Community Science Workshops and Shared Authorship of Space: Interview with Emilyn Green

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So the Community Science Workshop model is to put a drop-in, FREE community science center in a place that is walkable to kids'' lives and schools. We received two rounds of NSF funding in the 1990s to expand. We received NSF funding for three years and then it cut off. We''re really different from traditional science centers in our funding model. We have a few shining, beloved exceptions, but that''s not a significant part of our model at this time.

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It's not the extent to which they are participatory. Funders like the NSF have encouraged science centers in particular to share their techniques and evaluations, which is fabulous but also leads to rampant and sometimes unthinking imitation. Tags: children's museums design business models People often ask me which museums are my favorite. I don't like to give a list.