NetSquared Local Events: Week of July 1

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NetSquared Local is growing! NetSquared believes that the best way to build a strong, self- sufficient community of #nptech practitioners is for us to go outside and get face-to-face. We challenge you to join a NetSquared Local group or start your own !

NetSquared Local Events: Week of June 24

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NetSquared events come in all shapes and sizes, and we love them all! What have NetSquared Local groups been up to recently? NetSquared DC dug into the strategy of the PoPville blog during Making of a Prince: Prince of Petworth. This Week’s NetSquared Events.

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NetSquared Local Events: Week of July 15, 2013

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Find your local #nptech tribe by joining a NetSquared Local group. This Week’s NetSquared Events. Find your closest NetSquared group on our global map. Taipei, Taiwan: Homemade online map showing geographic data. Event NetSquared tsevent

NetSquared Local: Week of June 10, 2013

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That’s why NetSquared Twin Cities is co-hosting a happy hour this week for nonprofits and technology folk in Minneapolis-St. NetSquared Local believes that the best way to build a strong, self sufficient community of #nptech practitioners is for us to go outside and get face-to-face.

NetSquared Local Events in the First Half of August

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NetSquared organizers bring together the nonprofit technology community for face-to-face meetings… but we all know that meetings are boring! Find your local #nptech tribe by joining a NetSquared Local group. August’s NetSquared Events.

NetSquared Local Events: Week of June 17, 2013

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We are deep into June already, but NetSquared Local isn’t taking a vacation! NetSquared Local believes that the best way to build a strong, self sufficient community of #nptech practitioners is for us to go outside and get face-to-face. Event NetSquared tsevent

NetSquared October Event Preview

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Last month was a monster for NetSquared - we held 48 events during Social Media September , including 14 workshops and nine social media surgeries. October’s NetSquared Events. Find your closest NetSquared group on our global map. Washington, DC: NetSquared meetup.

NetSquared: In the Beginning

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In the beginning, TechSoup’s Marnie Webb, Daniel Ben-Horin, and Billy Bicket created NetSquared to "remix the web for social change." To get going, they built the first NetSquared website using open-source Drupal. Google Maps.

NetSquared Gets Down to Business This Summer

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NetSquared is taking it easy this summer! We gotta keep those NetSquared organizers busy! We sent official “NetSquared , a Project of TechSoup” cards to 22 groups this summer. New York, NY: GEO Tools and Google Maps for Nonprofits. netsquared event

A NetSquared Happy Holidays

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NetSquared holds free or low-cost educational events for people and organizations who want to learn more about using technology for social good. Our events are powered by a global network of volunteers dedicated to building strong, self-sufficient, local communities of nonprofit technology practitioners. NetSquared organizers plan events because they have skills to share, want to give back, and want to make the world a better place. Newest NetSquared Groups.

NetSquared in May: Healthy as an Ox

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That means it’s time for our monthly roundup of all the crazy goodness created by NetSquared Local in May. What is NetSquared Local? NetSquared Local is TechSoup’s volunteer-driven network of nonprofit tech meetups and salons. June already?

Improve Your Fundraising Approach and Skills at NetSquared Meetups

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Your local NetSquared group is here to help with free, in-person events being held across the U.S. This roundup of face-to-face nonprofit tech events includes meetups from NetSquared , NTEN's Tech Clubs , and other awesome organizations. Houston, Texas: NetSquared Houston.

Event-Planning Tips from NetSquared Organizers

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TechSoup's NetSquared initiative hosts meetups every month around the world for people who care about technology and social change. After years of hosting local events, NetSquared has amassed a considerable amount of experience planning, marketing, and hosting local events.

What's NetSquared Up to in May?

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Here’s your monthly update from the world of NetSquared Local. What Is NetSquared Local? NetSquared Local is TechSoup's volunteer-driven network of nonprofit tech meetups and salons. Check out our map of events to find your closest group.

NetSquared Volunteers Help Nonprofits Like You Master Technology

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National Volunteer Week has come and gone, but I ask you to join me every week in celebrating the amazing contributions of TechSoup's NetSquared community. Well, the average NetSquared organizer spends 8.2 Find your closest NetSquared group.

