6 Reasons Your Organization Should Implement Supporter-Led Campaigns in 2017

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As nonprofit leaders look ahead and think about how to significantly expand the impact of their advocacy campaigns, there is one key tactic that may be your secret to punching above your weight: Supporter-Led Campaigns. You Reach New Supporters.

4 Ways Religious Organizations Can Talk About Fundraising with Supporters

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As a religious organization , your donors are at the heart of your mission. Their generosity and financial support is what allows you to carry out your work and set a bold vision for the future. Yet, far too many religious organizations shy away from talking about fundraising with donors, members and other friends of the organization because they worry that doing so will turn off supporters or otherwise compromise their spiritual mission.

Donor Retention: The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Raise

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Donors can be fickle, and they’re fleeing our organizations in vast numbers these days. Getting your donors to renew their gifts is the easiest way to raise money for any nonprofit. That’s where sustainable funding comes from— these wonderful, lovely, loyal supporters.

How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money

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How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money. Viewers can then donate to the organization, in addition to commenting and reacting during the broadcast. Fundraising is about building trust, sharing stories of impact, and growing a community of supporters.

44 Ways to Turn Nonprofit Supporters into Fundraising Superstars

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Turning your supporters into fundraising superstars isn’t easy. Supporters can raise significant amounts of money and bring new donors to your organization. So, how can you help supporters become fundraising superstars? 50 gift card for $5,000 raised).

#thankful4home: Raising Awareness Around Homelessness

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This fall and winter I’m working with a group of organizations in Chicago to raise awareness around homelessness, alongside screenings of the @Home documentary that features portraits of this issue through the eyes of activist Mark Horvath.

Tips for Riding the Media Wave to Increase Nonprofit Support

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There are a lot of ways nonprofit organizations can tell their stories. Most often, nonprofit storytelling is referenced in terms of organizations creating and sharing their own stories. Advocacy groups often rely on the news cycle to drum up support and activate their constituents.

Raise More Money: Incentive-Based Fundraising 101

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Of course, fundraising letters are still important and valuable tools, but donors and supporters often need more incentive to support your organization. Incentives are motivators that influence your donors to give and influence your fundraising teams to raise more.

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The 5 Phases of the Faith-Based Supporter Lifecycle

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Most faith-based organizations rely on supporters to fund their work. Many organizations of faith don’t think of their supporters as “donors,” though. Other faith-based organizations talk about “donors,” but wonder about how to solicit donations while still honoring their higher calling. Whether you are a place of worship, school, or other organization of faith, the truth is that you have donors, and you rely on them to keep carrying out your mission and vision.

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Three Ways To Help Support Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

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And, as blogger Vu Le says, donating to organizations on the ground can be a form of self-care. I have my go-to global organizations that do a great job at relief efforts on the ground, set up funds for long-term rebuilding, or do a terrific job of vetting local charities to support.

Facebook Live For Nonprofits: How Live Streaming Helped One Org Raise Almost $100K

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There’s a lot of talk about the ways nonprofits can use Facebook to raise money — live streaming fundraising events, breaking news, impact stories, and more, directly from their Facebook Page. How Facebook live helped keep their audience engaged (and raise $100K).

How Blood Banks Use SMS to Raise Support and Help Save Lives

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After a person donates, you can send a follow-up text thanking them for their services, or even conduct a survey in order to get feedback on your organization. The post How Blood Banks Use SMS to Raise Support and Help Save Lives appeared first on Mobile Commons.

How Will Tracking Outcomes Help Your Organization’s Story?

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Back in my days as a Corporate Funder, I was routinely asked to provide giving details for our organization. What is different for those people that our grants support?” Perhaps before implementing across your organization, you can try to pilot in an area that you have control over.

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Grassroots Campaigning: How to Use Online Channels to Build Offline Support

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Susan is a grandmother, a cancer survivor and the major ingredient that differentiates organizations that truly make change from those that just make a lot of digital noise. Every grassroots organization has volunteers like Susan. How to Use Online Channels to Build Offline Support.

The #1 Way to Raise More Money Through Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events


They also have varying levels of commitment to your event and organization. Superstar fundraisers respond differently than those who raise the minimum. Fundraisers raised an average of $32 more in 2010. Highlight statistics about how social media can help them raise even more.

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Interview: SXSW4Japan Raises over $120,000 #sxswcares

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SXSWcares , co-branded as SXSW4Japan, was a campaign that rallied the SXSW community to raise awareness and harness support for disaster relief. In the end, it raised over $120,000 from 1500+ donors. The original goal was to raise $10,000 within 5-days.

How To Use Stories To Raise Money On Social Media


Are they just empty buzzwords, or actual tools that can help your nonprofit raise money online? Social media is great for enticing potential supporters and piquing their interest, through eye-catching visuals and emotional stories.

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Facebook Live-A-Thon for @ASPCA Raises Over $50,000 on Giving Tuesday

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According to the Giving Tuesday report , $275 million was raised in addition the countless hours of volunteer time and in-kind contributions. They promoted the event using both paid and organic social media. ” Did your organization try something new for Giving Tuesday?

Raise Your Hand for Girls on October 11, 2012

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I know this first hand because my family and I have been honored to support the college education of two young Cambodia women through the Sharing Foundation ‘s education program. Won’t you raise your hand in support of girls around the world?

44 Ways to Turn Your Supporters into Fundraising Superstars


Turning your everyday supporters into fundraising superstars isn’t easy. Supporters raise significant amounts of money and bring new donors to your organization. million raised annually since 2004 by helping participants become fundraisers.

