Great reads from around the web on April 14th

Amy Sample Ward

PHILANTHROPY 2173: Mapping the social economy - Great blog post on using design for philanthropy. If you like visualizing inforamation and maps, check it out. Map it, mash it up and otherwise make use of this unparalleled online resource. " The DigiActive Guide to Twitter for Activism | - "Following the recent protests in Moldova, the value of Twitter as a tool for digital activism is more prominent than ever.

Mark Pesce at CUA09 - Think Like a Cloud, Make a Storm, Kill the Tower!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The audio is fading a bit, so I've been thinking about what Mark wrote in his essay, " Sharing Power (Aussie Rules)" I read the essay three times, I mind mapped it, and have been noodling on it for an hour or two. Ethan Zuckerman recently did an analysis of tweets from Moldova and found this to be true.