DIY Nonprofit Technology: Getting Funding for Tech at Your Org


By Paula Jones, Director of Technology, The N. Center for Nonprofits, I have the opportunity to talk with many nonprofit board members and staff across North Carolina about their use of technology. In doing so, one statement that resonates with everyone is “No one funds technology.”

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6 Steps for Getting Started with Social CRM for Membership Orgs


Social CRM is a business philosophy supported by technology and workflow. keeping track of members when they change jobs. Please contact us if things are going well and you have an interesting success story we can write about on SocialFishing to help other orgs.

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Measuring What Matters: How Funders and Nonprofits Can Leverage Data and Technology for Impact

Connection Cafe

Our panel discussion unpacked the role that data and technology plays in the relationship between funders and nonprofits and how critical this relationship is to accelerating success of the larger social good space. Outcomes tools also provide the ability to track and share your data.

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Tech Across Your Org: Program and Fundraising Innovation Sprung from an Internal Technology Project


We knew we would ultimately be in 16 countries by the year 2020, which meant that tracking, monitoring, and evaluating projects would become more complicated by the day. Let’s not let a little technology problem hold us back from being as ambitiously helpful as we would like to be.

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Technology Training Resources for Nonprofits

Tech Soup Blog

Technology, especially, can be difficult to stay on top of with constantly updating operating systems and new versions of software. Thankfully, there are many free or inexpensive training programs that can help you polish your technology skills.

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Religious Organizations Are Now Eligible for Intuit QuickBooks Donations!

Tech Soup Blog

Intuit's popular QuickBooks accounting software can help your religious organization manage essential financial tasks like paying bills; creating invoices; producing reports; and tracking expenses, contributions, and payments. Exciting news!

2011 NTC Preview: 6 Steps to Refocus Your Small Org Tech Strategy


Steve Heye, Web Project Manager, YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago Smaller nonprofits may feel like sophisticated technology is out of reach; it requires more budget, more staff, and more expertise than they think they have. Small orgs work quickly, but often times that acceleration lacks direction. Here are six steps that will help give your technology direction. The hardware and software that are top of mind, that you use everyday, are your core technologies.

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Smartphone Follies | Idealware


Skip to Main Content Area Helping Nonprofits Make Smart Software Decisions Topics Reports Articles Online Training Blog Custom Resources Donate About Topics Reports Articles Online Training Blog Custom Resources Donate About Smartphone Follies By Peter Campbell , September 18, 2008 If you man the support desk, or are the accidental techie for an org of ten or more people, chances are that you get a lot of questions about smartphones.

Punching Up Your Action Alerts and Online Fundraising Appeals - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


frogloop Home frogloop Home Receive monthly updates Subscribe to our RSS feed Follow frogloop on Twitter Most Popular Posts Social Network ROI Calculator Social Networking for Nonprofits: ROI, Tracking Tools and More "While Theyre Hot!"

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Workplace Giving Data Problems Just Got Worse

3rd Sector Labs

In fact, they are barely visible in many communities … replaced by a collection of service providers and technology vendors focused on the needs of the corporation and the employee. Too many sources of donor data to keep track of. But orgs know data.

Carnet Williams: Nonprofit Technology, Blogging, Aggregating, & Surfing.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

So, I tracked him down for an interview. You've been in the nonprofit technology space for a long time. My introduction to the nonprofit technology space occurred during my first year of law school in Oregon (1995). My love and curiosity with technology runs deep.

Data drives better digital marketing for nonprofits

3rd Sector Labs

Here are examples of Tweets from orgs that didn’t include outcome data. I also included two Tweets from orgs that did use outcome data. Does your donor database keep track of this type of data? Using data to drive your digital marketing campaigns is essential.

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Mission aligned! | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

03.06.06 | 11 No Comments [link] Mission+aligned%21 2006-03-07+04%3A10%3A25 Allan+Benamer Today was one of those rare but glorious days in the life of this IT director where there was a direct connection between the mission of the non-profit org and IT itself. Unfortunately, my org doesn’t have enough people to man such a hotline 24 hours a day so we divided the workload between our org and another non-profit organization.

