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Elevating Latino Voices: How Nonprofits Can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

The Modern Nonprofit

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes Elevating Latino Voices: How Nonprofits Can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month From the rhythmic cadence of salsa music to the inspiring tales of pioneers who’ve blazed trails in fields as diverse as literature, science, and politics, the Latino community has enriched the American mosaic in countless ways.

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The voice and vision of the volunteer

ASU Lodestar Center

These limitations can be decreased if nonprofits embrace the voice and vision of the volunteer. His plan is to combine the awards into a high-quality community mentoring resource in one of Nashville’s least developed communities. CEOs in the nonprofit sector are often considered visionaries who chart the voyage of the organization.


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How Mentorship Can Break Down Racial Divides

Saleforce Nonprofit

It was updated for National Mentoring Month in January 2023. A Life-Changing Relationship I made a point to find mentors — other Black reporters and anchors I still call on for advice today. I had always been an informal mentor, but when I moved to Florida, I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters as a volunteer, a ‘Big Sister’.

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How you can foster sustainable innovation within your nonprofit

ASU Lodestar Center

When nonprofit leadership takes the time to build relationships, mentor staff, elicit insights and feedback and demonstrate the ability to act on that feedback, the staff will begin to trust that they have a place and a voice within the organization. This is where participatory practice comes in to play.

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How to Enhance Your Nonprofit’s Written Content with Artificial Intelligence

Nonprofit Tech for Good

If you want your text to be effective, you must edit and add your own ‘voice’ and perspective. Though it’s startlingly articulate, AI doesn’t think, and it doesn’t know your nonprofit’s goals or supporters as well as you do. We also provide meals to those that need them.

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How To Overcome Nonprofit Imposter Syndrome


Nonprofit imposter syndrome is the voice of self-doubt, which if left unchecked, damages a nonprofit leader’s ability to deliver on the core mission and run their organization effectively. . Leading where needed, listening and mentoring where you can. . Also studies have shown it to disproportionately affect women and minorities.

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Michelle’s RiseUP Fellowship Experience: RiseUP Fellow to Full Time Employee

Media Cause

Social Media Director) and Janine Guarino (Associate Social Media Director) in the role of mentors during the first four months of the program felt fictional and a bit too good to be true (and yes, slightly intimidating), but became real as they coached and encouraged me during the program. The Value of Ownership. .