Case Study: Community-Based Fundraising


Community fundraisers create an excellent opportunity for networking, providing you with a venue to explain your mission, share stories, and make an emotional appeal to event attendees by showing how they can make a difference through their participation and donations. Local media are drawn to covering stories about things happening in the community, providing your organization with an opportunity for media coverage. By Kari Ann Kiel, Event Marketing Consultant, DoJiggy. Blogger's Challenge (You Can Help If You Aren't a Blogger Too!)

Have Fun - Do Good

Primarily, mountaintop removal is occurring in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. Once you've seen your connection, you can sign a pledge to help end mountaintop removal, forward the page onto friends, contact your Congressperson, and contact your power company. The 4-minute video above is the story of Daymon Morgan who lives on one of America's Most Endangered Mountains, the Huckleberry Ridge in Kentucky.

Women Rise Up Against War: Rae Abileah of CODEPINK

Have Fun - Do Good

This an exciting story. The phenomenal woman with the giant CODEPINK truck, Sam Zanne Joi, and I traveled through the deep South and Southwest, weaving our way through little towns in the Appalachian mountains with names like War, West Virginia, and Truth and Consequences, Texas. We blogged every step of the way, uploading our travel stories at libraries and free Internet cafes. What is Code Pink's biggest success story?

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