5 Content Marketing Success Stories Your Nonprofit Needs to Imitate


Yesterday we talked about the importance of content marketing for nonprofits. Knowing that it can be tough to execute on we thought we’d give you a few examples of nonprofits effectively using content marketing as a key part of their online strategy.

Telling your Nonprofit's Story through Video


Last night, a couple of us from the VisionLink team attended another wonderfully informative Tech4Good forum on the power and execution of video storytelling. After watching a few short, low budget videos, it became clear just how effective (and inexpensive) film could be when it comes to spreading your nonprofit''s story and mission. You don''t need to break your bank account Can film the video in-house No camera?

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[Guide] Creating Video for Nonprofits

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

When you're building a movement, video is an indispensable storytelling tool. By appealing to a wide range of our senses, videos capture our attention and activate our emotions, unlike any other medium. Video has a special place in the digital world.

Guide 55

6 Powerful Types of Video Content Every Nonprofit Needs

Nonprofits Source

Types Of Video Content. To put it another way, using actual writing to share your nonprofit’s story and its mission with your audience is falling out of style. In truth, the popularity of video marketing is nothing new. Engagement Videos. Education Videos.

Three Strategic Ways to Tell Your Organization’s Story Through Video

See What's Out There

The post Three Strategic Ways to Tell Your Organization’s Story Through Video appeared first on The See3 Blog. video content eli talks engaging nonprofit storytelling talks

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Video Marketing on Social Media: Best Practices & Inspiration for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Becky Brooks , Director of Communications at Animoto , an online video maker that makes it easy to create marketing videos for social media and beyond. Facebook has, for a couple years now, committed to making their platforms “video first.” Videos with Mobile In Mind.

Telling Your Story Through Video

Wild Apricot

Here's an overview of an article on video editing software and a reminder about the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards. Non-profits Video

Award 56

The Future of Nonprofit Engagement Strategies

Connection Cafe

While corporate marketers have had the edge in the past, this is an opportunity for you, one where the trends actually favor the meaningful and motivational stories on which nonprofits run. In other words, it’s finally time to fully unleash the power of your story.

Unmissable Stories This Week


Here are a few stories I’ve come across over the last few days that I don’t want you to miss. LinkedIn launches a program to help Nonprofits find board members. LinkedIn Board Connect: Helping Nonprofits Find Board Members on LinkedIn (LinkedIn Blog). nonprofit.

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Sharing Your Story: How to Engage Donors with the Philanthropic Impact of Their Gift

Connection Cafe

Stories provide great content pieces for your organization to report backs to donors. Stories perfectly illustrate impact in action. Then, compile those pictures into a Facebook album with captions that help tell the story. Make a short video.

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Clicky Clicky: How to Add Calls to Action to Your Nonprofit’s YouTube Videos


Videos are an amazing way to share your nonprofit’s story with supporters. Thankfully, the YouTube Nonprofit Program has made it easy to add interactive calls to action to your videos. Check out the StillerStrong video below.

Frogloop Guest Post: 4 Tools to Help Any Nonprofit Tell Stories Online

Amy Sample Ward

—– Whether you are part of a nonprofit organization, an action campaign, a local community, or a school, you know that it is through stories you can showcase your work, change people’s minds, inspire them to make change, or join you to make a difference.

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Vote for the Winners of the 6th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards!

Amy Sample Ward

With so many incredible videos submitted to this year’s contest it was no easy task, but judges in the 6th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards have narrowed down the field of entries to 16 finalists. Now, the YouTube community has the opportunity to get involved and cast their vote for the best nonprofit videos of the past year. The 16 finalist videos can be watched on the Contest homepage. challenge 12ntc contest storytelling video vote

Award 143

Got Video? Enter the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Contest!


Are you a nonprofit? . Did your organization create impactful videos in 2011? . Do you want your organization to be recognized for making great videos and win incredible prizes? . Do you remember how awesome the videos were last year?

How to Create Video Content for Nonprofit Donations

NonProfit Hub

In our Hubinar with Jeremy Vest, we learned that video is powerful. We also learned that the problem with video is that it’s difficult. Coming up with content, conveying a message effectively, and editing and promoting a video are all challenges for creating sensational video content, especially for nonprofits. When it comes to video content generation, there are three main types of video content your organization should be focusing on: 1.

