Understanding What Motivates Millennials to Give to Your NPO

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And now with millennials coming of age, many of us nonprofit professionals are working to understand their giving potential and, more importantly, how to tap into it. Don’t make people pinch and zoom in order to find your Donate button on their mobile device. “Wanna go to the mall?”.

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FastCoExist Features Mobile Commons Enroll

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FastCoExist has a great article about Mobile Commons Enroll, our new product that helps educate people about their health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act. Learn More About Mobile Commons Enroll. Mobile Commons Enroll: Reach, Educate, and Enroll the Uninsured.

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5 Examples of Great Mobile Calls to Action

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Your organization may have created the world’s greatest mobile campaign, but the real question is how are you going to get people to opt in? The first step to a successful mobile campaign is a great call to action.

3 Steps for a Successful Start to Your Mobile Campaign

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To get the best possible results from your mobile campaign, it’s important to start off on the right foot. The first few months are crucial in spreading the word about your campaign and building your mobile list. All Posts Blog Mobile Resources and Research Nonprofit npo Text Messages

Three Tips for Promoting Your Mobile Campaign at Large Events

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Big events and festivals are a great way to reach new subscribers, recruit volunteers, and offer exclusive rewards for opting in to your mobile list. Three Tips for Promoting Your Mobile Campaign at Live Events.

Mobile Commons Advocacy is Now Available in Spanish

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Today, Mobile Commons is releasing Spanish support for Mobile Commons Advocacy. Now clients can run their Mobile Commons Advocacy campaigns in English, in Spanish, or in both. More Mobile Commons Advocacy Features. Mobile Commons Advocacy Campaigns.

I’ll Text You! SMS For Your Nonprofit Organization

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The webinar covered how nonprofits can use SMS campaigns to engage their supporters with mobile. Visit our Mobile Commons for Nonprofits page to learn more about how your nonprofit can use text messaging campaigns to engage your supporters!

Three Features You May Not Know About That Can Supercharge Your Mobile Commons Advocacy Campaigns

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Earlier this month, we launched Mobile Commons Advocacy, a plug-and-play tool that makes it simple for organizations to drive phone calls to Congress and affect legislators’ opinions. But at Mobile Commons, we’re never satisfied with just “incredibly powerful and easy to use.”

Mobile Technology Impacts NPOs

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Technology is transforming our world and impacts everyone, including nonprofits. Mobile devices can do everything; from research, getting directions, receiving communications, to shopping online. Use Mobile to Raise Funds. Consider hosting an auction online , which allows you to reach out to donors anywhere in the world, even those using mobile technology. Use Mobile for Events. As an organizer, mobile phones can actually help you keep track of the event.

Three New Features Make Mobile Commons Advocacy Even More Powerful

Mobile Commons

Earlier this month, we launched Mobile Commons Advocacy, a plug-and-play tool that makes it simple for organizations to drive phone calls to Congress and affect legislators’ opinions. But at Mobile Commons, we’re never satisfied with just “incredibly powerful and easy to use.”

Sisters Get in on the Act and Use Mobile Commons Advocacy for Immigration Reform

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Social justice organization Nuns on a Bus kicked off a nationwide tour last month to raise awareness about the issue, and are using Mobile Common Advocacy to drive supporters to contact their lawmakers. Read More About Mobile Commons Advocacy Campaigns.

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5 Web Design Trends and How Your NPO Can Take Advantage

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This trend plays right into the hands of many nonprofit organizations. These kinds of sites are mobile-friendly—an important aspect of modern design that constantly needs to be kept in mind. Featured Nonprofit Web Design

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GigaOm Features Mobile Commons: “The Beauty of SMS Engagement”

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Sunday, GigaOm posted a long analysis of “the business of mobile democracy.” The article explores how mobile engagement is revolutionizing political campaigns. Mobile provides new ways to reach supporters, raise money, organize your ground operations, and streamline data collection. These mobile platforms promise to help campaigns reach constituents more effectively and conveniently than ever before. In 2016 mobile fund-raising may be the norm,” the article concludes.

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Advocacy Callers Can Press a Number to Connect to their House Representatives

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Mobile Commons Advocacy now lets your callers connect directly with the right House Representative by pushing a number on their keypad. When Mobile Commons Advocacy knows a caller’s zip code, but can’t match a House district, we give callers a choice. Mobile Commons Advocacy Campaigns.

