Meet the Nonprofit Hero Behind the Hardware: Charles Brennick

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The winner of this year's award is Charles Brennick, the founder and executive director of the nonprofit refurbisher InterConnection. Charles Brennick founded InterConnection 17 years ago to donate websites to nonprofits in developing countries. Paying His Nonprofit Dues.

Reimagining the Power of One Billion Dollars

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Self-assessment for the poor : Empower the poor to improve their lives with a simple assessment tool, the Poverty Stoplight, invented in Paraguay that helps them assess their poverty with 50 simple questions with three pictures showing the possible answers. These ideas aren’t mine: they are the ideas that come to our team at Benetech , a Silicon Valley nonprofit technology company that I founded. “What would you do with a billion dollars to combat economic inequality?”

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Major Gift Fundraising: Facts and Opinions from a Recovering Fundraising Consultant

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is sharing his wisdom on developing a major gifts program at nonprofits. Santa Barbara in 1995 and then spent two years as Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay. Eligible nonprofits and libraries can request a special NOZA discount through the end of this week.

Authorized Entities Trusted Intermediaries

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This was first introduced (to my knowledge) in the Stakeholder's Platform discussions, which were the quickly ginned-up alternative option created in response to the original introduction at WIPO of the Treaty for the Visually Impaired ("TVI") by Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay (and now co-sponsored by Mexico). But, the burden of proof is not on the nonprofit agency, it's on the copyright holder making the complaint.