7 Fabulous Nonprofit Videos on Vine and Instagram

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Like many colleagues who are nonprofit technology capacity builders, we often get asked the question, “What’s hot? Recently, apps that take short snippets of video – like Vine and Instagram have been soaring in popularity. Watch Video: [link].

Video 142

Your Nonprofit Video in the Spotlight (and on YouTube’s Homepage)

Amy Sample Ward

The DoGooder Nonprofit Video Contest is back and calling for your best 2011 nonprofit videos! Are you a nonprofit? Did your organization create impactful videos in 2011? Do you want your organization to be recognized for making great videos and maybe win some incredible prizes? The 6th Annual DoGooder Nonprofit Video Contest is taking submissions starting February 1st. So what do the winning nonprofits get for participating?

Five Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs a Gala Video

See What's Out There

Fundraising season is the best time to tell friends, supporters, staff and beneficiaries your story. And what better way to tell your story than with a great video? The post Five Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs a Gala Video appeared first on The See3 Blog. video

Video 68

Generation Rwanda: Two Stories

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

While the exhibit was emotionally wrenching, not to mention disturbing, the most poignant was the children’s memorial that tells the story of innocent child victims of the genocide. They wanted to share their stories on my blog and through video and photos. Here is their stories.

Rwanda 110

Leveraging Online Tools to Help Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story

Byte Technology

Chogger lets you create one-of-a-kind comic strips in a short-story format filled with your own photos that are easy to customize. The post Leveraging Online Tools to Help Tell Your Nonprofit’s Story appeared first on Byte Technology’s Nonprofit Web Design Insights Blog.

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Online Video For Nonprofits

ASU Lodestar Center

A recent post by Isaac Kiehl highlighted social media, and in particular the use of online photos, as a means by which nonprofits can improve interaction with the community. Online video takes this interaction one step further. posted by. Patrice Sheldon , Freelance Public Relations.

Video 84

Upcoming Nonprofits Live: Storytelling and Collaborative Video

Tech Soup Blog

One of the most frequent questions I hear at events from nonprofit professionals in the field is how to coordinate teams to produce compelling media across offices, time zones and countries. Get your story ideas ready and RSVP for Nonprofits Live on February 8.

8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling


Amy DeLouise is a video director-producer who specializes in telling real people stories that help nonprofits and companies tell their brand story. 1 – Tell a Story. 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by 2020 (Cisco).

How to Sell Millennials on Your NPO [Video]

NonProfit Hub

News flash: Millennials don’t care about your nonprofit. Use pictures, videos and stories to illustrate the great work you are doing. What nonprofits need to realize is that… Millennials don’t care about you. So, what does this mean for nonprofits?

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Drive Attention and Gain Donations on Facebook with Video Storytelling

NonProfit Hub

Nonprofits have a unique advantage on Facebook. Communicating your nonprofit’s message through video on Facebook will maximize your reach more than any other form of content and help you reach the people that are passionate about your cause. What does that mean for your videos?

Get Help in Telling the Story of Your Nonprofit's Impact

Tech Soup Blog

We know that good stories power fundraising and marketing, so join one of our free events to discover powerful case studies and connect with digital storytelling experts in your community. The world is better when nonprofits can better tell their story.

Are Facebook Videos Dominating YouTube?


Let''s flashback to 2013 when Facebook announced in a blog post that they''d start autoplaying videos: Since September, we’ ve been testing a way to make videos more engaging on Facebook , and as a result we’ ve seen views, likes, shares and comments increase more than 10 percent. We’re beginning to test a similar video viewing format for advertisers. Brands posted 20,000 more videos on Facebook than they did on YouTube in December 2014.

Upcoming Webinar December 12: Sowing Stories from Your Community - Video Pre-Production

Tech Soup Blog

Before you push record on any video, there are some key steps you. should take to ensure your video will achieve the goals you set out for. From sowing the seeds of a good story from the community you plan to record and having thought-provoking questions in hand, to the need.

Awesome Video, Awful Sound? Record Audio Like a Pro

Tech Soup Blog

Video is one of the best ways to tell your nonprofit's story. It's four times more inspiring than static content, and by 2016, online video users will likely double to 1.5 Meet other nonprofit digital storytellers, and learn more about what makes an amazing video.

Audio 95

5 Creative Ways to Engage Supporters with Instagram Stories (With Examples)

John Haydon

Instagram Stories create an extra layer of visibility for your nonprofit – whenever you want that visibility. Like Snapchat, Instagram Stories last for 24 hours. And like Snapchat, stories are told in a series of pictures and videos.

