9 Internet Marketing Statistics from the Business World


We’re all focused on the non-profit space, but some times it’s good to take a look at how the internet is being used on a broader scale. So here’s a few recent stats for you to chew on … 78% of Internet users conduct product research online.

Cell Internet Access | Pew Internet & American Life Project

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Cell Internet Access | Pew Internet & American Life Project : Nearly two-thirds (63%) of cell phone owners now use their phone to go online, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. We call them “cell internet users” and define them as anyone who uses their cell phone to access the internet or use email. The proportion of cell owners who use their phone to go online has doubled since 2009

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2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report


This report continues to be the most significant analysis of online/offline giving trends based on actual data from nonprofits. Key Findings: The majority of giving still comes from offline channels, but online continues to be a significant source of giving and new donors.

Online Persona: The Key to Succeed with Internet Dating

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The post Online Persona: The Key to Succeed with Internet Dating appeared first on PhreeSite.com. Throughout your dating sites, social media pages, and any personal websites or blogs, there are mountains of revealing personal information available to any potential love interest. Yes, this information could certainly earn you a couple of extra brownie points but it could also severely affect what potential partners think of you. Since the age of.

How Baby Boomers Use The Internet


The frequency of online giving ballooned in 2013, increasing by 14% in 2013. The huge increase in revenue generated by online donations also helped fundraisers realize their market is now, firmly, online. As a result, nonprofits across the board are shifting their advertising and community outreach efforts through online mediums almost exclusively. The stigma against older generations not spending their time online is a farce. Pew Internet).

The Multichannel Giving Paradox: Online Donors vs. Offline Donors


Download the full Internet & Multichannel Fundraising Report. to learn more about the turn to online fundraising, the need for a multichannel approach and how direct mail is still alive and well. Online acquired donors are significantly younger, more affluent, and more generous than their offline counterparts. The paradox is that online givers, in aggregate, have much higher cumulative value over the long term than traditional mail-acquired donors.

2011 Online Giving Trends


Blackbaud released its 2011 Online Giving report today. The report combines findings from The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving with additional multi-year giving data to provide the most comprehensive analysis of online giving trends in the nonprofit sector. The report includes 24 months of online giving data from 1,895 nonprofit organizations, online major giving data from 2,397 nonprofits, and both online and offline data representing $5.1

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The Surprising Truth About Online Donors and Offline Fundraising


to learn more about the turn to online fundraising, the need for a multichannel approach and how direct mail is still alive and well. Online donor solicitations are powerful. The Surprising Truth About Online Donors. Taking a strictly intuitive position on online giving can actually be harmful to nonprofits overall fundraising efforts. However, this only holds true when the online donor has been converted to offline giving. The Long-Term Value of Online Donors.

7 Online Fundraising Tips I Learned By Participating in Movember


While the dogooder in me loves a great cause, I also relish the opportunity to learn more about online fundraising and why people give. If you check out my page , you can see that the entire campaign was run online. What I Learned About Online Fundraising.

The Internet as a Diversion | Pew Internet & American Life Project

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The Internet as a Diversion | Pew Internet & American Life Project: "Three-quarters of online economic users--those Americans who use the internet to keep up with news about the economic recession or their own personal finances--go online to relax and take their minds off of the recession, according to an April 2009 survey by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project

Checking Employee Internet Use

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

The Internet has turned into a significant asset in the work environment, the world’s greatest reference library, online networking focus, and explicit entertainment outlet is presently just a tick away. Checking Employee Internet get to is one way that an association can restrict its risk. Characterizing Internet Abuse. Issues with Internet Monitoring. InternetWeb Abuse in the Workplace.

Online Donation Tools: The Best Ones for Your Nonprofit

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If you’ve been in the fundraising game for quite a bit now, you probably understand the importance of establishing your presence in the online sphere. Every year online donations are taking up a bigger and bigger chunk of total funds to nonprofits, so this is definitely something worth investing in. The more donation tools you have, the more data you can collect, which will later help you develop better online fundraising strategies.

Our EveryAction Hero: Rock the Vote


Today, the internet has really changed how we digitally organize young people. Additionally, from using EveryAction forms for our online petitions we’re able to capture a lot of contact information that helps us send targeted election reminders that get as specific as city council district elections. Can you talk a little bit about your Online Voter Registration platforms, widgets, and API work. Rock the Vote has been mobilizing the youth vote for almost 30 years.

4 Things Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Online Donors

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New data from Target Analytics , a division of Blackbaud, reveals key insights into online and offline donors. The findings are based on analysis of online and offline giving data from sixteen large national nonprofits in the United States during 2016 and represents more than 6.5 These organizations participate in a donorCentrics Internet Benchmarking Group. What emerges is a clearer picture about online givers and there is an opportunity to separate fact from fiction.

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5 Tips for the Perfect Online Donation Form

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Cognitive strain, which is a scientific way of saying “thinking too hard,” is one of the primary reason users abandon certain online tasks, including filling out forms. If an online donation can’t be completed on a smartphone within 30 seconds, you’ve got room for improvement.

