50 Fascinating Philanthropy Stats

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At least that’s been my experience over the past decade working with nonprofit organizations. In that time, I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at over 200 nonprofit events and do a fair amount of writing about trends across the sector.

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10 Must-Know Stats About COVID-19 Donors

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have donated to a crowdfunding campaign benefiting a nonprofit within the last 12 months. have created a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign benefiting a nonprofit within the last 12 months. of COVID-19 donors also donated to a nonprofit on #GivingTuesday 2019.

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82 Fundraising and Social Media Stats for Nonprofits

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Fundraising Stats. 53% of nonprofit staff who are extremely or somewhat satisfied in their current roles donate to the organization where they work ( World-Changing Work Report ). 29% of annual donation volume to nonprofits occurs from #GivingTuesday through the end of the year.

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10 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising

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The first “Donate Now” button was released in 1999 by Groundspring, a nonprofit founded by San Francisco-based Tides Foundation , and throughout the early 2000’s young Gen-Xer nonprofit professionals pioneered the use of “Donate Now” buttons.

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20 Insightful Nonprofit Technology And Social Media Stats


Some of the most current and meaningful stats about nonprofits and the digital realm, from sources such as Nonprofit Tech For Good , Waggener Edstrom , TechSoup , and the Artez Interactive. 59% of people donate after becoming a follower of a nonprofit’s social network.

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3 Alarming Stats About Nonprofit Content Marketing


The simple truth is, your nonprofit needs to be engaging in content marketing. Although it may seem saturated and you’re too late to the game, the fact is, it is an essential piece of a nonprofit’s marketing campaign. 92% of nonprofits use content marketing.

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4 Alarming Stats Regarding Your Nonprofit’s Mobile Site


If your nonprofit’s website is not optimized for mobile use, this extremely common situation could be costing your nonprofit donors, volunteers, and potential investors. Industry News Mobile Tech mobile Mobile Fundraising Mobile Technology nonprofit nonprofit technology technology

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5 Google Analytics Stats To Track Fundraising Success


Nonprofits know it’s a good idea to track their analytic, but its the next step they often have trouble with, knowing what to look for in those numbers and how to make sense of them. This could be from an article written about your nonprofit, from your social media accounts, or any other site.

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Prune that list STAT!

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Now in November I want you to read this case study put out by MarketingSherpa about how a nonprofit organization, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra , did the following: pruned its list WAY back by 95.9%. Author: Sally Heaven.

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5 Social Media Stats That’ll Help Your Nonprofit Understand Audiences


Marketers from the nonprofit sector and the for-profit sector alike are attempting to harness the power of social media to connect with these audiences. We’ve talked in the previous blog posts about the importance of mobile to your nonprofit’s digital content marketing future.

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5 Technology Stats From Over 500 Nonprofit Executives


shares an infographic from InfoGroup , identifying the nonprofit technology gap by surveying over 500 nonprofit executives to find out how they are using or not using technology to achieve their organization’s mission. Visual.ly

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3 Must-Know Stats about Gen Z Donors

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Often, nonprofits are spend time focused on cultivating Millennial support due to the immense impact this powerful generation has on the world. Want to learn more about how your nonprofit can engage with Gen Z supporters in a way that’s meaningful to them?

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5 Stats That’ll Change Your View Of Content Marketing Forever


Nonprofits over the last decade have further shifted their marketing efforts to the online medium. But, a lot of nonprofits have had a difficult optimizing their content marketing efforts, and struggled to see the benefits.

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15 Social Media Marketing Stats You Need To See To Believe


Social media marketing is a staple part of any nonprofit’s marketing campaign. Whether it is the centerpiece to a comprehensive content marketing platform, or just another way our nonprofit engages with the community, social media is a mainstay in the lives of almost every American. The post 15 Social Media Marketing Stats You Need To See To Believe appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology.

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7 Strong Stats About The Next Generation Of Donors


” Here are 10 stats to help you appeal to the next generation of givers. 70% don’t like getting spammed by nonprofits. 42% have donated to a nonprofit. Image courtesy of Griffins.