Join Us for Local and Virtual Events This Week With Social Media September

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Get answers to your tech challenges at a NetSquared meetup (see list below). Check out this video from NetSquared Northern Michigan’s recent meeting. ” September’s NetSquared Events. Find your closest NetSquared group on our global map.

How the NetSquared Challenges Have Accelerated Tech for Good

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The NetSquared Challenges Foster Tech Innovation. Ushahidi entered our legendary third NetSquared Mashup Challenge in Santa Clara, California in May 2008. First, tech-for-good projects (either nonprofit or commercial) submitted a description of their project on the NetSquared website.

Keeping Your 2016 Resolutions with NetSquared's Free Workshops

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Luckily for you, NetSquared is here to keep you on track. NetSquared holds free or low-cost educational events for people who want to use technology for good. See if there's a group close to you by searching our map. Don't have a NetSquared group near you?

Building the Tech Capacity of Nonprofits Everywhere with TechSoup's NetSquared Events

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That's why TechSoup created NetSquared , our global network of volunteer-led Tech4Good meetups. Our NetSquared leaders are currently holding free events in 24 countries and meet with their local TechSoup partners to collaborate on how to best support nonprofits in their country.

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Need Hands-on Help? NetSquared's Free Workshops Are in Your Community

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That's why TechSoup supports a global network of tech trainers called NetSquared. NetSquared groups focus on topics that address their unique local tech challenges, but once a quarter, we select a common theme. Find your closest NetSquared group.

NetSquared Mashup Challenge: How Do You Combine Data for Social Change?

Have Fun - Do Good

As some of you know, part of my work is being the Community Builder for NetSquared , a project of Tech Soup that facilitates the adoption of social web tools by nonprofits and NGOs. NetSquared badges to put on your blog, web site or email signature. •

Let’s Connect at the NTC!

Amy Sample Ward

NetSquared Open Space (NOS): APIs and Open Data. Who : Facilitating: Amy Sample Ward | NetSquared; Billy Bicket | NetSquared. The NetSquared team will be working the room to activate and facilitate conversations so everyone can enjoy the ride.

NTC 152

09NTC: Let’s Connect in San Fran!

Amy Sample Ward

NetSquared’s Global Community Builder , Amy Sample Ward, will be at the NTC this year to connect and collaborate with friends, colleagues and new faces in the sector. Here’s how to find Amy and connect with NetSquared. A chance for local organizers to come together, network, ask questions, etc. Takeaways: A chance to connect with other local organizers. NetSquared Office Hours. Have questions about NetSquared, Net Tuesdays or innovation Challenges?

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Join a Nonprofit Tech User Group This August

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Your NetSquared organizers are gearing up for Social Media September , a month of social media for social good -themed events. We’ll be hosting social media surgeries for local nonprofits and community activists. August’s NetSquared Events.

How Digital Democracy Empowers Marginalized Communities

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Many years ago, NetSquared hosted challenges and conferences to highlight and bring together fledging social entrepreneurs. For example, in post-earthquake Haiti, Dd trained and empowered local women to track and document incidents of gender-based violence. netsquared digital divide

Your #NPtech Community Calendar for July

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Not only will you be contributing your skills to local nonprofits, you'll also be building your reputation and connecting with your tribe. NetSquared is here to help you along the way with everything from slide templates to planning checklists. netsquared event

Social Media for Social Good Events Coming to a City Near You

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While the rest of you have been enjoying the summer partying on the beach, TechSoup’s NetSquared organizers have been plotting and scheming in front of their computers. Find your local #nptech tribe by joining a NetSquared Local group.

(More than) 15 useful, creative and odd Google mashups | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

Tons of groups and individuals have come up with some really interesting map tools that display everything from American Idol contestants&# hometowns to localized crime data. the Seven Wonders of the World map falls a little flat). Get it on the map.&#

Ushahidi Develops Innovative Tools for Nonprofits and Others Working to Benefit the Public

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Ushahidi has been developing open-source crisis mapping software for over eight years now. LABB created an Oil Spill Crisis Map in response to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. It can display data with maps, lists, charts, timelines, and other visual reports.

