9 Things to Look for When Evaluating a Grant Proposal

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Ensuring that your foundation makes impactful grants to the right nonprofit partners starts with a thorough proposal evaluation. A proposal should include more than just the organization’s mission statement and program description. The proposal should include a detailed description of how the program will be executed, how exactly the pieces fit together to achieve the desired outcome, and of the different phases involved in implementing and running the program.

Actigiving—The Next Phase in the Evolution of Episodic Giving

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After proposed federal budget cuts, Meals on Wheels also experienced a surge in public donations. And this next phase brings together the powerful sentiments of activists with the much needed support of donors. Goodbye, slacktivism. Hello, actigiving. For more than a decade now, there has been much debate about whether online activists would ever turn their clicks into gifts.

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The HEROES Act – How This Proposed Legislation Could Provide Relief to Social Good Organizations

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As with most legislation, it is unlikely that this bill will become a law in its current form as passed by the House, however it begins a conversation among the House, Senate and Administration on the next phase of COVID-19 relief. Here are a few of the amendments proposed by the HEROES Act –.

How to Create a Highly Successful Major Gifts Program

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We’ve tracked the shrinking donor pipeline and proposed the lifetime value strategy as a way to engage with donors and correct a trend that threatens the future of higher education fundraising programs. . They might be in a stewardship phase for one gift at the same time a different officer is cultivating a relationship with them for a ne w gift. Use proposals to manage cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship . The Problem: .

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Grant Seeking 101: Finding the Right Fit

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While every grant is different, generally, the bigger a grant, the more involved and time-consuming it will be, both during the application phase and during the reporting phase after you receive the grant. Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising applying for grants Grant funding grant proposalIn my last post on getting started with grants , we covered the basics of grants and how to determine if your organization was ready to apply for grants.

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The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


Check your organization’s website, recent RFPs, grant proposals, etc. Use this section as the “elevator pitch” for your fundraising proposal. The critical next step in this initial planning phase is to determine the assets your organization has at its disposal. Tip: At this phase in the planning process, it’s also a helpful exercise to consider the potential for future giving.

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Identify, Track, and Analyze Gifts with New Grants Management on EveryAction


Here's how it works: Grant Management plans consist of three main sections: Grant Proposal, Award, and Grant Details. The Grant Proposal section allows users to specify the Grant Type (i.e. Operating, Annual, Project, Endowment); denote a brief Proposal Summary of the Grant, which appears as a Pinned Note on the organization contact record using the new ‘Proposal Summary’ Note Category; as well as designations for the Proposal Manager, Secondary Staff (if desired), and the Amount.

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Better Data, Better Donors


By looking at reports that group your grants into their different phases (e.g. letter of intent, research, proposal submitted, etc), you’ll be able to see any bottlenecks your team is facing and identify any phases in your grant process that need extra attention. (This is the final post in our New Year, New Heights development series. Need to catch up?

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Business Process Reviews – SO much better than they sound!


The final phase of the project is traditionally the review of the findings and the recommendations of the subject matter expert. Discussion of proposed options will include both platform and process, allowing your organization to choose the best path forward.

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How to Prepare For a Government Website Redesign

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If you’re not able to clearly define your requirements then you may want to hire a contractor to help with just the discovery and requirements phase. A big part of developing your Request for Proposal (RFP) is knowing which contract vehicle you should use.

Imagining Apps for a Better World at Mozilla Ignite App Challenge Idea Jam

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The idea jam is the first phase of the Mozilla Ignite Apps Challenge , a public/private partnership between the White House Office of Science, the National Science Foundation, and the Mozilla Foundation. At last Thursday's idea jam, despite only having about an hour to brainstorm, eight ideas were proposed. The first phase of the competition, the brainstorming round, ends on August 23. Proposals can also be submitted in the next phase, the development round.

TechSoup Grant Series: One Hour a Week to Success!