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Blogging Advice, Better Websites, and Email Marketing Stats

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and since you have an extra day to just do YOU… Check Out This Week’s Nonprofit Highlights. On npEngage, Chas Offutt boils down Exact Target’s list of 50 Email Marketing Tips and Stats for 2014 into 3 Key Takeaways. I can’t believe it.

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Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Surprising Twitter Stats, Content Creation, and Media Love for Your Next Event.

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I had the incredible priveledge of attending Hubspot’s Inbound Conference in Boston, where I heard encouraging words, inspiring talks, and transformative ideas about the changing face of marketing and what this means for companies, nonprofit organizations, and you and me.

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10 Social Media Stats You Need To Know


Because of all the uncertainty and danger, we’ve provided you 10 social media stats to help you conquer the social media frontier. Nonprofit Marketing Guide uncovers 50% of nonprofit communicators label social media as a “very important” communication tool.

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10 Random, but Interesting Stats About Online Donors Worldwide

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That said, below are 10 random, but interesting stats gleaned from the data thus far. 47% of online donors donate to nonprofits, charities, and NGOs based outside of their country of origin.

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14 Stats That Attach Fundraising, Social Media And Mobile Tech At The Hip


Social media, mobile technology, and fundraising are unequivocally attached at the hip in contemporary nonprofit marketing. Their combined capacity to connect donors to nonprofits worthy of help is shaping an all new way fundraising. a nonprofit raises $17. nonprofits on average.

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10 Content Marketing Stats That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop


Here are 5 stats that prove content marketing works, and 5 stats that prove traditional marketing techniques are a thing of the past. One of the biggest excuses we hear from nonprofits when they’re skeptical about content marketing is: “We don’t have a story to tell.”.

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20 Must-Know Fundraising and Social Media Stats

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Thus, in time for the year-end fundraising season, below are 20 stats about fundraising and social media that every nonprofit needs to know. billion people worldwide donated money to nonprofit organizations. For every 1,000 website visitors, a nonprofit raises $612.

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Latest Social Media Stats for #NonprofitRadio

Amy Sample Ward

Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio , a weekly online radio show that Tony hosts, is Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%. Trusted experts and leading thinkers join Tony each week to tackle the tough issues facing small-and mid-size nonprofits.

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The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup:Fascinating Stats, Tiny Changes, and Rhymes to Climb.

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Here are this week’s nonprofit highlights: We all do it. However your procrastinate, Beth Kanter’s 5 Methods for Avoiding Procrastination for Nonprofits will help you best maximize your time. 84% of nonprofit donation landing pages are not optimized for mobile.

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39 Social Media Stats from the 2019 Global NGO Technology Report

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The stats below represent 5,721 organizations from 160 countries. In addition to social media stats, the report also provides data for how organizations use web and email communications, online fundraising tools, productivity software, and emerging technology trends.

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15 Must-Know Fundraising and Social Media Stats

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The investment the early adopter nonprofits made into online fundraising technology and strategy in the late 1990′s and 2000′s is now finally starting pay off – especially if they have also invested into a smart, multichannel, integrated social media strategy.

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Roundup of 2009 Online Giving Stats

Robert Weiner

Convio released their 2010 Online Nonprofit Benchmark Study in March, based on results from nearly 500 clients. The Chronicle of Philanthropy's annual assessment of online giving came out in April, based on data from 176 of the largest nonprofits in the U.S.

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12 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising, Social Media, and Mobile Technology

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Now into the second quarter of 2017, three themes are taking shape that the nonprofit sector should be aware of. That said, below are 12 stats to consider and research further about online fundraising, social media, and mobile technology.

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16 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising and Social Media

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For every 1,000 fundraising emails delivered, a nonprofit raises $44. For Every 1,000 email subscribers, nonprofits have 355 Facebook follower, 132 Twitter followers, and 19 Instagram followers. 42% of nonprofits use WordPress as the Content Management System for their website.

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What do web stats mean, anyway?