Nonprofit 2.0 and the architecture of participation | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

and+the+architecture+of+participation 2006-03-26+19%3A13%3A45 Allan+Benamer Those of you who have been wanting to get involved in more senior management decisions for your org might be heartened by a recent NY Times article called Here’s an Idea: Let Everyone Have Ideas. Here’s an open question to non-profit IT directors… What kind of technology would best create an architecture of participation? It’s not the technology that will bring participation.

Growing Bigger, Staying Collaborative - 5 Tools for Building Non-Bureaucratic Organizations

Museum 2.0

Instead of each staff member tracking their own community partners, we're building a shared database of all the partners who contribute time, money, and talent to the museum. There's an org chart. institutional change Museum of Art and History Technology Tools Worth Checking Out

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Managing files in your CRM Managing files in your CRM Last Updated on Wednesday, 3 January 2007 03:04 Written by Steve Wednesday, 3 January 2007 03:04 A CRM is good at keeping track of all your people and organizations, as well as the communications you have with them. Spreadsheets and documents are often important artifacts of the relationships we have with people and orgs.

It's almost time for #11NTC - See you there?

Judi Sohn

I look forward to the NTEN NTC (Nonprofit Technology Network's conference) every year. 11NTCSocialCRM) Tech Track: Keeping it Real (Secure) – Security in Your Network Neighborhood (10:30 am-12 pm Saturday) - The tech track sessions differ in both content and structure.

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10 Best Practices for a Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Program

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Goals are so important to have something to work towards, but to also keep you motivated and on track. Based on the 2018 Global NGO Technology Report.

It’s almost time for #11NTC – See you there?

Judi Sohn

I look forward to the NTEN NTC (Nonprofit Technology Network's conference) every year. Tech Track: Keeping it Real (Secure) – Security in Your Network Neighborhood (10:30 am-12 pm Saturday) – The tech track sessions differ in both content and structure.

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Data-Driven Nonprofits: Issue 7 of NTEN:Change is Live!


Keeping Track of Your People Power: HR and Technology in the Nonprofit World ," from Idealware's Elizabeth Pope. DIY ROI: Use this checklist from Network for Good's Tanya Lee to make smarter technology investments for your org.

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Is Your Association’s Website Any Better Than


How many associations have an online store that doesn’t work on a mobile device or that doesn’t even have Google analytics installed to be able to track conversions because “our members don’t buy stuff online”? It’s 2014, people, and your org’s website IS your org to a lot of people….so

New Issue of NTEN:Change: From Outcomes to Impact


How To Track Everyone Who's Anyone To You ," from Idealware's Laura Quinn, which provides the foundation for why and how to lead your nonprofit to a "greener" bottom line. Three Case-Studies that document how three different nonprofits are tracking their constituents.

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Cool Social Tools: EventKloud


Startups are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms. But it’s possible to do it a better way — to track every aspect of marketing event, so that you know in real-time what channels are working and why.

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Integrated Marketing Key Findings

Connection Cafe

Some organizations may be tracking their results, but many aren’t utilizing the information in their findings. More than 50% of the $20M+ orgs are only considered Juniors (in the participant categories), just beginning their journey with integrated marketing. Author: Sara Spivey.

P2P Fundraising: Expanding Beyond the Fundraising Event

Connection Cafe

Additionally, these tech savvy supporters want to fundraise using the technology and communication channels they use on a daily basis. You are also competing with crowdfunding platforms that enable your supporters with the technology to fundraise for whatever they want….Their

I’ve worked with about 10 orgs of various sizes–the largest being about 20 staff. Tracking donors, members, grants, and payments is a big part of what all nonprofits do. What I’d like to share today is some process maps that describe donor management at these orgs.

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How Much are Nonprofits Spending on IT?


Small orgs devoted the largest portion of their overall budget, at 7.1 But there are other possible factors for the decrease, including increasing use of cloud and lower-cost technology solutions for more organizational functions, especially for smaller organizations.

Strategic impact and making multi-level relationships look nice

They’ve got an interesting need to track their strategic plans in Salesforce. I’ve seen this kind of thing built many times and have built it myself for another org or two. For this org they’ve got 3 levels of custom objects to hold their data.

