Teens 4 Planet Earth Moves to Ning

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Recently, we relaunched an environmentally focused service learning program for the Wildlife Conservation Society on the Ning community platform. Teens for Planet Earth launched at the beginning of April (ok, I guess that isn’t so recent!) For this client and project, Ning was a perfect choice, offering both the out of the box community features that a teen audience would expect with enough customization to satisfy the needs of the organization.

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6 Fundraising Platforms That Have Disrupted Charitable Giving Forever

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6 Fundraising Platforms That Have Disrupted Charitable Giving Forever – Guest Post by Joe Waters. Eager to make my point, I polled my fellow Gen-Xers on which fundraising platforms have had the most disruptive impact on charitable giving since 2000. Here are the top six platforms, and two more that will continue the disruption of charitable giving. Disruptive Model: School Project Crowdfunding. Disruptive Model: Social Network.


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New Models for Community Partnerships: Museums Hosting Meetups

Museum 2.0

as physical analogs to virtual community platforms. Librarian Aaron Schmidt tells the great story of a game night of Dance, Dance, Revolution at his library in which a teen asked him: “Hey Aaron, can I go upstairs to grab a magazine and book to read?” I've long believed that museums have a special opportunity to support the community spirit of Web 2.0 People who engage deeply in any online community, whether a bulletin board or social networking site, want to meet in person.

Creating Jewish Connection with Harold Grinspoon Foundation + Salesforce

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As HGF’s investment into Jewish life has grown, so too has the need for a technology platform powerful and flexible enough to scale alongside the organization. Establishing a scalable data model to support rapid growth helped create a holistic understanding of HGF’s impact on communities.

Fundraising 101: Understand the Basics of Fundraising so You Can Fund Your Dream

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When you embrace this donor-based model of thinking about the needs and desires of your donors, fundraising gets easier. For a self-esteem program for teen girls : Showing every teen girl how awesome she is. For a self-esteem program for teen girls: Your gift of $18.25

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Meditations on Relevance, Part 3: Who Decides What's Relevant?

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Community First Program Design At the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History , we've gravitated towards a "community first" program planning model. Often, organizations adopt a service model that is strictly needs-based. While needs are important, this service model can be demeaning and disempowering. Here are two examples: Our Youth Programs Manager, Emily Hope Dobkin, wanted to find a way to support teens at the museum.

Associations: Solving the Skills Gap with Digital Credentials

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Competency Models: To some degree, many associations have already defined skill and competency models for their industry. Badging Platform: Credly. Badging Platform: Credly. Badging Platform: Credly. Badges are free for members to claim and AOTA encourages members to share their badges on social media platforms. Badging Platform: Acclaim. Badging Platform: OpenBadges. Badging Platform: OpenBadges.

Groundwire’s 10 Rules of Engagement


A theory of change is a roadmap, or logic model, which outlines a chain of events starting with your campaign activities or program work and leading, plausibly, to your desired goal. If you want a legislator to champion a piece of policy, or teens to help with trail maintenance, or commuters to use public transportation, it’s important to be explicit about what they get out of it. Use an engagement platform.

Creating Buy-In for a Data Culture at Your Nonprofit

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The top management of your organization helps to provide a role model by setting a meaningful example of how the rest of the staff should follow and embrace change. Whole Whale has been working with Power Poetry, the largest online platform for teen poets in the U.S., We were advertising on several different platforms, and instead of dividing our budget evenly and hoping for the best, we used analytics to continually check how different platforms were performing.

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Help P2P Fundraisers Meet & Exceed Their Goals

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your connection to soccer, teens, nonprofits, Classy, etc.). Your generous gift provides role models, health education, life skills, and linkages to health services to young people in Africa at a critical point in their lives.

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14 Top Nonprofit Websites to Inspire Your Organization

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This site encourages visitors to connect on other platforms by placing quick links to their Facebook and Twitter page in their navigation bar. Its rating platform allows suppliers to anonymously rate the purchasing practices of retailers.

Games for Change: An Interview with Darren Garrett of Littleloud


One of their key objectives is address issues that affect teens and give them some tools to negotiate them. To that end the broadcaster commissions direct to the web platform in order to reach that audience. They're an interesting model as they exist in a space between two forms and employ elements of both those forms: film and game.

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[VIDEO] Get More Grants with Donor Cultivation


And likewise, invite them to follow your social media platforms. Maybe it’s one of the teens that participate in the Girls and Boys Club after-school program, or maybe it’s an adult that has truly benefited from some of the healthcare services you provide.

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Participatory Design Vs. Design for Participation: Exploring the Difference

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I once worked on a project where the main goal behind our community-based participatory model was to make our exhibit process faster and cheaper. And that's a major monkey wrench in the standard models for how museums operate, staff, and fund their work. It was co-designed by staff across the Ontario Science Centre, teen co-conspirators, and visitors via a series of ingenious brainstorming and making exercises developed by Julie Bowen and her brilliant team. Pop quiz!

What I Learned From @Sree Sreenivasan Chief Digital Officer of @MetMuseum

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Later, when were chatting with a small group of people in the lobby, we noticed a group of teens walking by looking a little sad. The latter was modeled after how people like to watch videos on Netflix, releasing all episodes so people could “binge” watch the Met videos. ”We have more pilots than Jet Blue.” As an example, he showed an example of a Harvard page on giphy , a platform to share animated gifs – why would Harvard be there?

Openness Transforms the Nonprofit CRM Business | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

Pipes (1) Blackbaud , Convio , Kintera , Open API , Strategy , eCRM , mpower , salesforce.com And the Walls Start to Tumble Down, Open Platform/API/Source Free For All! 06.18.08 | 3447 24 Comments [link] And+the+Walls+Start+to+Tumble+Down%2C+Open+Platform%2FAPI%2FSource+Free+For+All%21 2008-06-18+06%3A24%3A09 Allan+Benamer Let’s go through some recent developments that have occurred over at Kintera, Convio and MPower. I would say the same thing about all platform CRMs.

Visitor Voices Part 3: Co-Creating and Control

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The Exploratorium's Nanoscape project, in which visitors and volunteers built giant walk-through models of nanoscale structures, had a different kind of impact; instead of displaying visitors' unique expressions of self, it displayed the power of collective action by visitors, harnessed by an institution. More experimental are the projects where the museum sets up a platform for visitor co-creation and then lets the visitors run with it.

The Ethics of AdBlock | Beaconfire Wire

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Some people have gone with paid content, but as I’ve argued in the past , this just isn’t a tenable model for most sites. Ads online are generally pretty cheap, unless you’re on a gigantic platform – while at Feingold, I recall doing a week-long blogad buy of every Democratic blog in Iowa.

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Backwards Interview: My Advice for Incorporation of Web 2.0 into Museums

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If you had one youth educator, would you expect them to develop and run overnights AND scout programs AND teen programs AND toddler programs AND outreach AND… of course not. Museums need to develop sustainable models for projects that require frequent content updates. While you may get some buzz just for using the technology platforms, the real power comes when you use Web 2.0 Most of the time this blog focuses on individual aspects of 2.0 thinking or applications.