White Hat SEO Techniques

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It is a way of cheating, and shortcuts they are using have benefits, but these websites won’t be supported as ones that use White Hat techniques. There aren’t just a few UX techniques you can implement there are many you should consider when making a website.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 96: Innovative Techniques for Engaging Advocates

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He also gives tips on how to identify people likely to take action on your cause and how to decide which methods of engagement to experiment with. How to determine what new engagement methods your organization should try.

Basic Facilitation Techniques for Nonprofits

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There are a lot different styles, philosophies, and techniques for facilitating groups of people. Check out the International Association of Facilitator’s Method database which contains more than 500 entries. That’s why I love looking and testing different methods.

Methods for Facilitating Innovation in Nonprofits

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The curriculum was based on their “ Innovating for People ” design methods recipe book and “ taxonomy for innovation.” Understanding: Methods for Analyzing Challenges and Opportunities. Making: Methods for Envisioning Future Possibilities.

5 Methods for Avoiding Procrastination for Nonprofits

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I found this wonderful comic on Mashable “ The Field Guide to Procrastination ” that identifies 12 different methods for work avoidance or procrastination, defined in Wikipedia as “ putting off tasks for a later date.” What is your method?

Method 142

Methods and Metrics for Assessing Civic Tech

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Methods and Metrics for Assessing Civic Tech, Guest post by Anne Whatley, Network Impact.

Method 130

7 Techniques for Event Fundraising Success


The seven event fundraising techniques or “best practices&# described here emerged from analyzing data and interviewing nonprofit event and development staff. Register for our monthly Event Fundraising eNewsletter to receive more practical fundraising tips like these in your inbox.

How To Simplify Content Promotion with the Twitter Leapfrog Method


Here’s the full article reprinted by permission – would love to know if anyone is using this Twitter Leapfrog Method or anything similar. “ 25 Experts Share their Top 25 Content Marketing Trends for 2017 )”), and step-by-step techniques (ex.

Five Engagement Techniques for Online Learning


As educators themselves, Maddie and Lindy have methods your subject matter experts can use, along with ideas for integrating social tools into your webinar platform and instructional design. Five Engagement Techniques for online webinars from SocialFish.

Nonprofit Innovation Toolkits: Methods To Invent, Adopt, and Adapt Ideas to Deliver Better Results

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Lucy Kimbell: Social Design Menu Method.

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Data Visualization Techniques for Those Who Can’t Draw

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” This is a common theme for those interested in incorporating visualization techniques. The presentation also notes that it is important match methods to the audience and their learning style. The styles are: head, heart, and hand.

What can nonprofit technology trainers learn from the social work field to improve their training techniques?

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Here’s a few frameworks and techniques I learned first hand from Nancy as she accompanied me to the sessions I was leading. It is about simply learning how to use a new tool or technique.

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Lean Impact Series: 10 Changemakers Using Lean Startup Methods For Greater Social Impact

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The ideas and techniques in Lean Start Up movement also work for nonprofits and what some are calling “ Lean Impact.” 10 Changemakers Using Lean Startup Methods For Greater Social Impact by Meg Rulli. Is Your Nonprofit Using Lean Start Up Methods for Lean Impact?

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Trainer’s Notebook: Finding Inspiration and New Ideas for Facilitation Techniques

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I always learn something from his participatory style, humor, and techniques. Here’s a few things I learned. My colleague, Dirk Slater , has written about how he applies Gunner’s techniques in his own technology/activist trainings.

A Pyramid of Online Communication Methods


But for most nonprofits, especially smaller ones, doing more of one method means doing less of another, meaning that the decision as to what you do, and not just how you do it, is a critical one I would propose the following "Online Communications Pyramid" (this is from a slide that's in both our Online Communications on a Shoestring and our Considering Social Media seminars). I've been thinking a lot recently about how nonprofits should divide their time spent in online communications.

The Definitive Collection of Idea Generation Methods

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Here's a collection of group creative problem-solving techniques catalogued by UK consultant Martin Leith. Leith also has another site about large group intervention methods , including a description for open-space technology approach Some of these might be appropriate for small group activities in a training for brainstorming new ideas related to the topic of the training. Here's a classic - brainstorming on post-it notes.

