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Microsoft's Ecohero: How Sean Nicholson Is Saving the Earth

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This was mainly because refurbishers couldn't afford to put legal Windows licenses on used equipment. Refurbishers could either pay full price for licenses (and thereby price their equipment out of the market), or use pirated versions of Windows. Last year, Sean's programs supplied a million low-cost licenses for Microsoft Windows, Office, and other applications to 5,000 commercial and noncommercial refurbishers.

Nonprofit Technology News: 2013 Year in Review

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It’s also looking like relatively few charities and also libraries are getting the hang of it. I’d also modestly recommend our Cloud Basics for Nonprofits and Libraries. It’s a new licensing arrangement in which Adobe products users download the software as they have in the past and use it on PCs, but licensing is on a monthly per-user fee basis. in Namibia is showing the way for providing Internet access in Africa.