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Visit Zambia with LearnAsOne!

Amy Sample Ward

Steve Heyes, a colleague and founder of LearnAsOne , has just embarked on a great journey to Zambia and you’re invited! are headed to Zambia to document a community who doesn’t have a school, in as close to real-time as possible. Before they head home, they will train the local community and the NGO partner how to use a Flip video and digital camera so update can continue. Email the Zambia LearnAsOne team.

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Is There a Community of #Tech4Good Activists Waiting for You?

Tech Soup Blog

Peterborough, Ontario: Domains, Branding, and Identity — NGO,CA,ORG, and more. Lusaka, Zambia: Website Building and Designing Using WordPress for Nonprofits. Lusaka, Zambia: Social Media Surgery. TechSoup's NetSquared community of Tech4Good meetups is growing! As of January 25, there are 40,000 nonprofit members attending free tech networking events and workshops in 75 cities.

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Empowering Refugees: Interview with Kjerstin Erickson of FORGE

Have Fun - Do Good

He ended up running for about 1,500 miles all the way to Zambia, arriving with nothing but the clothes on his back, about 90 pounds, and showing up at a refugee camp where he knew nobody. He did his degree in NGO Management, and will be graduating this coming June. His idea is that he wants to recreate, in reverse, the walk that he made from Sudan all the way through Congo and into Zambia. Kjerstin Erickson is one of those people "shiny" people who lights up a room.

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