Mobile Innovations for Social Good


million patients in Malawi and Uganda, they've seen that text messages and cheap mobile phones are great tools on the front-lines of global health. If you're interested in updates from the field this summer you can follow Nadim , who is already in Mexico, Josh and Lucky who are just leaving for Malawi, or my blog , where I will be writing about work in Malawi and throughout East Africa for the next year. Amy Sample Ward, NetSquared.

Hope Phones: Your Old Cell Phone Can Make a Difference

Social Actions

Its first pilot project distributed cell phones to community health workers in 100 rural villages in Malawi, saving thousands of dollars in travel and hospital costs and doubling the number of patients treated for tuberculosis in the catchment area. Tell the world on Twitter - use #HopePhones as a tag so we can thank you. •

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How to Use Causes for Your Year-End Fundraising Appeal


And Camfed raised $4,500 to build a roof on a school in Malawi , then turned around and funded another $3,386 project to give shoes to schoolgirls in Zimbabwe. . Tags: causes NPTech NTEN Social Media Fundraising Susan Gordon, Causes. Planning for the year-end giving season is in full swing throughout the nonprofit sector. In 2009, giving in December alone brought in about 1/3 of the fundraising dollars to nonprofits.

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Rebooting Charity

These include a school building with classroom desk, chair, books and pens, and a tractor (for hire) pledged to a bridge construction project over the River Thondwe in Malawi.