inspires Volunteers to Follow Through

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The key to a successful volunteer program is follow through. In short, you need a successful volunteer program where volunteers follow through on what they say they are going to do. It’s all about how you structure your volunteer program to attract and retain reliable volunteers.

Do I Need a Cookie Policy on My Website?

Byte Technology

Cookies are bits of programming code that are stored in your web browser, enabling a website to collect information about your visit, such as which pages you visited. The website has fulfilled its obligations to let you know about the cookie policy. The Cookie Law is all about privacy.

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Applications open for Maytree Policy School

Charity Village

Maytree Policy School is an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to enhance their public policy engagement and effectiveness. Maytree Policy School is a six-month program which supports non-profit […].

Take part in this survey for Alberta nonprofits about their vaccination policies

Charity Village

The Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN) and CCVO are seeking your assistance in understanding how nonprofits are proceeding with vaccination policies for their organizations, in response to the new restrictions and Exemption Program announced by the province of Alberta this week.

Donor Recognition Policies: A How-To Overview

Donor Search

To launch a successful fundraising program, an organization should have created a number of documents, including the Case for Support, Gift Acceptance Policies and Procedures, and a Donor Recognition Policy. The Case explains “why” you are raising money, the Gift Acceptance Policies delineate what constitutes an acceptable gift and under what circumstances your organization will… Education

How can nonprofits implement a strategic public policy agenda to achieve greater impact?

ASU Lodestar Center

Public policy and the nonprofit sector. Public policy at all levels of government has the ability to threaten the work of all nonprofits (National Council of Nonprofits, 2019). At the federal level, we see this threat in tax, regulatory, and spending policies.

An Insider’s Guide to Growing Your Nonprofit’s Gifts and Wills Program


How have you seen nonprofits getting their gifts and wills program wrong? What advice would you give to those starting their gifts and wills program? Use this gift acceptance policy template as a starting point to start or grow your gifts and wills program.

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Protecting your organization with a comprehensive nonprofit insurance program

Charity Village

The post Protecting your organization with a comprehensive nonprofit insurance program appeared first on CharityVillage. Regardless of their size or mission, nonprofit organizations need insurance protection against risks seen and unseen.

Canada Revenue Agency releases annual Report on the Charities Program

Charity Village

The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) has announced that the Report on the Charities Program 2020 to 2021 is now available. This report highlights the Charities Directorate’s work over the last fiscal year, and provides an overview of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on service, outreach, policy, and operational activities. The post Canada Revenue Agency releases annual Report on the Charities Program appeared first on CharityVillage.

8 Key Aspects for a Successful Sustainer Donor Program

Connection Cafe

Sustaining donors represent a critical segment for any annual fund program. As the philanthropic sector battles shrinking donor files and increased acquisition costs, a sustaining program can go a long way toward improving retention. Consider naming your sustaining program.

Does Your Institution Have an Advocacy Policy?

Museum 2.0

Ultimately, I decided we couldn't sign - not because it was the wrong thing to do, but because we didn't have any kind of policy beyond directorial discretion to decide when it might be appropriate to take a political stand as an institution. I took the issue to the board, and we agreed that we need to develop some kind of advocacy policy to be able to answer these phone calls with confidence. In October of 2015, I got a call from a community partner.

Does Your Organizational Already Have a Policy for Professional Conduct?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My YMCA colleague posed for this photo on purpose to illustrate a point about professional conduct and social media policies. Since I had a lot of educators and people who run summer camps and other programs, a policy question came up. For the policy issue, I suspect there are already policies about professional and appropriate conduct in the human resources area that can easily be translated to social media.

Research Friday: Research and Policy Briefs

ASU Lodestar Center

Public funding for social programs is in a state of uncertainty due to our country's economic strain. While government-run programs are in direct risk of losing funding, nonprofit funding is precariously reliant on both a legislature driven to increase federal revenue, and philanthropists who expect tax relief for donating to charities. He received his bachelor's degree in Social Relations and Policy from the James Madison College of Public Affairs at Michigan State University.

Strengthening program evaluation in your nonprofit

ASU Lodestar Center

As nonprofits attempt to tackle some of our communities' most difficult problems; funders, government agencies and the general public are actively calling for accountability, transparency and proof that a program is producing change. Illustration by Jocelyn Ruiz.

