Reduce Travel by Telecommuting

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Statistics compiled by the Telework Coalition show that more than 44 million Americans are commuting less by working at home at least one day per week, and it is the same in most countries with a growing number of "knowledge workers." US workers alone commute an average of 10,000 miles per year each and consume 67 billion gallons of gasoline. One green company that installs virtual PBX systems is BetterWorld Telecom.

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What Does Big Data Have to Do With Me and My Organization?

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Keisha recommends checking out the book, The Human Face Of Big Data , as a way to get a grasp on how all this new information is creating a nervous system for the humanosphere. The Open Knowledge Foundation is a great advocacy charity in that field. Grameen has a team of community knowledge workers who go out in the fields of Uganda and collect agricultural information on their mobile devices.

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