Splashcast: Nonprofits Using Videos for Social Change

Have Fun - Do Good

Check out this Splashcast I made of short videos made by nonprofits & NGOs who are using the social web for social change. You may not be able to see the Splashcast player in your feedreader and have to click through to the actually blog post. Marshall Kirkpatrick , who I know from NetSquared, now works for Splashcast and was nice enough to ask me to make one with a nonprofit theme for the Demo Conference. You can watch other Splashcasts here.

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Marshall Kirkpatrick, longtime Netsquared blogger, is now working with Splashcast also at DEMO 07 this week. Check out this splashcast channel with a nonprofit theme created by Netsquared Blogger, Britt Bravo. Cross-posted at NetsquaredThe offline wikipedia, Moulin. NpTech Themes Nptech Tag News: The NpTech Community site can be found at: [link]. Unthinkingly experiments with visualizing NpTech Tag data with Many Eyes.