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New Yorkers Find Out Where to Vote over Text Message

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Mobile Commons is launching a new polling place locator to ensure that New Yorkers can find their way to the polls on Tuesday’s election. In 2012, Mobile Commons helped 250,000 people find their polling place, even after Hurricane Sandy disrupted the election in New York and New Jersey.

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Sierra Club Sends a Mobile Alert to Keep Their Members Involved in White House Advocacy

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All Posts Blog nonprofit npo Text MessagesLast week, the Sierra Club held a call with White House staff about some of their most critical issues: wind and solar power. Calls like this are an important way to make an impact – and they become more powerful the more constituents get involved. To encourage maximum participation from their base, the Sierra Club sent a text message to their supporters on the day of the call.

A Tale of Three NPO Facebook Apps | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

Imagine a holiday campaign where users saw their feed full of donations their friends were making to NPO’s – it’s much more visible than an email gift, and gives you passalong value without even requiring them to enter friends’ email addresses.

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CREDO Mobile Lets Users Text to Find a Rally – And a Ride to Get There

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The activist mobile provider, CREDO Mobile , set up an SMS program to help people find a rally close to them, and then find a ride to get there, no matter where in California they lived. Credo’s first step was a mobile campaign that allowed people to text in their location and receive back details on the nearest rally. Questions: ca-fresno@marriageequality.org -CREDO Mobile & Courage Campaign. Blog nonprofit npo Use Cases

Podcast: No Kid Hungry Explains How Text Messaging Connects Families to Free Lunches

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The real power of mobile isn’t in mobile web pages or applications – it’s in text messaging. Interested in starting your own mobile campaign? Blog Nonprofit npo Success Stories Successes Text Messages Use Cases

United We Dream Uses Texting to Turn 3 Voices into Thousands

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During their trip, United We Dream used SMS to mobilize their supporters to call their legislators. It’s easy to start to build your mobile list. Then, when you need to get yourself noticed, you can send a message to your group’s supporters, mobilizing them.

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Jewish Federations of North America Use Text-to-Pledge to Raise Thousands of Dollars in a Crisis

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Mobile messaging can be a powerful way to raise money quickly. It’s simple to make a direct appeal to your entire mobile list, and easy for your supporters to give. But when most people think about mobile giving, they think of text-to-give. All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo

6 Simple Ways to “Text Out The Vote”

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With a close election in less than two months, it’s a crucial time to mobilize your base. We wanted to share 6 simple ways a mobile campaign can help drive your constituents to the polls. Research shows that a mobile campaign can drive voter turnout at a significantly lower cost/vote than any other medium ($1.56/vote, compared to phone calls at $20/vote). 5) Create a mobile voter’s guide . All Posts Blog Mobile Resources and Research nonprofit npo

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Why Nonprofit Branding Goes Beyond Your Name and Logo

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Establishing a brand identity includes not only what people see in a logo, but also what people think about when your NPO comes up in a water cooler conversation. Sure, another NPO may have a similar cause, but they will never have the same personality.

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Use Text Messages to Give Michael Sam a Virtual High Five

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Having a mobile campaign means that when your issues break, you can be ready to go. For more ideas or insights, contact your mobile strategist, or email info@mobilecommons.com. All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo Use Cases

Voto Latino Keeps New Yorkers Informed About Their Health Care Options

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Contact your mobile strategist, or email info@mobilecommons.com , to discuss the best ways you can be prepared for any unforeseen complications. All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo Text Messages Use Cases When circumstances change quickly, SMS can keep people informed.

CWA Uses Text Messages to Rally Their Members with Real-Time Updates

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Union Privilege Helps Union Members Buy Union-Made Goods, Through Text Message and the Mobile Web. All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo Text Messages Use Cases

Brooklyn Recovery Fund Turns a Nets Game into a Chance to Support Sandy Victims

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The Brooklyn Recovery Fund is using a new text campaign to turn mobile donations into a mobilized community in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The call to action at the sports arena was the perfect way to tap into the immediacy of mobile.

Western New Yorkers Fight Air Pollution Can Fight Air Pollution Over Text

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Niagara-region citizens are breathing easier thanks to a series of new mobile messaging campaigns to fight air pollution from Grow 716 , the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo , and the Clear Air Coalition of Western New York. All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo Use Cases

AARP Kicks off National Tour with Text Message Alerts

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As the election heats up this year, we’ll expect to see lots more politically motivated mobile campaigns – like get-out-the-vote efforts and even mobile campaign donations. All Posts Customer News nonprofit npo Use Cases Why Mobile CommonsThe AARP is heading out on its nationwide You’ve Earned a Say bus tour to give seniors a voice in the upcoming election. And they’re using text to spread the word.