19 Ways to Raise More Money From Your Donation Pages

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Reduce steps to donate – You will raise less money if you make people take too many steps in the donation process. And why would you want to raise less money? What makes a kick-ass donation page? Is it the words? Images? Where buttons and fields are located?

Relationships That Raise Funds: 5 Tips for Creating Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers


Whether it’s your first fundraising event, or tenth, helping supporters be great peer-to-peer fundraisers is always on the mind of successful event fundraising organizations. In addition to recognizing great achievements, also recognize opportunities for improvement and support.

How Do (and Should) Small and Mighty Nonprofits Raise Money?

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How can organizations expand their individual donor programs and see increased success? Organizations surveyed raise 34 percent of their revenue from individuals. 1 out of every 5 individual donor dollars is raised online. Size of organization had little impact.

How to Predict What You’ll Raise by Year-End

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What if that crystal ball could tell you how much money you’ll raise by the end of the year? Start by clearly defining your organization’s impact goal. Goals with zip and zing tend to raise more money than those that are ordinary and unremarkable.

Scanning for Good: How One Nonprofit Used QR Codes to Raise Awareness


The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is a national organization creating hope in a comprehensive way through research, patient support, community outreach, and advocacy for a cure. I’ve enjoyed watching the use of QR codes grow recently, particularly in the nonprofit space.

The Value of Company-Supported Nonprofit Board Service for Nonprofits and Communities

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Nonprofit organizations seek board members who bring valuable experience and expertise as well as diversity of backgrounds and perspectives. [1] 1] The study demonstrates the following advantages for nonprofits when companies encourage and support their employees to serve on boards.

Are Your Creepy Pitches Spooking Your Supporters? Pitch Fail and How To Fix It!

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Are your creepy pitches spooking your supporters? Maybe it wasn’t you, per se, who penned the pitch, but organizations send out appeal letters all the time that are just as creepy as my request for you to buy my book. Sincerely, ED of Organization Awesome.

CrowdRise Holiday Challenge Expects to Raise Over $1M for Charity


While your nonprofit may be in the final sprint of planning its year-end fundraising campaigns, you may want to carve out extra time raising even more money by participating in the 3 rd annual Crowdrise Holiday Challenge.

My Birthday Wish: Support My Fundraiser for NTEN

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In those days, I was working with the New York Foundation for the Arts on a project called ArtsWire, an online network for arts organizations and artists. That small community evolved into the organization – NTEN – the association for nonprofit techies.

Raise More Money: Incentive-Based Fundraising 202 — The Advanced Course

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When it comes time for them to give, incentives can show supporters that their donations are valued at your organization. Exclusive donor clubs can incentivize donors to give more and continue giving to your organization. Organically drawing new donors.

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How Sierra Club Used Text Messaging to Raise Smog Awareness

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With over 2 million members, the Sierra Club is an influential grassroots environmental organization that translates national movements into legislative results. It’s a double bonus by being both instant – and free – publicity for your organization.

Turning Low-dollar Fundraisers Into Money Raising Superstars


Have you ever thought to yourself, “ hummm, I wish I could turn my non-fundraising participants or low-dollar fundraisers into money raising superstars! ”? Here are five extremely effective ways that we’ve found to work for countless organizations. Promote teams (they raise more $).

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10 Ways to Improve Your Donation Page and Raise More Money

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This stark statistic, revealed in the 2016 M+R Benchmarks Study , is a reminder of the challenge of raising money online. Maybe your organization was rushed when it created its donation page, or you simply haven't had staff time to dedicate to the task.

Support Bookshare for Veterans

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This campaign is part of the Social Entrepreneurs Challenge , an effort launched by the Skoll Foundation in partnership with The Huffington Post and CrowdRise in order to support leading social enterprises. We would love your support for our campaign today through November 22nd.

Fostering Innovation and Enterprise: Thoughts on supporting the sector from #giveandtech

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Lessons and Opportunities for Supporting Technology Innovation. As the speed at which new ideas can step out on the stage continues to increase, it is less about finding a great idea and pitching it for support. Let the community drive the innovations you want to support.

Rally More Support for Your Cause: 3 Simple Ways to Add New Event Participants


It’s a pretty common goal for most organizations who run fundraising events. A recent survey of six national nonprofits found multi-year team captains raise two to three times more than new team captains and retain about 86 percent of their prior year’s revenue.

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How Much Money Should Your Nonprofit Be Raising Online?


One of the key questions I get from nonprofits is, “How much money should we be raising online?&# The study also provides data for organizations based on size of email file. In 2010, Convio clients raised $1.3 Online giving is growing fastest for small organizations.

International Organizations and Social Media: News, Engagement, and Social Data for Policy Change

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While the primary goal is for students to learn about strategic use of networks and social media for international organizations, I will also be covering some practical career skills such as effective networking and self-directed professional learning (also called “Social Learning”).

Scary Supporter Horror Stories

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So in honor of Freaky Friday, here are 13 real supporter horror stories, none of which involve zombies. A one-letter typo nearly cost an organization a dedicated supporter. After the event, though, he got copied on the heartfelt volunteer thank-you note the organization sent its volunteers. And they only raised half what they’d planned at the rescheduled concert. An organization has their gala/luncheon/whatever and makes an ask.

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Thank You To the Max: Minnesota Give to Max Day Raised $13.4 Million in 24 Hours

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Minnesota’s ‘Networked Nonprofits’ raised $13.4M million was raised to benefit Minnesota nonprofit organizations. In a 24-hour period, nearly 4,000 Minnesota nonprofit organizations benefited through donations, matching grants and prizes.