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Learn about the philosophy behind H2O in our video: Go With the Flow. H2O Playlists make it easy to: transform traditional syllabi into interactive, global learning tools share the reading lists of world-renowned scholars, organizations, and cultural leaders let interested people subscribe to playlist updates and stay current on their fields promote an exchange of ideas and expertise among professors, students, and researchers communicate and aggregate knowledge -- online and offline.

NpTech Tag: To Launch White-Label Social Network for Nonprofits, GeekToys that Give Geekbumps, and Blog Readability

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

But these sites have two important limitations that give nonprofits reason to look for additional tools. Would love to read a summary of the campaign results and lessons learned. You can learn a lot about that more through this informative interview by The Buzz Bin with Steve Bridger on the Buzz Director. leading to an impassioned request for best practices for minimizing damage when this security breaches occur on several listservs. What reading level is your blog?

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What are your most useful synchronous online facilitation practices?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I learned one from Nancy White when I took her online facilitation workshop. How does SL compare to these other tools and where does it fit on the gradient? And, how does a virtual world tool help or hinder effective online collaboration or a synchronuous online communication? This is interesting to me because Second Life is quite the opposite - there is a huge investment in learning the tools, there is no audio (although that is changing) and it is all visual.

Meet Nicola M. Wells: Social Media As An Online Door Knocking Campaign for Immigrant Rights

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Wells, Blogger and Community Organizer "We need to treat many of our social tools like door knocking, if someone comments on our site, we should take that as a hello, and use it to open a door to a potential relationship with a new leader, member, or supporter." I transformed that blog into what is today Standing FIRM and my interest in social media as a tool for organizing skyrocketed from there. How did you organization successfully deploy and adopt these tools?