What You Need to Know About the Largest Vaccine Operation in History

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By: Yutong Ding, New Strategic Partnerships Lead, UNICEF Australia. Once they’ve passed the quality control check, they’re stored in cold rooms as they await the next phase of their journey to local health centres. New Strategic Partnerships Lead, UNICEF Australia.

Vietnam and Indonesia Join TechSoup Asia’s Growing Family

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TechSoup Asia Asia is a nonprofit collaborative venture between TechSoup Global and its local nonprofit organization partners, Connecting Up Australia and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. Our New NGO Partners in Vietnam. In addition to providing direct support to local nonprofits, LIN also serves as a vehicle through which donors can effectively contribute their knowledge, energy, and resources to support these nonprofits. Our New NGO Partners in Indonesia.

Big Vision Podcast: Interview with llyse Hogue Rainforest Action Network

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Ilyse Hogue: I was brought on board seven years ago to start up what we call the global finance campaign, which is to look at the role the big banks play in environmental destruction and how we view the economy as either a tool for destruction or restoration, and as that program grew I became the director of it and now I do that as well as offer some overall strategic guidance for the organization on how we tackle new projects and what kinds of messages we're sending out to the broader world.