3 Ways Influencers Drive Engagement for Nonprofits


In honor of our upcoming webinar on the Power of Influencer Engagement , we asked Jeanette Russell from Attentive.ly about ways influencers can raise the visibility of your nonprofit campaign, help to grow your list, and also retain your best people. influencers

The Power of Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits

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Influencer marketing —spreading the word about one’s product through social media influencers—has become big business in recent years. However, influencer marketing isn’t just for products and brands; nonprofits can benefit substantially by influencers who get behind their cause.

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How to Engage Everyday Instagram Influencers and Reach Millennial Donors

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In order to do this, however, you’ll need to play the influencer game—connecting with everyday influencers. The water’s fine and solid influencer engagement can be very rewarding. But who are these Instagram influencers? Let Instagram suggest influencer accounts to follow.

What is Influencer Marketing?


Here I am with a short video on influencer marketing, filmed as part of Encore Alert ‘s League of Extraordinary Marketers series (*blush*). Read more from the awesome Encore Alert Blog and sign up for their upcoming ebook on influencer marketing.

Expanding the Reach of Nonprofits Through the Power of Influencers [Guest Post]


Read on for insights from Roz Lemieux, CEO at Attentive.ly , on how your nonprofit stands to gain from better leveraging the power of influencers.

Instagram Influencers and What We Know About Them

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Online influencers are the most powerful force online today for moving awareness, advocacy, and giving. But who are the influencers you need to know, and what do we know about them? They are influencers among their peers both organizationally and culturally.

How Social Media Influencers Fuel your Fundraising Goals


With a new concept called Social Scoring, we now have a way to indentify and categorize the social media constituents in our databases by their reach or influence across their networks. Key Influencers are one of those “super social” people who you want to know.

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The Future of Fundraising: Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits

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The Future of Fundraising: Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits. Influencer marketing leverages the power of popular figures to engage new supporters and lend authority to your nonprofit. Influencers: global word of mouth marketing. What is an influencer?

[Guide for Nonprofits]: How to Engage Social Media Influencers to Extend Your Reach and Drive Action

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Social media influencers aren’t elusive. The key to engaging social media influencers at scale (especially if they are already on your email list) is to treat them as a distinct segment. This Quick Guide Includes: Why your campaigns need influencer marketing. Everyday Influencer.

Are Millennial Runners Influenced by Philanthropy?

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This study also sought to understand if or how philanthropy has an influence on runners’ attitudes and behaviors toward running events. Nonprofit Fundraising events Millennial Impact Report Millennial Running Study millennials p2p

How to Influence the Conversation Around Your Next Campaign

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Join our webinar, Influencing the Conversation on March 2nd with Attentive.ly Here’s an example of how one nonprofit rode their own wave. Leverage Your Social Media Influencers. J oin our webinar, Influencing the Conversation on March 2 with Attentive.ly

How Social Media Influencers Can Help Your Nonprofit

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Welcome to the world of social media influencers. As nonprofits, we might not use celebrities, but we can sure use members of our community to make just as big of a splash, if not bigger. We have seen how even animals can become influencers.

Is Influencer Marketing Part of Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Strategy in 2018?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Rob Cottingham, Social Signal – Cartoon for Measuring the Networked Nonprofit. It is not too early to start thinking about your nonprofit’s social media strategy for 2018, including how you want to capitalize on social media trends that will have maximum impact in 2018.

Econ 201: Macro Influences Impacting Micro Fundraising

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Both of these factors may go a long way towards explaining the donor declines the entire nonprofit industry has experienced in recent years. Nonprofit Fundraising charitable giving donorCentrics fundraising Giving USA macroeconomics target analyticsAs a fundraiser, you are well aware of your internal program’s performance metrics. Changes in average gift sizes, donor retention rates, and revenue can all be tracked back to changes in your campaign strategies.

Instagram for Nonprofits — How Your Org Can Get Onboard

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Like many nonprofits and social enterprises you may be scratching your head and wondering how an Instagram presence can help you contribute to social good in a creative and heroic way. Here are five key things nonprofits should know about getting started with Instagram.

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How to Build Relationships with Influencers Through Seed Content


Content markets are alway looking for new ways to encourage field influencers to share their work. But how does your organization get the attention of these big name influencers? The post How to Build Relationships with Influencers Through Seed Content appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Our Impact Social Tech Mobile Fundraising Mobile Technology nonprofit nonprofit technology nonprofits npTech online fundraising social media technology

[Tips for Nonprofits] The Art and Science of Persuasive Fundraising

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A while ago, I read a book called Influence Science and Practice by Robert B. As a result, he wrote this book and shared many of the different ways someone can exercise influence over another. Instant Influence. Cialdini social influencers Tips for Fundraisers

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The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

If you loved our 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar get ready for our new, improved, and updated 2019 calendar! We've searched far and wide for the best and brightest nonprofit conferences from all around the country! Nonprofit Management. Nonprofit Technology, and more!