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We will cover each phase in the grant writing and submission process: 1. Write the Grant Proposal 6. Wish you knew more about applying for grant funding? Does it seem overwhelming and you wonder how to get started? TechSoup is here to help! Our new grant series, Successful Grants in One Hour a Week , will provide you with small steps that cover the entire grant process.

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Main Ingredients to a Nonprofit Digital Campaign


Nonprofits that forgo a simple landing page and elect to create a dedicated campaign portal essentially build a world in which their audiences can experience the mission, urgency, and proposed solutions of the campaign through a dynamic medium that they won't soon forget. Whether your goals are centered on fundraising, advocacy, or awareness, a kick-off event can help you build financial, political, or social momentum that will fuel your campaign's next phase.

TechSoup Hosts Saturday Hackathon 4 Good

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The day started with demonstrations by two projects that have moved past the initial idea phase. In all, over 10 new technology applications were proposed. The proposals aimed to solve problems such as helping new parents track their child's developmental milestones to identifying scholarships that normally go unasked for. The energy of those in attendance made the day fly by and although not all projects got to the coding phase many valuable connections were made.

The FCC and Accessibility

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Here are my comments on the big picture and a couple of their proposals. Examples of the kinds of solutions that I believe are possible: • Wizards that helps people determine the accessibility features they need, without a focus on disability diagnosis (needs and preferences over disability labels) • Infrastructure that makes it easier for resources to implement accessibility (see the proposed National Public Inclusive Infrastructure-NPII from Prof.

Fight Colorectal Cancer: A Rebranding Tale

Judi Sohn

Summary: Out with the old: In with the new: We're still in the honeymoon phase, just thrilled the new look is finally "out there" and is well-received. To make sure we were heading in the right direction, we also solicited proposals from two other fantastic companies for a more traditional identity/website redo. Sure, we could have gotten a pretty new logo and brochure for what we spent on the research phase.

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10 Ways Nonprofit CEOs Get Creative


Propose an interesting caveat to your normal meeting routine by swapping roles, having people work in teams to accomplish a common goal. That first block could lead to the next phase of your nonprofit, which could start with just one word, or phrase. Image courtesy of Dieste.com. What does the word innovation mean to you? Does it mean driving sweeping changes in a completely new business model? Changing the way the entire Earth’s population consumes a service or product?

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3 Best Practices to Multiply Major Gifts at Your Organization

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Phase 1: Cultivation—Get to Know the Prospects First. Phase 2: Solicitation—Set Your Gift Goal and Ask for It. Once you have your number set, build your major gift proposal around it. Phase 3: Stewardship—Provide Your Highest Quality Acknowledgements for Your Newly Minted, High-Quality Donors. Roy Cheran is a guest contributor for Nonprofit Hub.

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TechSoup to Host Mozilla Ignite Idea Jam

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Join the first phase of the program by submitting your proposed app in a public brainstorming session. How would you improve communities if there were an Internet without limits? What difference would you be capable of making that you can’t today, if you had access to super high Internet networking speeds? These are the questions Mozilla and the National Science Foundation have teamed up to ask through the Mozilla Ignite Apps Challenge.

Should You Migrate Your Nonprofit's Website to HTTPS?

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Mozilla recently announced its intention to "phase out" Firefox support for HTTP in favor of the secure HTTPS protocol. Not Just a Phase. By "phase out," Mozilla means that it will only allow sites that use HTTPS to access new Firefox features added after an undetermined date in the future. So what does this mean for nonprofits whose websites don't have security certificates installed to allow for a secure HTTPS connection?

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Common Pitfalls of Using Managed IT Services

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Get Multiple Proposals for Large New IT Purchases. It is highly recommended, regardless of whether or not you have an MSP, that you always get three proposals for any solution you require. You might need a phased approach. Utilizing managed IT services (also called IT outsourcing) can be great for a small to medium-size business, but it does come with some risks. It's important to understand some common pitfalls when using managed IT service providers (MSPs).

Vote for our NTC Sessions

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72% of all Google searches include the phase ‘user experience’, but do people really know what that means? There are many other fabulous sessions proposed, so don’t stop there. In all the buzz about SXSW, let’s not forget about the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) coming up in April 2013. Beaconfire has submitted 4 great sessions for consideration by the good folks in the NTEN community. Help us get these sessions on the agenda, by voting them up.

