Interesting Uses of Technology: Virtual Libraries in Second Life

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She is using the virtual media capabilities in Second Life , among others, to navigate her continued research. Success in Second Life. "Second Life libraries are examples of immersive learning environments ," explained Dr. Hill.

Second Life Do-Gooders

Have Fun - Do Good

Today I joined Second Life , a virtual 3-D world built by its residents. Like in January when Mia Farrow spoke in Second Life about Darfur at a virtual event sponsored by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's Committee on Conscience. Second Life nonprofit npsl

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Second Life and Alzheimer's Exhibit Coming to Second Life

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

There is so much happening in Second Life with nonprofits, educational institutions, museums, and libraries that it is hard to keep up. The amazing Wayne MacPhail has been helping the Alzheimer Society of Ontario and Second Life Library 2.0

Second Life: Issue Awareness Raising Campaigns

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

But wanted to capture some quick thoughts related to a couple of recent awareness raising activities taking place in Second Life or recently launched. I'm so grateful that other bloggers and colleagues like Rik Riel do such excellent coverage of what's happening in Second Life.

Nonprofits and Second Life and Other Games

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Blogger Wagner James Au who reports on Second Life is seated next to Susan.) The TechSoup Virtual Office at Second Life take by Jeska Linden. But can games like Second Life be a useful tool for social change? Technorati Tags: second_life , sl , secondlife

Jumping into Art in Second Life

Museum 2.0

When people talk about museum projects in Second Life and other virtual worlds, I'm often disappointed by the short-sightedness of the vision. But imagine the possibilities for a museum to take an iconic painting or artifact and create a 3D version of it for visitors to wander.

Your Questions about Second Life?

Museum 2.0

When Sibley decided to start a Second Life -focused business last year, I thought he was nuts. I now believe in Second Life, not as a game environment, but as a new platform for social interactions with people, objects, and ideas. But now it seems evident that this is a great platform for long-distance, contemporaneous experiences--at concerts, ball games, museums, workplaces, reunions--of all kinds. What would YOU like to know about Second Life?

Metaverse Museum? Guest Post on Second Life and Museums by Sibley Verbeck

Museum 2.0

In January, I interviewed Sibley about the potential use of virtual worlds and Second Life by museums, but in the four months since then, the virtual world platform--and the hype around it--has exploded. Strictly speaking, Second Life isn’t Web 2.0. Museum 2.0.

Reflections on Mixed Reality Events in Second Life

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The live video feed was being streamed from the Netsquared gathering in San Francisco happening at the same time as the virtual gatherng in Second Life. Jeska Linden , Community Manager for Linden Labs, has the mike in her hand, while her avatar is behind the podium in Second Life.

A Second Life for nonprofits? | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) to Second Life (the virtual world with nearly 5 million “residents&# ). What are other nonprofits doing in Second Life? American Cancer Society raised $40,000 with a virtual walk-a-thon in Second Life. Second Life has a very helpful Non-Profits Wiki page with all sorts of resources that are just begging to be explored. (I 3 Responses to “A Second Life for nonprofits?&#

Looking for Your Input: What Might Bring You to Second Life?

Museum 2.0

Dear Museum 2.0ers, As many of you know, I'm now working for The Tech Museum of Innovation on a new proje ct in which exhibit designers, fabricators, curators, and visitors from all over the world can hook up to develop exhibit concepts and virtual prototypes in Second Life.

Interview with Brooklyn Museum's Shelley Bernstein

Museum 2.0

Let’s say you wanted to find a model museum using Web 2.0 A place that does all this in the context of a fairly traditional collections-based museum. It’s the Brooklyn Museum. Tell me about the background for the Brooklyn Museum’s community web component.

The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop launches today!

Museum 2.0

This is not an analytical post (primarily); it's an announcement and invitation to join the new project I've been working on with The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA. I know that Second Life can be a clunky, frustrating experience.

Goodbye, Game Friday. Hello Open Source Museum.

Museum 2.0

My interest in gaming in museums was ignited by working on Operation Spy, an immersive, narrative, live-action game experience at the International Spy Museum, and fueled by the CSI:NY virtual experience. But last week, I took a new job with The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, working on a very different kind of project involving collaborative distributed exhibit design. The Open Source Museum project at The Tech is a grant-funded grand experiment.