The Internet and Civic Engagement | Pew Internet & American Life Project

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The Internet and Civic Engagement | Pew Internet & American Life Project: "Still, there are hints that the new forms of civic engagement anchored in blogs and social networking sites could alter long-standing patterns. Some 19% of internet users have posted material online about political or social issues or used a social networking site for some form of civic or political engagement.

Digital differences | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project

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Digital differences | Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project : oday, differences in internet access still exist among different demographic groups, especially when it comes to access to high-speed broadband at home. The ways in which people connect to the internet are also much more varied today than they were in 2000. As a result, internet access is no longer synonymous with going online with a desktop computer.

Measuring Success Online- Is This Internet Thing Worth the Effort?


One thing that has been bothering me lately is the amount I've been talking to folks about their online success. So many people I've spoken to lately are not measuring how successful online has been for them. In fact in a recent NFP Synergy survey ( Virtual Promise 2008 ) 49% of folks said they don't measure this stuff at all! With another 20% declining to answer this. I though it might be time we talked about this stuff in a bit more depth

5 Strategies for Successful Online Charity Auctions

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If your organization is considering hosting an online auction (or is making adjustments to a previously-planned auction), we’ve got you covered with these strategies. Plus, with our increasing reliance on the internet and smartphones, auction software has itself shifted to provide full mobile and online support, as well. This means that leveraging existing tech resources and strategies has made it easier than ever to take an auction online.

15 Techniques Used by Top Nonprofits to Boost Donor Acquisition and Online Fundraising Results

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Online fundraising isn’t a fad. As a matter of fact, online fundraising accounted for seven-percent of total fundraising in 2016. Online fundraising has also proven to be an extremely effective donors acquisition vehicle. The surge in online giving to the ACLU— 6x their yearly donations raised in one weekend — shows us the potential that exists with online giving. In 2016, 17% of online transactions were made using a mobile device.

3 Reasons Your Church Needs to Offer Online Giving

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Churches that offer options like online giving make it simpler and more routine to give. Online giving benefits for your church: Universal acceptance – The last bank check many of your congregants may have written could have been to your church. Outside of the church, congregants have largely accepted and adopted a mostly online way of living much of their life. Online giving helps with that. Faith Communities church giving online giving

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4 Critical Internet Privacy Issues & How to Protect Yourself From Them

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Online privacy has become a much-discussed topic by cyber experts, media, businesses, as well as governments over recent years. The truth is, your privacy is constantly being tested each moment you spend enjoying the countless conveniences the internet offers. The post 4 Critical Internet Privacy Issues & How to Protect Yourself From Them appeared first on PhreeSite.com.

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Satellite Internet gets the boot

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Satellite Internet gets the boot October 31, 2007 Finally, I have real broadband. We moved last weekend to a town that has actual real cable high speed internet.

The Surprising Truth About Online Donors and Offline Fundraising


Online donor solicitations are powerful. Such messages are able to reach large audiences, present … Online Fundraising 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report Blackbaud direct mail fundraising multichannel fundraising offline fundraising

5 Tips to Improve Your Online Fundraising

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Making an online ask may seem difficult if you’re not used to digitally interacting with donors, but you’d be surprised by how easy it can be. Check out these five tips for bolstering your online fundraising. Merge your online and offline strategies.

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8 Ways You’re Probably Not Thanking Your Donors


Here's 8 ways to thank donors online. Email Marketing Interactive Online Fundraising Web Design email eMail marketing end of year giving fundraising internet online giving stewardshipNonprofits that effectively thank and regularly communicate with donors will have an easier time retaining them.

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Adjusting Online for Nonprofits: Keeping Faith Alive

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This is exactly where two important factors come in — online giving and engagement. Online giving. We’re aware of what online giving means, it simply implies donation through the internet. For example, if a nonprofit wishes to raise funds for COVID-19 victims, they can collect money through online fundraising platforms or an online page. You can always drive engagement online. The fight against coronavirus is all of ours together.

Which countries use the internet the most? - Forum:Blog Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum

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Which countries use the internet the most? Kearney found that more people are spending more time online than ever. And, as to be expected, the bulk of the Internet addiction comes from countries with younger populations with greater access to technology. “In Forum:Blog Forum:Blog | The World Economic Forum : "A study by consulting firm A.T.

Innovations in Online Advertising [Internet Advocacy Roundtable, June 2013]


This month''s Internet Advocacy Roundtable features a discussion on the cutting edge of online advertising from three companies that are breaking new ground on targeted advertising for advocacy and politics. Basically, we have evolved beyond targeting websites that people we want to reach visit to targeting the people we want to reach specifically. This is a significant advancement , creating more effective ad campaigns that waste less money on ads served to the wrong people.

Current Online Activities in Asia-Pacific Nonprofits


I’ve just completed a quick review of this, and I believe there are some interesting statistics that can help give us a picture of what online priorities Asia-Pacific organisations have. 43% rated their website as very effective in meeting their strategic internet goals.

