New to TechSoup: Skype Credit and Subscriptions

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Eligible organizations can now request donations of credit vouchers or subscriptions for Microsoft's Skype. You can use Skype Credit to save your organization money on domestic and international calls, access the Internet while traveling by connecting to WiFi hotspots, and more.

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New to TechSoup: Skype Credit

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Eligible organizations in the United States and United Kingdom can now request donations of $20 credit vouchers for Microsoft's Skype. See a full list of Skype features. The free Skype software runs on computers, smartphones, and other devices. Learn more about Skype.

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New to TechSoup: Skype Credit

Tech Soup Blog

Eligible organizations in the United States and United Kingdom can now request donations of $20 credit vouchers for Microsoft's Skype. See a full list of Skype features. The free Skype software runs on computers, smartphones, and other devices. Learn more about Skype.

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Video Job Interviews With Skype

AFP Blog

Video Job Interviews With Skype: "To save on interviewing costs, companies are turning to their computers instead of phones and offices to conduct job interviews, including using programs like Skype to conduct long-distance or even international initial interviews

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Skype to Conference Call Bridge Line? Free?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Everytime I use skype conference calls, it is a pain - echoes, static, dropped lines, etc. My solution this morning - I called US person on my landline and used skype with my mic/speaker. I put the phone right up next to the microphone to create the bridge between phone and VOIP.

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Install and Use Skype: Free to Use, Easy to Install

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I use Skype all the time, especially when I am telecommuting. It let's me have a brief exchange (instant message) with a co-worker without the time investment of finding their phone number and getting involved in a long conversation.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year with Skype, Flickr, Stickers and Paper

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I told them that after circle we would use SKYPE internet phone to call Nick in Hong Kong. I explained to them that my computer was turned into a phone and showed on the globe where Hong Kong was.

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Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home links for 2006-11-08 links for 2006-11-08 Last Updated on Wednesday, 8 November 2006 08:25 Written by Steve Wednesday, 8 November 2006 08:25 Reflective letters / lettering and logo heat transfer – iron on Reflective letters (tags: bike commute reflective ) Skype Web Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox The Skype Web Toolbar recognises phone numbers and Skype Names on webpages, so that you can call with one click, through Skype.

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Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Ribbit: very cool phone integration to come Ribbit: very cool phone integration to come Last Updated on Monday, 17 December 2007 12:03 Written by Steve Monday, 17 December 2007 12:03 I just watched the demo of Ribbit for

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Tips for Remote Presenting

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In the past, I have presented remotely using skype audio and video. Last year I audio-skyped into a conference in the UK to present with Steve Bridger. For the audio, we use a phone line that was fed into the AV system and wireless mic. Financial Officers Group.

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Resource Roundup 5/11 | Idealware


Video Chatting Connects Operations | The NonProfit Times

AFP Blog

Video Chatting Connects Operations | The NonProfit Times : Laura Quinn, executive director and founder of Portland, Maine-based Idealware, said that Skype is ideal for organizations that have a lot of remote partners. “It’s You are able to see people’s faces and gestures — things you wouldn’t get over a phone line.

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Stay Productive On the Road, In the Field, and Away from the Office

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Adobe also has some nifty photo storage and sharing apps: Tired of digging through your computer, phone, and tablet for that one perfect photo you took at your annual fundraiser? Skype is also available for a variety of mobile phones.

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Tips to Maximize Your Nonprofit’s Data Plan

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GB), streaming an hour of high-definition video (1 to 2 GB), or making Skype-to-Skype calls (3 MB per minute). mobile Connecting to the Internet nonprofit tech planning nptech Running Your Organization mobile phones data

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Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development


Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week. I wish I was able to attend, but am glad that many of my clients have the opportunity to go. The conference is held every two years, and is always.

Using Smartphones and Portable Wi-Fi Hotspots to Tell Your Story

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Here's an idea for using smartphones with good cameras and video capability like the Dell Venue Pro touch screen phones for digital story telling: Send someone out to video compelling work that your nonprofit or library is doing out in the field for your holiday message.