Usability Testing Techniques: What works? What doesn’t?

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There are a growing number of tools and techniques that we at Beaconfire have used, including: web-based card sorting to learn how your audience groups and labels content. Do low-cost, rapid methods produce the same results as traditional usability testing studies? User testing techniques in the ring. When it comes to evaluating the effectiveness of your website, usability testing is one of the most eye-opening steps you can take.

The Biggest Digital Fundraising Trends of 2018 (And How To Use Them This Year)

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Rapid technological developments over the past few years have left many nonprofit professionals scrambling to stay up-to-date with the newest tools and techniques without wasting time and money on passing fads.

Trend 63

Nerd, Geek, and Gear Herding: Technical Management Techniques for Managers


By Grant Howe, VP Research and Development, Sage Nonprofit Solutions I've been asked to present a session at the 2011 Nonprofit Technology Conference on "Technical Management Techniques for Managers". When faced with a severe technical crisis -- think mail server down, fried DB server, website hacked -- it's important to approach the situation methodically and in an organized manner.

Upcoming Webinar: 9 Creative & Effective Engagement Tools & Techniques | Beaconfire Wire

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05/17/2010: Method Tweeting: Act I Updates in Your Inbox Beaconfire at Play More of Beaconfire Bloggers photos www. We’ve all been called to action by these popular techniques a million times–and while they continue to work, there is so much more we can do to gain and keep the attention of supporters. Join Michael Cervino and Ali Cherry on May 15th for an online webinar on “9 Creative and Effective Engagement Tools and Techniques.&#

Beautiful Web Fonts Part 1 – The Flash Method

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In this post, I’ll talk about sIFR, or “Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR),&# named for Shaun Inman, the pioneer of the technique. Basically, this method relies on javascript and Flash to replace plain old HTML text with the same text in a small Flash file during the loading of the Web page in your browser. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to this , as with any, technique. Beautiful fonts are one of the holy grails of Web Design.

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The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


Examples include goals for implementing new fundraising channels or techniques, top prospects you hope to engage, check-in points along your timeline, and any limitations that could keep you from adjusting the plan as necessary to account for challenges that arise.

Guide 110

3 Design Thinking Facilitation Resources for Nonprofits

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I learned so much about the taxonomy of innovation and really practical techniques, that I took the facilitation training. I started incorporating facilitating design labs as well as the techniques into my training practice ever since.

12 Key Digital Engagement Trends from the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Report


Combining both content marketing techniques and digital advertising tools has delivered value to nonprofits. While social media platforms are in constant evolution, nonprofits are learning to innovate and experiment with engagement techniques for advocacy and fundraising. We can’t stress enough the importance of improving messaging, photos and call-to-action on donation pages, and reducing friction by any means, such a pre-filling fields and other donation automation techniques.

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


Learn best practices and the latest techniques and technologies to meet your greatest challenges. At this year's AASP Summit, presenters will focus on cutting-edge technology and business methods using case studies.

5 Killer Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Crowdfunding Campaigns


Today, crowdfunding is a viable fundraising method that can be successfully utilized by nonprofit organizations as well as individuals. When crowdfunding campaigns are run correctly, nonprofits see their fundraising results catapult far beyond old-school techniques.

Trainer’s Notebook: Facilitating Brainstorming Sessions for Nonprofit Work

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Looking for new techniques to add to your facilitator’s toolbox? I’ll be sharing tips and techniques on how to generate ideas or “brainstorming” techniques. When To Use Brainstorming or Idea Generation Techniques in Training.

How to Use Design Thinking to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Digital Strategy

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We used some Human Centered Design techniques from their “ Innovating for People ” design methods recipe book. It was the most stimulating web platform strategy session that I have ever experienced! Understanding: Methods for Analyzing Challenges and Opportunities.

