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It was my last afternoon in Mali, as I started psychic re-entry process into my normal existence, that I remembered that in real life, hey, I'm a geek. So I dropped by the offices of GeekCorps Mali, which as it turned out was just around the corner from where I was staying at Rebecca and Fode's house in the Quartier Hippodrome. And project director Matt Berg took time to show me around their labs and talk to me about their work.

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Empowering Change: Caitlin Cohen of the Sigida Keneyali Project

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Caitlin Cohen of the Sigida Keneyali Project. In December I wrote a book review of Monique and the Mango Rains , the story of a Peace Corps worker's two years working with a midwife in Mali. Below is an e-interview with another woman making a difference in Mali, Caitlin Cohen, one of two US coordinators of the Sigida Keneyali Project. What is the Sigida Keneyali Project? Sigida Keneyali means “Health in Our Homes” in Bambara, the most common language in Mali.

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Siguida Keneyali

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When Doria and I were in Mali earlier this month, we found that our nephew Fodé Camara had started to work with a group called Siguida Keneyali - Health in Our Homes - an organization working to improve health in Sikoroni, the poorest Quartier in Bamako. There's no doubt a health education component will be key to the project's success.

TechSoup French Partner Leads the Way to Sustainable Tech

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Created in 1992, Ateliers du Bocage (the name roughly translates to forest workshop) was founded as a project of the Emmaus Social Movement , a postwar European humanitarian movement organized to nonviolently defend and support the most destitute members of society. ADB's work is in three main areas: Local. At a local level, ADB operates a workshop to manufacture and recycle wooden pallets, maintain parks and greenways, and collect packaging for recycling.

Case Study: An Accidental Techie #FAIL Story


Given the organization-wide scope of my proposed project, effective change management practices were key to the success of the project. My oversight became striking apparent when my strongest leadership-level advocate, our development director, retired before the project was implemented. Without the support of leadership, the project essentially dragged to a halt. Have you lead this sort of ambitious project in your nonprofit?

United Nations Sets a New Agenda for Global Philanthropy

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" She cautions, however, that technology is not one size fits all: "Of critical importance, however, is not just putting enabling technologies in place but putting the most appropriate, locally relevant types of technology in the hands of those who need it. What works in Mali may not work in Myanmar. Understanding local context is the first step. Image : United Nations and Project Everyone / CC BY-SA.

NpTech Tag Summary: Five Hot Conversations!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Resources and Reports Nancy Schwartz of the Getting Attention Blog summarizes an article with tips on for how nonprofit marketing and public relations staff can gain entry into the blogosphere Michael Stein (East Coast) files a report from Mali about the GeekCorps Mali project. Gentilly Project using geographic information technologies and organizational theories to accelerate the residential and economic recovery of Post-Katrina New Orleans.