Observations from The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop, Month 3

Museum 2.0

It's been awhile since I've shared the progress of The Tech Virtual , the web and Second Life-based virtual exhibit workshop that The Tech Museum of Innovation opened in December of 2007. Frankly, most people are just excited to imagine their vision coming to life.

Observations from The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop, Month 1

Museum 2.0

This week marks one month of live activity for the Tech Virtual Museum Workshop , a collaborative, online platform for exhibit development. In the long term, we're dedicated to this workshop being a place for museums to collaborate with one another, to pool creative resources to develop exhibits that can be implemented uniquely at different institutions. But museum folks, no matter how much we want to collaborate, don't move quickly.

Avoiding the Community Manager Superstar

Museum 2.0

Every time a colleague tells me her museum has just hired a "community person," a part of me cringes. And second, the communities they manage often become unhealthily centered on the managers' personalities and abilities, causing problems if those community managers ever choose to leave.

Groundswell Book Club Part 1: Listening

Museum 2.0

For many museums, visitor research--how people use the museum, navigate exhibits, and understand content--may be an equally important arena in which to adopt groundswell listening techniques. Most museums are not as large as the Exploratorium or the businesses covered in Groundswell.

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Game Friday: Games as Gateways to Open-Ended Experiences

Museum 2.0

This past Wednesday (October 24), CBS aired an episode of CSI: NY in which a killer uses Second Life to attract and hunt down her victims. question that plagues many newcomers to Second Life.

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Resource Roundup 12/21 | Idealware


worst practices when selecting a CMS Managing Digital Assets in US Museums ( RLG Digital News) A very meaty look at the use of digital asset management systems in museums , with case studies from the Met, the National Archive, and more.

Quick Hit: A Free Tech Tool for Exhibit Layout

Museum 2.0

And you definitely aren't setting foot in Second Life. You can even print out your design as a 3D model if you want a paperweight version of your future museum. Let's say you want to mock up an exhibition or event layout quickly to get a feel for the space.

There’s Something Sticky Here…

Museum 2.0

They’re building in a big and barely searchable virtual worlds like Second Life and they want to create content that hooks people in and draws them to come back again and again. Museums can’t be viral. So where should sticky live in the museum? Core Museum 2.0

Event Announcement: The Tech Virtual's First Exhibition opens June 4!

Museum 2.0

The exhibition I'm curating for The Tech Museum of Innovation is opening and we are hosting a summit on June 4 (in real life and in Second Life ) for museum professionals to discuss the process by which it was created. Did we breathe life into their aspirations?

(Not a) Game Friday: Virtual Worlds 101

Museum 2.0

Today, an interview with Sibley Verbeck (Hathor's his virtual name), founder/CEO of the Electric Sheep Company , which does experience design for real-world companies in virtual worlds including Second Life. Most museums already have websites. What’s the mission of the museum?

Community Exhibit Development: Lessons Learned from The Tech Virtual

Museum 2.0

On June 4, we opened The Tech Virtual Test Zone , a new 2000 sq ft gallery at The Tech Museum of Innovation featuring exhibits on the theme of art, film, and music that were originally developed in Second Life by a community of creative amateurs.

Machinima Festival and NTC Video Contest

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Museum of the Moving Image is hosting the 2006 Machinima Festival this weekend in NYC. Although I could participate via Second Life. Moderator: Carl Goodman (Deputy Director and Director of Digital Media, Museum of the Moving Image).

How Much Time Does Web 2.0 Take?

Museum 2.0

On Monday, David Klevan (from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum) and I spoke at the MAAM Creating Exhibitions conference about Web 2.0 and museums. framework, and David shared lessons learned from the huge range of projects the Holocaust Museum has initiated.

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Labor Day Thoughts: Getting Admin Staff on the Floor

Museum 2.0

It's Labor Day, and across the country, a working dichotomy is manifest in museums. For mostly practical reasons, museum staff offices have shifted over the last couple decades further and further from the public. You know what the museum's like.

NpTechTag Summary: Happy Thanksgiving and Geeky Gobble Gobble

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Tagging " Beneath the Metadata: Some Philosophical Problems with Folksonomy " has been making the rounds on various nonprofit technology lists, particularly in the library and museum communities. And, for a quick summary of recent Second Life stats, see here.

How I Got Here

Museum 2.0

Last week marked four years for the Museum 2.0 People--especially young folks looking to break into the museum business--often ask me how I got here. Ed Rodley recently wrote a blog post about museum jobs entitled "Getting Hired: It's Who You Know and Who Knows You."

