Community Science Workshops and Shared Authorship of Space: Interview with Emilyn Green

Museum 2.0

There are lots of great science museum resources, but not where these kids can walk after school. We received two rounds of NSF funding in the 1990s to expand. We received NSF funding for three years and then it cut off. For example, the Exploratorium is an extraordinarily participatory museum, but it''s not nearly as participatory as a Community Science Workshop. Any big museum has barriers and limitations to full community ownership.

NSF 31

In Support of Idiosyncrasy

Museum 2.0

People often ask me which museums are my favorite. It's not the extent to which they are participatory. I visit lots of perfectly nice, perfectly forgettable museums. In some cases, that's based on subject matter, as at the Museum of Jurassic Technology or the American Visionary Art Museum. Some are scrappy and iconoclastic, like the City Museum in St. Louis, whereas others are august stalwarts like the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.