The NonProfit Times - Incorporating Video:

AFP Blog

The NonProfit Times - The Leading Business Publication For Nonprofit Management: "Incorporating Video: The digital storytelling revolution for nonprofits By Jennifer Gilomen You’ve probably seen a lot of people in your field jumping onto the video bandwagon, producing everything from videoconferences to digital stories to podcasts.

Time 100

First-Ever Video Benchmarks Survey for Nonprofits


According to YouTube, 100 million people either like, share, or comment on videos every week. But what kind of a direct impact do these “social actions” really have especially for nonprofits? Are people who like or comment on these videos signing up for organization’s enewsletters, are they donating money, volunteering, taking an advocacy action? Of course nonprofit’s also witnessed the downside of the Kony 2012 video success.

112 Nonprofit Blog Posts, Articles, and Stories from 2013 You Can’t Miss.

Connection Cafe

And if the collection of resources and highlights below are any indication, a lot has happened in the nonprofit industry over the past 365 days. From #batkid to #GivingTuesday, the Next Generation of American Giving to Content Marketing for Nonprofits , storytelling to social fundraising, retention rates to relationship building, the roundup below covers it all (and everything in between). So what’s a nonprofit to do? bonus: she includes video and slides}.

Story 219

Nonprofits Live: Social Video Recap

Tech Soup Blog

Following the first successful Nonprofits Live (NPLive) event on the Future of Fundraising , the second edition of TechSoup’s NPLive covered the topic of social video. Author of the recently published, The Future of Nonprofits , Dave Neff , best known as the founder of Lights.

Video 53

Video Storytelling Made Easy with Adobe Spark

Tech Soup Blog

An eye-catching opening, slick text animation, smooth transitions — these are all important elements of polished social videos. But what really makes a story shine is a strong, concise message, told in a way only your unique perspective and voice can.

Adobe 87

Guest Post: Facebook Video Tips from Non-Profit Marketers

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Is Facebook Live or posting videos part of your nonprofit’s strategy for 2018? Using a tool like Animato can make it easy for your nonprofit to create DYI videos, but to be successful you need to develop a strategy and use compelling storytelling.

Ratio 107

One of Your Most Powerful Marketing Tools is a Great Story

NonProfit Hub

You have a wonderful opportunity to convey your mission on your website through powerful stories about the people you impact. Here are four easy guidelines for writing a story that not only engages and inspires, but also supports the message you want the world to hear.

4 Tools to Help Any Nonprofit Tell Stories Online


Whether you are part of a nonprofit organization, an action campaign, a local community, or a school, you know that it is through stories you can showcase your work, change people's minds, inspire them to make change, or join you to make a difference.

Story 114

Nonprofit Videos Win Big In Tufts Contest- The NonProfit Times Feb 16, 2011

AFP Blog

Nonprofit Videos Win Big In Tufts Contest- The NonProfit Times Feb 16, 2011: "Nonprofit Videos Win Big In Tufts ContestSix nonprofit video took honors in the Tufts University contest 501c3: Capturing Change on Camera inaugural video competition. The idea was to promote nonprofits that help children and families and filmmakers who tell their stories through visual testimonials.The contest was

5 Nonprofits Using Instagram Video to Promote Campaigns

John Haydon

Since Instagram launched its new video service last week, users have shared 5 million videos on the network. Lots of nonprofits are rocking Instagram , and several of them have started experimenting with the new, 15-second video feature to tell their stories in a new way.

Five 2018 Political Campaign Trends that Nonprofits Should Use Too

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Although the election-year onslaught of political marketing can sometimes seem excessive, in many ways it is extremely effective and offers a unique example for nonprofits to follow. Nonprofits can utilize this approach in many ways.

Trend 65

Short-Form Stories Sizzle on Social Media


Nancy Schwartz, nonprofit marketing blogger , kicks off the series with Short-Form Stories Sizzle on Social Media. It’s really no surprise, given the nature of social media, that the best of the best tend to be short-form stories.

Story 101

How to use YouTube to enhance fundraising for your nonprofit (video)

John Haydon

In this Razoo interview , Allyson Kapin from RAD Campaign talks about the benefits of creating a video to enhance your online fundraising. Youtube Call to Action story telling video