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology What do web stats mean, anyway? September 17, 2007 There is an interesting discussion happening between Holly Ross, soon to be ED of NTEN, and Allan Benamer , about web statistics, and whether or not nonprofits should be “transparent&# and publish their web statistics. You can’t control web site stats.

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Exact Target’s 50 Emailing Tips and Stats for 2014 Reduced to Three Key Takeaways

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That’s why I took Exact Target’s fantastic list of 50 Email Marketing Tips and Stats for 2014 and boiled it down to three key takeaways for nonprofits. I love a good list and, I suspect you do, too. However, even the best of lists can sometimes feel a little long. My top three takeaways (in bold) supported by Exact Target’s list include: Don’t fret the small stuff.

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Raising Money Using Social Media: Five Ways to Support Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers

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In 1860, the Pony Express was the fastest means to communicate from coast … Benchmarks & Stats Event Fundraising Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Social / Mobile benchmark Friends Asking Friends Social Media Social Media for Nonprofits

10 Technology Adoption And Success Stats From Nonprofits


Did you know that small nonprofits have an average 1.26 IT staff members , and that larger nonprofits average 8.56 ? Check out these other compelling statistics: Over 75% of the leading nonprofits are engaged in tech planning and adoption.

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The npENGAGE Fall Magazine is Here!

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And on the topic of using numbers in a meaningful way, don’t miss 50 Fascinating Philanthropy Stats. This new online feature brings together 50 key stats on giving performance, donor characteristics, and more from reputable sources across the sector.

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DOL Releases Disability Employment Stats for January

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The SocialPath The Vertex Systems Newsletter Skip to content Home ← What is the Strategic Value of New Nonprofit Software? Tax Tips for Disabled Taxpayers → DOL Releases Disability Employment Stats for January Posted on February 4, 2011 by vertex | 1 Comment The U.S.

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14 Must-Know Stats About Fundraising, Social Media, and Mobile Technology

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Spring is report season in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofits that have not yet adopted a mobile-first approach to online communications and fundraising can use the new data to help convince executive staff and board that a new mobile-compatible website should be high on their priority list.

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2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Reveals Surprising Stats


When we started analyzing the results of this year’s study, the nonprofit world was still licking its wounds from 2009. Thanks to Allyson for inviting me to guest post.

12 Must-Know Stats About Social Media, Fundraising, and Cause Awareness

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Until recently the nonprofit pioneers of the Social Web had to mostly rely on their intuition that their social media campaigns were resulting in more dollars raised online, an increase in brand and cause awareness, and higher rates of volunteer recruitment and retention.

4 Reasons For Nonprofits To Go Mobile Or Go Home


Your nonprofit’s audience is using the latest and greatest technology, providing new opportunities to reach potential donors and volunteers on multiple devices. Mobile Mobile Fundraising Mobile Technology nonprofit research smartphone statistics stats tablet

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How to Find a Nonprofit Job After Election Day


The end of the campaign trail is in sight and while it’s hard to think much about anything besides GOTV stats and your campaign team’s eventual glory on November 4th, you can’t help but think: What’s next? organizer campaigner nonprofit jobs

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12 Demographic & Technology Trends Changing the Nonprofit Sector Worldwide

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As the social conscience of globalization, the nonprofit sector needs to contemplate future challenges and adjust their programs accordingly – and to inspire the next generation to tackle these challenges, nonprofits need to also understand how Gen Z uses technology.

11 Donation Form Optimization Stats You’ll Wish You’d Known Yesterday [INFOGRAPHIC]

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But sadly, so many nonprofits are doing it all wrong. 15 Techniques Used by Top Nonprofits to Boost Donor Acquisition and Online Fundraising Results. 11 Donation Form Optimization Stats You Need to Know.

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11 Must-Know Stats About How NGOs Worldwide Use Internet Technology

Nonprofit Tech for Good

A collaborative research project by the Public Interest Registry and Nonprofit Tech for Good, the 2016 Global NGO Online Technology Report is based upon the survey results of 2,780 NGOs from Africa, Asia, Australia & Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America.

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