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Online Charitable Donations Increased 14% in 2013

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Online Charitable Donations Increased 14% in 2013 : The study breaks down exactly how leading U.S. non-profits performed online in the past year. In 2013, Internet users donated more than ever before — online giving increased 14% since 2012, with more than 5.5 million total gifts and nearly $325 million raised. The average one-time donation increased as well, from $60 to $68 ($57 via email only), and overall non-profit website traffic grew 16%.

Major Gifts and a $260,000 Online Donation


— Larger and larger gifts are being given online. In fact, Blackbaud’s 2011 Online Giving Report , noted that the largest online gift in 2011 was $260,000 ! The report further noted, “87% of the nonprofits in this analysis had at least one online gift of $1,000 or more during 2011.”. Or is this the giving of major gifts online? Of course, the internet and our websites are important. Online Support is Needed.

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Online Jobs for College Students


With the recent generation relying entirely on technology, online jobs are some of the best options for a college student. You can find easy to do jobs online that will pay you handsomely. In this blog post, I will tell you about some of the best online jobs available for college kids. Finding the right online job for you. The best thing about online jobs is that they are so popular nowadays, they have become careers. Online Writing Jobs. Oh, College!

2008 donorCentrics Internet Giving Benchmarking Analysis


Target Analytics , a Blackbaud Company, has released the 2008 donorCentrics™ Internet Giving Benchmarking Analysis. This is a follow-up to the groundbreaking 2006 report and provides insights into the online and offline trends of donors. Over the past three years, Target Analytics has held a series of annual meetings with a total of twenty-four major national non-profit organizations on the subject of online fundraising

Working Toward Internet Access for Everyone

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adults still don't have broadband Internet access at home. The June 2015 FCC proposal calls for an expansion of Lifeline to provide low-income households with a choice of subsidized phone service or broadband Internet access. digital divide than anything I can think of since the invention of the Internet. This program addresses the relevancy of the Internet problem. Citizens Online. percent of libraries offer public access to Internet-connected computers.

How to Monitor Your Organization Online


It’s not always pleasant to hear what your partners and competitors are saying about your organization online. Google Alerts is a service that monitors the Internet for new mentions of keywords. It pulls data from across the Internet about how many unique authors are talking about a particular subject, which associated keywords are being discussed with that subject and much more, all in a matter of seconds. Implementation buzzsumo google alerts monitor online social mention

Online Crowdfunding: A How-To Guide

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By using the internet to rally supporters, you can reach an exponentially larger and more diverse audience while also streamlining the giving process. If other, random online patrons see that a lot of people have donated in a short amount of time, they might feel obligated to give, too. The post Online Crowdfunding: A How-To Guide appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

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10 Emerging Trends in Online Communications and Fundraising to Watch in 2018

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As personal computers, smartphones, and the Internet of Things evolve, so must your nonprofit. This webinar was presented on December 19 to more than 1,900 nonprofit staff worldwide and focused on what’s new and next in online communications and fundraising to help nonprofits prepare for the future and embrace being an early adopter. The Internet of Things. By the year 2020, over 50 billion things – cars, appliances, roads – will be connected to the Internet of Things.

The Internet, Social Media and the Democratization of Education


This is a guest post by Zach Buckley, a recent college graduate who is interested in the intersection of technology, education and online learning. ————————– We all depend on the Internet to make our lives easier in many different ways—whether it’s contacting a friend or finding the nearest sushi restaurant. The Internet as a Leveler for Education.

Safer Internet Day 2014: Help Create a Better Internet

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Phishing scams, data theft, social media missteps, and cyberbullying are all unfortunate side effects of Internet use. In honor of Safer Internet Day , Microsoft has launched a new interactive website to promote a healthy Internet for everybody. Organized by Insafe , and co-founded by the European Union, Safer Internet Day is a global campaign that encourages responsible use of online technologies and services. Joining the Safer Internet Day Twitter party.

iner Chances for the best of Internet Marketing

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

If your website does not have inbound links, you will have it difficult to position your online store. In case of the internet marketing this is important now. Google and the other search engines take into account the number of backlinks and the authority of the pages that link you when calculating the positioning of your page in the SERPs. In fact it is still a relevant SEO factor. But getting linked, especially when it is starting, is discouraging.

15 Techniques Used by Top Nonprofits to Boost Donor Acquisition and Online Fundraising Results

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Online fundraising isn’t a fad. As a matter of fact, online fundraising accounts for seven-percent of total fundraising and has seen double-digit growth over the past four years. Online fundraising has also proven to be an extremely effective donors acquisition vehicle. Whether you’re using powerful online fundraising and marketing software or keeping it simple, it’s imperative that you take online fundraising seriously.

Online Tools to Help You Beat the Post-Holiday Blues


Once again, this is a great sharing tool for resources that you wish to access anywhere you can get an Internet connection and that multiple staff members will be working across. InternetWelcome to 2011!

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