How to Sunset an Educational Program

WBT Systems

Only 30 minutes in and your highly energetic committee members have already come up with several new online learning program ideas. Since some of your courses have been around forever, you wonder if it might be time to sunset an educational program or two. When an organization has limited resources, you can’t afford to invest time and money into educational programs—online courses, certifications, or conferences—that no longer meet the needs of your target audiences.

Enabling Program Staff to Become Digital Editors


Working for a large nonprofit focused on programs and services that have impact on peoples’ lives, we often find ourselves with great stories of inspiration to tell. The challenge is identifying ways for the staff, who are responsible for implementing programs of impact every day, to tell the organization’s stories. As a result, we have seen a noticeable difference in the quality and quantity of content along with rising confidence in program staff.

Setting the Tone: Achieve More with Expectations and Policies

NonProfit Hub

Even beyond those three basic principles, Joyaux said you can set up policies for the board to operate at a high level. To help with the members that don’t know any better, boards should set up a complete orientation and perhaps a mentoring program. The post Setting the Tone: Achieve More with Expectations and Policies appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. This post was originally featured in our May/June edition of the Nonprofit Hub Magazine.

Kick-Start Your Major Gifts Program in 5 Easy Steps

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If you haven’t refreshed your major gift program, now’s the time to get started. Do you have enough resources to fund a program? Developing Your Major Gifts Program. Benchmark your success by setting goals for your major gifts program.

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Public Policy and SOX: Pricey or Priceless!

ASU Lodestar Center

It is not often that public policy intended for the publicly traded-corporate world directly impacts the nonprofit corporate world. These require policies covering whistle-blower protections and document preservation. Conflict of interest policy. Whistle-blower protection policy*. Document preservation policy*. Reallocation of resources from program to administrative expenses (14.8%). posted by Pat Lewis , Senior Professional. in Residence.

Nonprofit Blogging and Social Networking Policies: Examples?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

When I was in Minnesota, one of the questions I got was about blogging and social networking policies. Now, I swear I remember seeing something from Easter Seals or another nonprofit on a listserv that mentioned either social networking policy or blogging policy. Do any nonprofits have a formal blogging policy? How do you determine when a blogging policy is needed? How do organizations create policies? Anne Gentile comments on Sun Blogging Policy.

How to Create a Volunteer Handbook Your Volunteers Will Use

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If your organization relies on volunteers, even just a little, you need a volunteer handbook that spells out expectations, policies, and procedures. A volunteer handbook is an essential piece of a successful volunteer program at a nonprofit.

Google now denies program to nonprofits they used to serve

Judi Sohn

Fight Colorectal Cancer received its Google Grant years ago and works very hard to stay within the program’s tight guidelines, and we were recently rewarded with a Grantspro upgrade. Programs requiring membership and/or providing benefit solely to members, such as clubs, sports teams, alumni, networking and other membership organizations. research programs). Most offer programs that are fully open to all regardless of religious affiliation.

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17 Ideas For Employee Programs

Eric Jacobson

As you select the employee programs you'll offer at your company during 2017, consider choosing one or more from this list of 17 from Richard P. Employee Programs Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Leadership Management Richard P. Finnegan , author of the book, The Stay Interview.

Thank You Marissa Mayer for Yahoo’s No Work From Home Policy

Tech Soup Blog

It’s been well over a year since Yahoo’s controversial non-telecommuting policy, which created a firestorm of reaction. Retail giant, Best Buy, followed Yahoo's example and eliminated their flexible work program that gave its corporate employees the option to work when and where they wanted. TechSoup Resources: ReadyTalk Discount Program on TechSoup. Telework Policies.

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Tenant criminal background checks for landlords can be done conveniently using a legally compliant software program

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Landlords can get to unravel the criminal history of their tenants by using the right software program for tenant criminal background checks for landlords. Checks of this nature can be carried out using free software programs.