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Ideas Wanted to Increase Participation in Elections

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Go to newschallenge.org during the submissions phase and click the "add your entry" button anywhere on the site. The foundation wants to get a short summary of what you propose to do, what you've done so far, a bit about yourself and your organization, and the outcomes you're working toward. If the foundation likes your idea, and you become a semifinalist, foundation staff members will help you refine and develop the proposal. John S. and James L.

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3 Steps for Higher Ed Gift Officer Communication During a Crisis

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Best Practices for Proposals. Be diligent about maintaining great proposal information. Review and update all open and outstanding proposals regularly as you have conversations with prospects and donors. Gift officers have a unique job – even in “normal” times.

What we are called to do now

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There’s power in giving ourselves permission to be the one to imagine the next phase…what am I contributing to what comes next?” — adrienne maree brown To be clear: I am an abolitionist. The city of Seattle continues to propose an income tax that is, in my opinion, incredibly fair.

The First Global Martus Users Group Meeting

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

On the heels of this cool idea came another, more challenging proposal from Patrick Ball, the head of our human rights program here at Benetech, – what if we put ownership of developing parts of this ecosystem into the hands of our broader community of stakeholders? By doing so, we’ve launched a new phase in the Martus project: the development of a truly interconnected Martus community, in which users work not only with Benetech, but also with each other.

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Enhancing Your Major Gift Fundraising Strategy with Analytics

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Fundraisers should also analyze how much idealized potential exists for a proposed campaign by calculating the low, middle, and high end of capacity ranges, thus weighting “hit rates” or yield ratios. When embarking on, or in the midst of, the silent phase of a campaign, look to analytics to help identify the giving capacity of leadership donors for the campaign. Once the silent phase is completed, you will need to identify prospects for the public phase.

Boost Your Nonprofit Feasibility Study: 4 Key Strategies

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Nonprofit feasibility studies are a key part of the planning phase and for your next campaign you want to know that your team is getting all you can out of the process. Since they aren’t a member of your staff, interviewees are more likely to be honest with them when they give their feedback about your proposed campaign. Staff members within your organization who have a direct role in the proposed campaign.

Thoughts on Software RFPs

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I advise my clients to allow 2 weeks for a simple Request for Proposals and up to 6 weeks for a complex one. Techsoup article: Nine Tips for Navigating the RFP Research Phase. I received the following email from Keith Heller , a database consultant who works with Raiser's Edge and Common Ground clients: We’ve been involved with responding to many RFPs over the years and I have a general inquiry that is in your bailiwick.

Fight Colorectal Cancer: A Rebranding Tale

Judi Sohn

Summary: Out with the old: In with the new: We’re still in the honeymoon phase, just thrilled the new look is finally “out there&# and is well-received. To make sure we were heading in the right direction, we also solicited proposals from two other fantastic companies for a more traditional identity/website redo. Sure, we could have gotten a pretty new logo and brochure for what we spent on the research phase.

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How to Develop Really Good LMS Requirements

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The request for proposal you send to learning management system (LMS) providers is only as good as the process you use to develop your LMS requirements. Before you even think about creating a request for proposal (RFP), you must spend time on the LMS requirements gathering and analysis process. If your list is bigger than your budget, you can “park” some of your wish list into phase 2 of your LMS project.

Innocentive Online Collaboration Successful in Identifying Potentially Money-Saving Methods for TB Drug Production

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The result: Simpler and safer methods for making the Phase II TB drug candidate PA-824 have been proposed to the TB Alliance by two winners of a scientific challenge. The two winning proposals were identified as coming from a scientist in China, and a research fellow in Germany. "These

Case Study: An Accidental Techie #FAIL Story


Given the organization-wide scope of my proposed project, effective change management practices were key to the success of the project. If you’re starting with multiple databases, move the data from one which employees from various sectors use first and commit to moving the other, more specialized databases in the next phase in the not too distant future.