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What's a Virtual Visitor Worth?

Museum 2.0

Every museum has a number for its operating cost per visitor. Most museums don't strategically set this number--too many operating costs are fixed by building needs--but they can use it to assess how expensive each visitor interaction is and evaluate the efficacy of programs. $5.33.

The One-Look Virus and Immersive Environments for Teaching and Learning

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

These posts have sparked some thoughtful reflections, from a folks on the Second Life Educator's List and I'm going to quote and summarize a few: The Second Life Doubter's Club. Why did these and others fail and why is Second Life really pointing the. " Nesson writes: my first visit to second life would have been one time, if that,without my daughter to lead me and hold me in. There was an article on ZDNet by Dana Garber on Second Life.

Construction Site Porn

Museum 2.0

I was reminded of this pleasure last night, when I came home to a group of Second Life builders working in our living room. They were working on a build collaboratively, with one person's computer hooked up to a digital projector, so Second Life was about 4x6 ft on our wall.

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Good Sharing v. Bad Sharing

Museum 2.0

There have now been a couple comments on this blog to the effect of: "Visitors already create content in museums through their thoughts and social interactions." The most immediate place to start sharing is with the people with whom you came to the museum. Give people tools to interact socially while in the museum. We're going to talk about ways to bring the same thinking to museums. Post Secret in museums? Sending mail to strangers in museums?

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"Professional Associations that Don't Suck"


As you know I am a huge fan of Nina Simon , who pens Museum 2.0. Lindy and I finally got to meet her last week (we're doing a pre-conference workshop with her for WebWise 2009 , a techy conference for museum and library folks in DC), and it was instant connection. We discussed a variety of ideas from book clubs to Second Life meet-ups to exhibition critiques. There are also the “perks”—the magazine, free admission to museums—which enhance learning.

See You at the Igloo: The Power of Club Penguin

Museum 2.0

When I talk with museum people about virtual worlds, the conversation usually centers on Second Life. But Second Life isn't the biggest, and it isn't the fastest growing. Club Penguin is subscription-based and purely on the web; Webkinz requires the purchase of a plush toy (with an active virtual life). These virtual worlds are, as one father put it, "the cuddly G-rated version of Second Life." So what does this mean for museums?

Trust Me, Know Me, Love Me: Trust in the Participatory Age

Museum 2.0

Museums (and libraries) are trusted sources of information. Books are a distant second at 61%, and a majority of Americans find print and broadcast media and the Internet to be not trustworthy." It's great that museums are a trusted source of information.

Professional Associations that Don't Suck

Museum 2.0

I had dinner last week with some excellent folks from the board of NAME , the National Association for Museum Exhibition, a standing professional committee under AAM (American Association of Museums). Candy 'n COOL KIDS MIX Originally uploaded by Blazenhoff.

The Birth of a Field: Digital Media and Learning

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

That's my avatar, I'm live blogging from Second Life. This morning I attended the MacArthur Foundation Digital Learning briefing that was taking place at the Natural History Museum in NYC. It was opened up for question and answer both in New York and in Second Life.

NpTech Summary: VTvigils Online, Netsquared Announces 21 Featured Projects, and Happiness Hacking

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Social Media and Nonprofits Anshe Chung Studios in China has been quietly building a Second Life space, managed by TechSoup, for non-profits. However, some nonprofits feel that Second Life is a waste of time and resources.

Women in Nonprofit Technology Who Rock: Adding to Fast Company's Most Influential Women in Technology List

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Susan Tenby is the community manager at TechSoup responsible for their Second Life efforts. is the author of the popular Museum 2.0 Blog that covers how museums are using social media. In December, Fast Company published an article called " The Most Influential Women in Web 2.0 " featuring about a dozen amazing women who work in the Web 2.0 world. The list included BlogHer founders Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins, and Lisa Stone.

The Wildness in the Corner: A Discussion with Jason Nelson

Museum 2.0

The interview includes stories about some of his projects, and a delving into questions about what makes viral content compelling, how to draw people into an uncomfortable environment, and ways that art--or museum content--can become more pervasive by being hidden in the corners of life.

Social Media 101 TweetChat Recap: Tagging

Tech Soup Blog

Check out TechSoup's Nonprofits in Second Life Delicious group page for an example of how multiple users can collaborate with social bookmarking. What Value Do Folksonomies Bring To The Online Museum Collection?