Open Source for Nonprofits: Programs to Try (Part 2)

Tech Soup Blog

To ensure your organization's sensitive personnel data is never compromised, it employs a strong security policy, including 256-bit SSL encryption, fully compliant data centers, and daily backup. One of the best ways to gauge whether open source would work for your organization is to look at some actual examples. To read about how open-source software might benefit your nonprofit or public library, check out part one of this series.

It’s 2013: Where’s your nonprofit’s social media policy?

ASU Lodestar Center

Having a social media policy in place will help you answer these questions, and inform you or your social media manager on what to do in similar situations. What’s in a social media policy? Every nonprofit’s policy is going to be different, because every nonprofit has different needs, different audiences, different missions, and different campaign goals. Stay up-to-date with the ASU Lodestar Center''s programs. How to write your policy.

An Endowment Can Secure Your Small Nonprofit’s Future

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Adopting an Endowment Mindset Most small nonprofits live in the moment, fundraising today for programs happening tomorrow. They are fundraising today for future programs, new buildings, scholarships, and endowed positions. When you hear the word endowment , what do you think of?

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Facebook, Nonprofits, and Youth Programs: Safety and Privacy Issues

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Earlier this week, I met Beatric Ramos who does social media for Alum Rock Counseling, an organization that works with youth on a range of counseling and mentoring programs. Beatrice says that a social media policy spelling this out is essential. She recognizes that photos of the kids are important to share because it makes the story of their programs come alive, but they want to do it safely.

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Advocacy Policy, Part Two - And Why Now is an Especially Good Time to Create One

Museum 2.0

A few months ago, the MAH board and staff started discussing whether and how to create a formal policy for advocacy activities. Want to go straight to the policy? Why create an advocacy policy? We champion causes through the partnerships we build, the programs we offer, and the stories we tell. If you want to be engaged in 2016 ballot measures relevant to your institution or community, now is a great time to develop a policy for how and when to do so.

Emerging Technology, Engaging Youth, and Your Mission: YOLO!


We have gone beyond having organizational pages, and many staff members have created individual profiles to provide an additional channel in which they can communicate with youth who are in our program. One of the questions we are frequently asked is how to develop policies and guidelines around engaging youth on social media. PolicyTool.net is a great website for developing a very basic policy for your organization.


How to attract more volunteer subject matter experts to your learning program

Nimble AMS

Let’s face it, your association’s learning program can always benefit from more subject matter experts (SMEs) creating course content. SMEs save your staff time and readily offer a wealth of industry information, accelerating your learning program goals and generating association revenue.

Seminar: Online Video for Policy Impact on Oct. 29

Forum One

It's titled "Online Video for Policy Impact." The campaign used YouTube's nonprofit program to bring the urgent voices of foster care kids to Capitol Hill. Our next Web Executive Seminar is coming up fast. We've assembled an impressive panel of presenters. Su Patel of WITNESS, will tell you more about the WITNESS Hub a new advocacy platform for sharing and watching videos about human rights.

Has Your Organization Thought Through its Social Media Policy?


You open the door to your office and see your Program Director in shorts and a t-shirt with a dubious message, holding what might be an inappropriate beverage. What part of social networking can be charged to program funds? Your transitional housing program for homeless families always needs activities for children. Dee Albritton, Fast Forward.

Blame the Crowd, Not the Camera: Challenges to a New Open Photo Policy at the National Gallery

Museum 2.0

Five years ago, I wrote a post arguing that museum photo policies should be as open as possible. Last week, he wrote a series of posts about the British National Gallery''s reversal of their photo policy. A packed crowd in a museum turns a free-choice viewing environment into a programmed event. Michael Savage might say: turn back the photo policy. Reader, I was wrong.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


As policy changes unfold at the federal, state and local levels, the communities and issues we care about as corporate social responsibility professionals inevitably face uncertainty. With more than 50+ breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, short talks, and plenaries on the program agenda, there’s sure to be knowledge-sharing, career-building, networking, and solutions that you can take home with you. It's finally here!

New International Green IT Certificate Program

Tech Soup Blog

This is a guest post from Dr. Erik Bansleben at the University of Washington, announcing a new online green IT certification program. The new program is now accepting applications and students can take the courses from anywhere. A new international, dual-university online green IT certificate program will be launching as a joint effort between the University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education and the University of British Columbia. Program Details.

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