Explore Impact Leadership at NTEN’s Leading Change Summit: Free Registration Giveaway

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

While participants in each track will explore their topics in depth and in the context of a facilitated structure, there will be inspiring keynotes and opportunities for networking for all participants. I’m giving away a free registration to NTEN’s Leading Social Change Summit.

4 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Register.NGO and.ONG

Nonprofit Tech for Good

In the decades to come, as OnGood and its tool set grow, boundaries to donating online internationally will be eliminated and tracking and reporting the progress of the global NGO sector will become much easier.

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Live blogging from the 2011 Millennial Donor Summit: The Generational Divide (Panel Discussion)

Amy Sample Ward

Technological expertise and an understanding with social media others don’t know. There is no substitute for perspective of power of technology. Social scientists will debate impact and influence of social technologies for a long time.

Five Cool Tools for Small Staff Associations


——— If millennials get a bad rap for job-hopping, apparently I was born ahead of my time given my track record over the past several years. I personally love the fact that I get to wear so many hats and do so many things, even if resources are tighter than at larger orgs.

Using Sites to easily publish data out of Salesforce

Sponsorships are tracked as Opportunities connected to the relevant Account. Come up with your own use cases and implement them in a developer org. Tags: CRM Technology

What will our future be like?

Museum 2.0

Many predict there will be more museums: Blog research—in 2029 are there: — Seema Rao (@artlust) December 14, 2019 We'll still be enamored with technology: (Blog Research) In the future museums will have — Seema Rao (@artlust) December 17, 2019 We might toss the coin, though, and win. Have you ever tossed a coin? I had a friend’s Dad who was a big proponent of this form of adjudication. He’d toss it up in the air. Like a film, time slowed. I watched the coin turn and turn as it flew.

Social Media Tools and Resources for Social Learning


This past week I, together with my friend Shari Rager from American Medical Writers Association, did a session at Tagoras’s Learning*Technology*Design conference on designing for social learning.

Nonprofit Campaigners Take Center Stage at DCWeek


DC Digital Capital Week (DCWEEK) a 10 day festival in Washington, DC focused on technology, innovation and all things digital capital kicks of June 11 th. “DCWEEK is about technology, creativity, innovation and engagement, which goes well beyond just the technology sector.

The End of the Beginning of Online Giving

Connection Cafe

In 1999, Blackbaud pioneered the nonprofit technology market by introducing reliable, secure, and donor-friendly online donation forms. That might seem low, but it’s actually on track with other online trends. It’s in our org charts.

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Resource Roundup 4/24 | Idealware


Skip to Main Content Area Helping Nonprofits Make Smart Software Decisions Topics Reports Articles Online Training Blog Custom Resources Donate About Topics Reports Articles Online Training Blog Custom Resources Donate About Resource Roundup 4/24 By Laura Quinn , April 23, 2007 Seven Ways to Get the Most Out of the Web on a Budget ( ClickZ ) A practical look at the technology and marketing strategy decisions that will help small organizations get the most value out of the internet.

QuickBooks 2013 Made Easy for Nonprofits — Upcoming Webinar on February 28

Tech Soup Blog

This training includes information on creating reports, tracking grants, tracking pledges, and more. This webinar is appropriate for technology decision-makers in nonprofits, charities, and libraries. Need an easy way to handle your organization's accounting transactions?

Hey Women Who Tech! Get Your Tech On!


We're always looking to balance sessions across tracks, open source v. proprietary, sessions for small orgs and sessions for large orgs. As you know, we're just about done collecting your great session ideas for the 11NTC right now (deadline: August 27).

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Twitter and Nonprofits

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Twitter and Nonprofits April 10, 2008 This actually was a post to the Progressive Exchange discussion list. I feel like what happens all the time is that we nptechies grab onto a new technology, and the first thing we think is that we gotta get organizations using it.

Beyond the user experience

Michael Stein's Non-profit Technology Blog

This week the e-newsletter put out by consulting giant McKinsey ran a piece about how Merrill Lynch, the global financial services firm, has combined its Information Technology and Operations departments.

Seven Random Metrics to Improve Your Nonprofit's Communications


This week, as part of Member Appreciation Month, we're talking about technology that supports communications and information, so I thought I'd share some of the metrics we use to track our effectiveness that don't really warrant a complete blog post in-and-of themselves.