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Uber-blogger Shel Israel's show Global Neighborhoods on Fast Company.tv Tags: video blog vlogging launched today. Should have lots of good stuff. Check it out.

Lindy Dreyer joins PITV


Tags: YouTube social media video blog vlogging PITV I am SO EXCITED. After I was invited to become executive producer of Principled Innovation TV , and put a call out for interested videophiles to contact me, I got several people interested and the first one all set up and ready to go is our very own Lindy Dreyer, she of the awesome Association Marketing Springboard blog. A super smart lady with a wee voice, big ideas and wicked sense of humor, she's going to be awesome on PITV.

NTEN Member Buzz Round-Up: August 20


Tag your own news with "nten member" or "nptech" to help us find your awesome online, or contact Annaliese with your updates.) Allyson Kapin offers some good reminders/tips for engaging your supporters. I was happy to see that one of NTEN's newest members, Mat Heggem of The Bookkeeping Center , was so inspired by the recent 501 Tech Club NYC event that he vlogged his take-aways and shared on our Facebook page. Tags: community buzz NPTech nten members