An App for Survivors: SafeNight Is Finalist in Anti-Trafficking Challenge

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Here are the big three things we’re taking with us as we head to the next phase of this project: 1. It’s about putting up the proposal that got us to the place we are with the Reimagine: Opportunity Challenge. ­­­ This post was written by Marnie Webb, who leads TechSoup’s newest division, Caravan Studios. There, she builds technology that connects local communities to resources that help them solve problems and impact issues.

How Would You Rate Your Prospect Management System?| Part 3

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Below I stress the importance of top-down buy-in from senior leadership is during this phase as well as properly training all relevant development staff and conducting a systematic roll-out of your prospect management. For those in the quiet or public phase of a campaign, I recommend holding at least bi-weekly review meetings by where you discuss the status of each development officers’ portfolio of campaign prospects.

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Welcome to the New Age of Accountability in Grant Management

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In 2013, the Council on Financial Assistance Reform (COFAR) announced sweeping changes to the grant management process for US federal grant recipients in both pre-award and post-award phases. Grant recipients focus and report on results from the initial proposal development all the way through performance management phases and reporting. The grant world has changed. The new federal regulations add layers of additional accountability and complexity for grant recipients.

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Bridging Social Technologies and Sustainable Development: Social Squared

Beth Kanter

He then quotes Marc Benioff, the founder of Salesforce.com, who has described this phase of the IT revolution with the acronym SOCIAL: “ S , he says, is for speed — everything is now happening faster. With this in mind, I propose a different articulation of the acronym SOCIAL: S is for society. Note from Beth: E arlier this month, the Stanford Center for Social Innovation, hosted the USRIO 2.0

This Month at TechSoup: Sharpen Your Website

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We'll discuss some of the major phases of a design project, some of the lingo and jargon you'll encounter, and the tools and skill sets you'll need to set your sights on a great, new site. The RFP Process for Nonprofits and Libraries An RFP is a document that describes a project's needs and asks for proposed solutions (along with pricing, timing, and other details) from qualified vendors.

How to Prepare a Business Case for a New LMS

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Sketch out the next steps: requirements analysis, request for proposals, system selection, and system implementation. How much time will you and other project team members have to dedicate to this project during the requirements, selection, testing, and training phases? Do you feel like giving your learning platform a heave-ho out the door? But you can’t, not yet anyways.

How Networked Nonprofit Use Facebook SMARTly

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The “ Valid Metrics Grid &# is a proposed standard being debated by measurement professionals, but can help guide your thinking. It looks at communications in three phases with each having specific metrics. The big mistake that many organizations make is that they stop at the “attention” phase of the ladder of Facebook love. How Networked Nonprofits Use Facebook Smart.ly. View more presentations from Beth Kanter.

5 Ways to Make Your Nonprofit’s Website Donor-Friendly

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Instead of seeing one long, exhausting form, the user is asked only a small handful of questions at each bite-sized phase. Instead, for each page you propose adding, write down the following about it: Page Title: What is the title of the page? Imagine two nonprofits that are nearly identical. Similar missions, same size, equal marketing budgets. They both have websites that do an admirable job of showcasing their impact. In most obvious ways, these two organizations are twins.

This Month at TechSoup: Sharpen Your Website

Tech Soup Blog

We'll discuss some of the major phases of a design project, some of the lingo and jargon you'll encounter, and the tools and skill sets you'll need to set your sights on a great, new site. The RFP Process for Nonprofits and Libraries An RFP is a document that describes a project's needs and asks for proposed solutions (along with pricing, timing, and other details) from qualified vendors.

Hacking our way to innovation

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When we started to see the number of great ideas being proposed, we knew this could work. Typically we break up projects in different phases to different people. Most digital agencies are looking for ways to not only stay relevant in the marketplace but also to inspire their teams to take risks and innovate. Recently we held an internal “Hackathon” to explore what would happen when let staff run a bit wild with their imagination and skills. The outcome was geekily glorious.

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