Design 142

Social bookmarking PR requires sustained community participation | Beaconfire Wire

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05/17/2010: Method Tweeting: Act I Updates in Your Inbox Beaconfire at Play More of Beaconfire Bloggers photos www. sites and marketing techniques influence everyone?? There are two laborious methods that work, and one quick and easy way that doesn??t. organizing techniques. Skip to content Clients Services Portfolio About Us Contact Blog Home > Blog Recent Posts 07/16/2010: The Wisdom of the Old Spice Man 07/12/2010: Is your online campaign going to succeed?

Online activism wins another one | Beaconfire Wire

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05/17/2010: Method Tweeting: Act I Updates in Your Inbox Beaconfire at Play More of Beaconfire Bloggers photos www. Thomas Friedman writes about Environmental Defense and NRDC ’s success in using online tools & techniques to fight TXU (big Texas power company) from building 11 “coal-fired, CO2-belching power plants&#.

A Second Life for nonprofits? | Beaconfire Wire

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05/17/2010: Method Tweeting: Act I Updates in Your Inbox Beaconfire at Play More of Beaconfire Bloggers photos www. Posted Monday, March 19th, 2007 at 6:06 pm by Lynn (39 posts) Beaconfire’s constantly thinking about new technologies and techniques for outreach to our client’s advocates, donors, volunteers, staff, etc.

Stop Days: The Secret To Nonprofit Productivity

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One method for individuals is to schedule “ power hours ” by putting your planning/quiet time in your calendar and focusing on a key task.

My Notes from Next Generation Evaluation Meeting

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The opening keynote by Hallie Preskill, Managing Director, FSG talked about the trends setting the stage for new evaluation methods, but also cautioned that these methods would not replace traditional methods. There deep dive sessions for each method.

How to Blend SEO and Creativity for Influencer Marketing?

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First of all, you need to know about White hat SEO technique that is used by many companies. It is illegitimate method that includes keyword stuffing, hidden links or text that misguides the users and redirects to those websites which they don’t intend to browse.

5 Important Tips for Writing Donor-Focused Emails

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Use the Inverted Pyramid Technique. When you’re writing emails (or for online), the opposite method works best: you want to make your point first, then follow it with supporting details. This is known as the inverted pyramid technique.

email 219

5 things nonprofits can learn from Wikipedia’s online fundraising campaign

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Wikipedia supports donations in more than 70 different currencies and 16 payment methods. According to Wikipedia, “tests were run in each country to optimize for the local currency, ask amounts, payment methods and language variations.”

Teaching with Tech: The Incredible—and Inevitable—Evolution of the Digital Classroom

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Additionally, onlineschoolscenter.com notes that there’s been a meteoric rise in the “gamification” of learning, which “applies mechanics and design techniques that help motivate us to achieve our goals.”

Trainer’s Notebook: The Digital Nonprofit: A Participatory Workshop

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The session kicked off with a Spectragram exercise involving the full group. I learned this technique from Allen Gunn from Aspiration over ten years ago at 2007 Penguin Day. Others have also documented and used the technique or taught others how to do it.

Ten Books for Every Nonprofit Professional’s Reading List

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3) The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future by Ryder Carroll. I’ve been a huge fan of bullet journal methods for many years ever since I discovered the Bullet Journal Notebook created by Ryan Carroll.

Resources for Measuring What Matters

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The deck and blog summarizes some key points and methods from three resources: A lot of what we shared was drawn from three resources that we’ve found valuable in our work. What methods are you using?

Guest Post by Martin Djupdraet: Let the Decision Makers Do the Audience Research

Museum 2.0

I was impressed by his commitment to putting visitors first - and his technique for inviting more of his colleagues to do so as well. Interacting with visitors and engaging their emotions is a method used by many museums.

Importance of digital media marketing

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As a result more and more customers are searching online for the products and services that they need which has reduced the importance of traditional advertising, newspapers, yellow pages and other traditional methods of marketing and advertisement.

Digital Promotion Strategies (That Get First Page Results Fast)

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Value proposition – Here I’m using a broken link building technique with the promise of providing a list to help webmasters fix URLs that aren’t redirecting properly.