Digital Divide Data: our Partner in Laos

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

The DDD student staff people work half days at DDD, proofing textbooks to make them accessible to students with print disabilities. The other half of the day they go to university pursuing advanced studies in numerous different fields (I asked a bunch of the students their area of study and heard answers like business, law, accountancy and even forestry). The head of DDD's Laos office is Ms. Benetech is a tech social enterprise.

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Southeast Asia, Social Enterprise Accidental Tour!

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I just spent almost three weeks in Thailand and Laos on a combined work and vacation trip. One of my business visits was to a long-standing social enterprise partner of ours, Digital Divide Data in Vientiane, Laos. I wrote about that visit in my last blog post: Digital Divide Data: our Partner in Laos. After trying and failing twice to get into Makphet (“pepper” in Lao) Restaurant for dinner, we had a fabulous lunch there.

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A History of How Modern ESG Came to Be


196 0s – Anti Vietnam War protests and the push for peace in the United States is well-known for the actions taken by University students and protesters, but also involved outspoken members of the business community.

[VIDEO] Power Of Community In Strategic Planning


” We were floored that half the students were raising their hands. We then gave them access to referrals and you know what, 90% of the students did not follow up on the referrals. They had to deal with their own students and their own curriculum.

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Using SMS in the Field


While on my site visit, Bogii did a presentation to a group of mining students (who are also hunters) to pre-test her poster and share her latest campaign updates. During this time she asked the mining students if any of them had received text messages from Dornod Pride Campaign or WCS and four of the 13 students had received a message (at this point in time only two had been sent). Brooke Sadowsky, Program Manager, RARE Conservation.

Preventing Human Trafficking: An Interview with Christina Arnold

Have Fun - Do Good

We have an annual study tour that we do every year to Southeast Asia for scholars, researchers, academics, students, funders, you name it, who would like to get outside of the bubble of the United States and see firsthand the circumstances that people endure, and where people are at, and what this looks like on the ground, especially in some of the very at risk areas along the Thai-Burma border, the border with Laos, and also in Vietnam and Cambodia.