Betsy Beaumon on Benetech's Literacy Program

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

We now have a free, open source reading app for you called Go Read. veteran, or you speak Arabic, or you live in Korea? Bookshare International Yup, Bookshare now has Arabic books. The news that this is the largest accessible Arabic book collection in the world is bittersweet. This year, we launched new content, including a unit on Romeo and Juliet, to help Route 66 users stay in sync with the Common Core standards.

A New Marketing Paradigm: How Affordable, Active and Agile Technology Can Change Nonprofits


The advent of open source technology and years of use by corporations have both made these technologies inexpensive and proven they are more agile and reliable than the complex systems most vendors currently offer the nonprofit market. He and his wife currently live in the United Arab Emirates and enjoy traveling widely Matt McCabe, Orange Leap. [Ed. note: This article is part of NTEN's Member Appreciation Month spectacular.