Resource Roundup 12/19 | Idealware


Skip to Main Content Area Helping Nonprofits Make Smart Software Decisions Topics Reports Articles Online Training Blog Custom Resources Donate About Topics Reports Articles Online Training Blog Custom Resources Donate About Resource Roundup 12/19 By Laura Quinn , December 19, 2006 VoIP Tools And Online Audio Conferencing Technologies: A Mini-Guide ( Kolabora ) Another fabulous guide from Kolabora - this one on VOIP and audio conferencing software such as Skype , Vonage , GoogleTalk.

Windows 8 Apps for Nonprofits and Libraries

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Microsoft acquired Skype last year so the voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service has a brand new look for Windows 8. cloud Microsoft cloud computing nonprofits mobile phones apps App It Up Windows 8 Transforming CommunitiesWindows 8 is here!

TechSoup Global NGO Cloud Survey: What We Found Out and What to Do About It Part Two

Tech Soup Blog

For example, when we asked respondents if they were using a specific cloud-based app (such as Skype), responses were different than when we asked if they used a cloud-based app to perform a function, such as web conferencing.

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How Accessible Data Can Help You Better Care for Your Donors

Connection Cafe

A physician can read your EKG on their smart phone and use software to pull up your entire health history in real time. They may even conduct your health screening via Face Time or Skype.

App Recommendations from TechSoup Staff: Part Two

Tech Soup Blog

Lookout - a security app that can shutdown and locate a lost or stolen phone remotely. shares the Internet on my phone with a PC, Mac or tablet. I can tether the phone via USB cable, Bluetooth, or WiFi. Photoshop Express - for photo editing on my phone. It is a free app and available on all the major phone and tablet platforms. Skype - for instant messaging and also video calls. app - for reading books and documents on a phone (any platform).

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Juicy Blogging Giveaway and Interview

Have Fun - Do Good

To celebrate this fun event, I'm giving away a one-hour blog coaching session (via phone or Skype). Guess what? This week I'm the featured guest on one of my favorite podcasts, the Tranquility du Jour Podcast, hosted by the inspiring and lovely Kimberly Wilson. Wahoo!

How to Contact Nina Simon

Museum 2.0

com by phone 831.331.5460 by foot 1040 Mystery Spot Road Santa Cruz, CA 95065 by social media Facebook LinkedIn Twitter you can chat with me on gchat (ninaksimon), ichat (qquetzal), and skype (ninaksimon by email nina @ museumtwo.

How Tweet It Is: Twitter is Becoming a Better Way to Offer Customer Service


Everyone knows the frustration of the long, temper-challenging wait over the phone just to talk to a customer service representative or that email response that never seems to come. Mountain Dew would return a phone call to the winners.

How to Produce Your Own Podcast

Have Fun - Do Good

For interviews outside of the Bay Area, I use ecamm call recorder for Skype , and a Logitech USB headset. (If If you have a PC, you could try Pamela for Skype). What does not sound good is if person is on their cell phone.

NetCentric Advocacy: Connection Grid: Students Calling Iraq

Network-Centric Advocacy

There are a couple of Iraqi phone books available on the Internet, and plenty of interesting people willing to share their stories directly, from six thousand miles away, many of them speaking decent English. Is there a way to centralize calls in country then viop them out to phone list pushing for peace. Is there a way to centralize calls in country then viop them out to phone list pushing for peace. NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity.

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The search for good web conferencing, take 2

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

But interestingly, Yugma is now integrated with Skype, which totally changes the whole audio on a separate channel issue. It does mean that everyone who is involved in a webinar needs to install Skype – but that seems to be a minor issue, to my mind. But, you can’t use the Skype edition on Linux yet, either. And, as a competitor to Skype, ooVoo is much lighter on your system it’s quite easy to use.

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Mobile Messaging News Roundup

Mobile Commons

The plaintiff received a text message on his cellular phone which read, “ Kale Realty named 2013 Top 100 Places to Work by Tribune — We pay 100% on sales — reply or visit [link] to learn more! And Skype is getting in, too, with Cortana.

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Resource Roundup 5/7


The Pros and Cons of Skype for Business (Small Business Computing) An even handed look at how well Skype - a free service to make phone calls and video calls over the web - works in business situations. Okay, it's been awhile since I've done a resource roundup for the blog - too long!