The New York Times Loves DoSomething’s Crisis Text Line

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So many powerful and amazing things are coming out of this program, and Mobile Commons is incredibly honored to partner with and support DoSomething.org on such an important project. All Posts Blog Customer News Nonprofit npo Our Products Press Use Cases

Tips for a Great Holiday Campaign

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Here are a few simple ways you can use mobile to optimize your year-end campaign and make the most of this holiday season. Inspire your mobile subscribers with a story themed for theholiday season. Use mobile to cut through the clutter, and improve your year-end donations. Make it easy for your users to give, straight from their mobile phones. Use mobile as a distribution platform to spread your message. Have you started planning your year-end campaign yet?

Innogive Conference Panel Resources: Mobile is the Needle, Social is the Thread

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Mobile is the Needle, Social is the Thread: How Information Today is Woven Into Our Lives. “ Mobile is the Needle, Social the Thread ” is the name of a presentation from Pew Internet data that illustrates the rapid growth of mobile connectivity and social networking in the U.S.,

St. Jude Uses Text Messaging to Take their Video Viral

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Jude sent out a text message broadcast to their mobile list containing a link to the video. Anyone with access to the mobile web could simply click the link and view the video on their phone – and then pass the message on to their friends.

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WNYEA Celebrates Earth Day with a Text Message Petition for a Cleaner Community

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Want to get started on your own mobile campaign? All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo Success Stories Text Messages Use Cases

Rep. Zoe Lofgren Praises Anti-SOPA Campaign: “Thousands and thousands of people called in. The bill was inevitable until it became unthinkable.”

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Over half a million people used Mobile Commons to call their Congressional representatives. Watch This Video About Mobile Commons Advocacy. About Mobile Commons Advocacy. Read More About Mobile Commons Advocacy. They’re Fans of Mobile Commons Advocacy.

SMS Helps Anglers Eat Just the Healthiest Fish And Throw Back the Rest

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All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo Use Cases Fishermen are always going on about the size of their catches, but a new SMS program helps Buffalo-area freshwater anglers make sure that their catches—big and small—are safe to feed their families.

Working America Drives Local Action with Targeted Text Messages

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So Working America uses locally targeted mobile outreach to make sure they’re sending their messages to only the people who care about them. Mobile outreach can also help connect local communities of supporters. All Posts nonprofit npo Use CasesWorking America is a national organization that represents working families on a wide variety of issues. Some of those issues are national. But some – from unemployment in New Mexico to union rights in Ohio – are highly local.

HRC Creates a Text Message Quiz Timed to the Presidential Debates

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It was an amazing way to use mobile services to educate and inform people about HRC’s concerns and mission, and how that connects to the current political atmosphere – not to mention encouraging them to vote. All Posts Blog nonprofit npo Use Cases

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Sierra Club Uses SMS Campaign to Map Environmental Support

Mobile Commons

Contact your Mobile Commons account strategist for more information. All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo Use Cases

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Charities Use SMS to Raise Funds and Help Tornado Victims Rebuild

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According to an article in the Mobile Commerce Daily , Nonprofits traditionally rely on mobile to raise money during natural disasters because it is an instant way to connect with a large group of consumers through a device that they most likely have within reach.

St. Jude Uses Text Messages to Boost Event Turnout and Participation

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Furthermore, because of the flexibility of the Mobile Commons platform, the St. We deployed text messages using the Mobile Commons system in real-time,” said Avola. “So All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo Success Stories Use Cases

Nonprofit Quarterly Features the “Elegant Simplicity” of Text Messaging

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Today the Nonprofit Quarterly published an article that highlights mobile as “a simple, inexpensive way for nonprofits to reach their constituents” – and features the work of Mobile Commons and our customers. Fundraising is always forefront on a nonprofit’s mind, but engagement that leads to sustained donations is really what nonprofits want—not necessarily just the one-time emergency.’ ”. All Posts Blog nonprofit npo Press

Buffalo’s Young Preservations Use SMS to Preserve Local History

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By launching this campaign, BYP is using the simplicity and ubiquity of text messaging to mobilize citizens to make a difference in their communities. All Posts Blog Nonprofit npo Use Cases