Humanitarian OpenStreetMap helps Nepal earthquake response |

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Humanitarian OpenStreetMap helps Nepal earthquake response | : " One interesting effort has been from the crowdsourced mapping community, especially on, a free and open web map of the world that anyone can edit (think the Wikipedia of maps.) The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), an NGO that works to train, coordinate, and organize mapping on OpenStreetMap for humanitarian, disaster response, and economic development, has mobilized " 'via Blog this

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CharityBlog, A French N-TEN (Oui ou Non?), and NGO Meme

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I tagged John Howes of CharityBlog for Nancy White's NGO meme. Not too long ago, I also received another query from a colleague, Mary Joyce on behalf of someone in Nepal wanting to fundraise online. This leads me to why I tried to tag beyond my borders with the ngo meme. Sometimes seemingly unrelated events start to suggest a pattern. I'm not quite sure what this pattern is or if it exists. So, ramble along with me as I think outloud.and blog it.

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Office 365 Brings Remote Staff Together

Tech Soup Blog

This week on the Microsoft Citizenship blog , there's an interesting profile of Concern Worldwide , an NGO that fights poverty in 25 of the poorest countries in the world. Like Concern, Foundation Nepal has field workers in very remote areas with limited Internet access.

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NGOMeme -- the folks I'm tagging

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The ngo meme is: What are the five resources that you would recommend to anybody working in an NGO who wanted to know about information management and technology but didn't know where to start. Here's the folks that I'm tagging for this NGO meme and perhaps can broadened the resources beyond US borders.

How to Develop a Cloud-Based Integrated IT System: ENCLUDE in Ireland

Tech Soup Blog

This is a guest post by Eamon Stack, CEO of ENCLUDE , which is TechSoup's NGO partner organization in Ireland. Foundation Nepal: A Case Study. The charity was Foundation Nepal and typical of a mission driven charity, its founders (Nicky and Amber) were the two main movers in the organization. Foundation Nepal was founded five years ago after Nicky and Amber went on a visit to Nepal. Why did Foundation Nepal find themselves in an ICT cul-de-sac?

Youth Programs Benefit from Microsoft Donations

Tech Soup Blog

How One NGO Serves 70,000 Children. This is an NGO that is relies heavily on good communication and effective project management. I did a post a few weeks ago on youth programs in TechSoup Global's new Local Impact Map and decided I hadn’t covered this resource nearly enough.

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How Drones Are Being Used to Benefit Humankind

Tech Soup Blog

After the recent Nepal earthquake , the Canadian nonprofit, GlobalMedic , flew drones over the affected areas to create 3D maps of the worst-hit zones. Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are one of the most surprising technologies for good.