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Internet Strategy on the Cheap: Tools and Resources

Have Fun - Do Good

Use when recording with Skype. $42 42 on Amazon Skype Podcast Recording Software Skype [link] (Skype to Skype is free. You can pay monthly, or as you go if you call from Skype to a phone).

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Social media and the Surveillance Culture

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

Our conversation focused on Facebook, Second Life, and Skype. As for Skype, the e-bay owned internet phone service: " There is basically no security employed by Skype. Living as I do right in the heart of D.C.,

#OceanLoveEarl: RIP Earl Kanter, MD – 12/23/21 – 6/23/13

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Later I shared my learning with the neighborhood kids which prompted phone calls to my parents. He was an early adopter of SKYPE. Participants, who were in the 60s and 70s were protesting they were “too old,” when my Dad’s SKYPE profile showed up on the screen.

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5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Blog

Have Fun - Do Good

I also offer one-on-one blog coaching via phone, or Skype. Write about what excites you , not what you think you should write about. Learn from the best. What blogs do you looove to read? Why do you love them? How can you incorporate what makes those blogs wonderful into your blog?

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Curating Content: How to Leverage Stories from Your Community

Connection Cafe

In our early emails, we supplied them with a list of questions to answer, and also offered to jump on the phone or Skype to talk through things further. Guest post from Georgia Silver, Consumer Marketing Manager, everydayhero.

Where's the remote (worker)?

Connection Cafe

We've been tinkering around with a lot of different settings, options, software systems, and phone arrangements over the past few weeks. I've used Skype for personal video calls, and I've always been pleased with their software as well. Author: Brandy Reppy.

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Outstanding Offers and New Products of 2014 (Bonus: Crossword Puzzle!)

Tech Soup Blog

If you’re trapped by your desk phone, walk away with the Sennheiser OfficeRunner wireless headset and handset lifter. The 400-foot range, 12-hour charge, Skype compatibility, and secure encryption let you move around the office. Skype Credits Help You Save on Calls.

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Six Power Tips for Great Meetings in Today’s Virtual World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

And even when you are meeting on Skype or a conference call, the basics of good meetings apply. Many meetings today have both people at the table and people on the phone or Internet. Ask people to use landline telephones rather than their computer mics, cell phones, or wireless.

The One Secret To Better Virtual Meetings: Empathy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

A common scenario is where the majority of meeting participants in one location, a conference room, and are trying to collaborate with a handful of invisible partners on the other end of phone line or video conference call.

Telecommuting Toolkit: What You Need to Work Remotely

Tech Soup Blog

It can also incorporate your entire office's phone system. Eligible organizations in the United States and United Kingdom can request donations of $20 credit vouchers for Microsoft's Skype. This service allows you to collaborate on audio calls using your existing phone system.

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5 Essential Tech Tools for Virtual Teams


Virtual Phone System. I use my laptop with a headset, Chris uses his cell phone, and Dan uses a landline. Video is the norm for us, and most of the time if I want to talk to a coworker, I use that rather than calling them on the phone. We had sort of a bake-off between four different platforms and ended up with Skype for a while since it seemed to give us the best video and audio quality on low bandwidth.

The 6 Hottest Training Technologies That You Can’t Overlook


This widespread adoption of mobile phones as well as other mobile devices such as tablets, e-reader, etc. Tools such as Google Hangout and Skype are increasingly being used as cost effective video conferencing training tools.

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Staying in Touch with Staff and Colleagues, Virtually

Tech Soup Blog

Have you used instant messaging (IM), Skype, or Wimba video conferencing to collaborate with a others far away? In our office, I'm usually logged on to Skype and AIM (or Pidgin ) most of my days in order to answer quick questions from co-workers whether I'm working from home, traveling, or simply down the hall. Or maybe even nearby?

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Silicon Valley Human Rights Conference

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Organized by the nonprofit group Access and sponsored by Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, Mozilla and other major tech companies, the conference brought together business leaders, policy makers and online activists, especially from the Arabic-speaking world. El-Fatah noted that Vodafone offered no resistance to the Egyptian's government's request for a kill switch that shut down cell phone services during that country's Arab Spring. This blog first appeared in the Huffington Post.