Map 64

Start 2017 by Building Your Tech Skills and Community

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TechSoup's NetSquared community is hosting free monthly technology meetups in 74 cities globally, but with more than 39,000 members, it can be hard to get a sense of the community's needs. Why Are You a NetSquared Member? Find your closest NetSquared group.

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Is There a Community of #Tech4Good Activists Waiting for You?

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TechSoup's NetSquared community of Tech4Good meetups is growing! Find your closest NetSquared group. As a NetSquared organizer, you will become known as someone who's a leader in the Tech4Good community. Start a NetSquared group. --> Upcoming Tech4Good Events.

Libraries: The Oldest New Frontier for Innovation

Amy Sample Ward

We can provide a map, the vehicle, and even the road snacks, but the community needs to be the driver. After mapping the community and identifying shared goals you can focus on, you can start identifying the online tools and technologies that the community (especially when you break it down into segments) already uses, for what, why, and how. We are at a very interesting time – with shifts happening locally and globally, governments changing, and new paradigms emerging.

Supporting Nonprofit Tech Educators Across the Globe

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But first I'm going to show off on behalf of our NetSquared organizers. The NetSquared organizers' events help TechSoup deliver on our shared mission of ensuring that civil society has the tools and skills necessary to use technology effectively.

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The Evolution of NPTech: Keynote and slides

Amy Sample Ward

At TechSoup, we’ve worked on a number of toolkits, including the Community Organizers Handbook where NetSquared Local organizers from around the world share their experiences and recommendations in the same place as organizational information and templates all to support knowledge sharing across the network, help new organizers get their groups established, and provide examples and resources to anyone else looking to build community whether they are connected with our program or not.

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TechSoup Global at National Day of Civic Hacking

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TechSoup, Caravan Studios , and NetSquared were on the scene to observe and participate in hackathon events all over the country. Arthur Grau of NetSquared Honolulu reported back on the National Day of Civic Hacking/Code for Hawaii event in Honolulu.

Women Who Tech Telesummit: Tools Galore Panel

Amy Sample Ward

Moderator: Amy Sample Ward, NetSquared. Google Earth Outreach from Rebecca Moore: Google’s mapping tools may seem like an obscure tool to use in your work but these aren’t traditional maps: the new generation of mapping technology is fully interactive, enables storytelling, and more. (Did Google’s Mapping tools include: Google Earth. Google Maps & MyMaps. Google Maps API. Also posted on the Frogloop blog for nonprofits here.

Tools 100

Community-Driven Social Impact: Presentation, Case Studies, and Workshop

Amy Sample Ward

Think of it like this: In “Community-driven Social Impact,” the driving is up to the community; but you can act as the vehicle and event the map for those “drivers.” Events: NetSquared Camps.

106 Free or Low-Cost Online Tools and Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Mapme is a web-based platform for creating, sharing, and embedding online maps. For small regional nonprofits, the service could be used for local events and regular meetups. NetSquared :: The internet is loaded with amazing free or low-cost tools and resources!

Turning City Data into Apps with Apps4Warsaw

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What happens when you combine local government, open data, and creative and tech-savvy citizens? They reached to these communities through the NetSquared Warsaw groups, tech- and startup-focused meetups, and through local universities such as the Warsaw University of Technology.

Restart Romania Social Justice Challenge Spotlights User-Generated Content

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To get diverse perspectives from TechSoup Global staff about user-generated content, we asked Marc Manashil, Community Evangelist for NetSquared, to share how challenges like Restart Romania enable users to get engaged at all levels.

Around the TechSoup Global Blogosphere, January 1-12

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From NetSquared. Use our newly launched Local Impact Map to learn how organizations are using technology products and knowledge to further their missions. Here's what we've been talking about so far this year. From the TechSoup Community. TechSoup Blog. Guest blogger Grant Howe, VP of research and development for Sage North America's nonprofit solutions, kicks off a series of posts about providing great IT leadership.

Developing Apps with a Community-Centered Approach

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Like TechSoup's other community-driven tech-innovation initiatives — the NetSquared challenges , the ReStart movement , and Apps4Warsaw — Caravan Studios' work is informed first and foremost by the needs of the community itself.

Cool App Roundup: Disaster and Emergency Edition

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The FEMA app includes preparation guidelines for a variety of disasters, including checklists, safety tips, and local shelter maps.