How to Use Social Influence to Inspire Action

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Persuading people is never easy, but it can be a game-changing skill in the nonprofit world. Dr. Cialdini explains that it’s the influence someone’s peers have on them. Studies have shown that just looking successful or in charge ( even when it’s an act ) helps increase influence.

6 Steps to a Successful Celebrity Fundraising Partnership

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When organizations partner with celebrity influencers and online giving, their mission can get maximized through social sharing and fundraising. Leverage the power of peer-to-peer influence. Look at Emilia Clark and her nonprofit SameYou.

Want Influence? Eliminate Blind Spots

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In this guest post, Kristen Grimm of Spitfire Strategies offers insight to "help nonprofits and volunteer-led groups of all sizes navigate a trail of influence by identifying—and eliminating—blind spots before they sabotage change strategies.".

Nonprofits - Power and Influence in our lives

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We are excited to be sponsoring The NonProfit Times Power & Influence Top 50 Gala in September. Nonprofits played a key role in our fun and enjoyment (only one asked from my email address to try to build a relationship - but that is another post for another day.) Following on my last post about how Eunice Kennedy Shriver influenced my life and career, I started to think about the power and influence nonprofit organizations have in our lives.

Understanding the Reasons for Nonprofit Donor Churn

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When nonprofits want to pinpoint where their donors are leaving, they often look at the last thing that happened to their donor as the tipping point that got them to stop donating. To understand why donors stop giving to a nonprofit, we need to understand why they gave in the first place.

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A Nonprofit’s Guide to #GivingTuesday and End of Year Fundraising

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In this post, I will cover: Advanced social influencer engagement for Giving Tuesday. Social Influencer campaign strategy optimization. Social Influencer Campaign for Giving Tuesday. What are Everyday Influencers? Why target Everyday Influencers?

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Ready to Respond: Real-Time Lessons in Preparedness from the Headlines and the ACLU

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Influencers Were Mobilized. We’ve heard from experts about the importance of influencers before, but at an increasing rate we’re seeing just how crucial they can be for your cause in these time-sensitive moments.

Leveraging Twitter Influencers to Drive Social Good – a Success Story from Free The Kids

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I’ve decided that one of the next areas I want to put some concerted focus around is the topic of “influencing your influencers,” an area that’s really caught my eye for the past year. There are influencers and evangelists among all social media networks.

Who and what influences giving decisions?

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Anecdotally and intuitively nonprofit professionals know that changing demographics and technology are driving a shift in charitable engagement. This research begins to answer a few of the pressing questions, including: Who and what influences giving decisions? Influence, exposure, insight. In the giving realm, particularly in the world of major gifts the concept of influence is widely known and leveraged. Author: Tad Druart.

It's About Impact NOT Influence


As more nonprofits get aggressive with their social media outreach, they are starting to take cues from the business sector about their own influence and finding “those influentials&# that they think are going to produce magical results. “Is it even possible to measure online influence, divorced from offline influence,&# asks Tom Webster over at BrandSavant [link]. Volunteers - Is your nonprofit generating volunteers?

Super Advocates: Your Nonprofit’s Most Powerful Supporters

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Because super advocates offer the depth of organizing often times lost in the era of mobilization, we’ve written a comprehensive resource about how a nonprofit can develop a program to leverage one of their most powerful assets to deliver their mission. What super advocates can do for your nonprofit: Raise money from friends and family. Many nonprofits have considered starting a super advocate program for their top volunteers, but aren’t sure where to start.

Six Ways to Influence Donors with Brain Science

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The halo effect is a cognitive bias in which one’s judgments of a person’s character is influenced by one’s overall impression of that person. Epic Change is a nonprofit that provides support and attention for women who are radically changing their local communities.

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The Truth About Social Media and Nonprofits: A New Perspective May Be Required


You may have noticed: Social media seems to be the talk of nonprofits for the past few years. A quick scan of nonprofit-focused publications and websites, as well as the session topics at nonprofit conferences, will confirm that organizations are interested in how to use social media.

Update: Nonprofits - Power and Influence in our lives

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Author: In my previous post, I started a little experiment on the "power and influence" of nonprofits on our lives. First, let me admit that during much of the weekend I neglected to “look” for nonprofit messages and impressions as I entertained my son and his friends or enjoyed dinner with my wife and daughters, but none-the-less, I tracked more than 250 impressions and messages from 189 organizations from Thursday evening at 5:00 p.m.

[PODCAST] Broaden Your Message With Influencer-Driven Campaigns | Ft. Jeanette Russell

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We talked to Jeanette about her tips for what kind of impact a social media influencer and influencer-driven campaigns can make for your nonprofit. It’s a way to measure your online impact and you can easily find these influencers.

Equalizing the Power Between Us in the Social Good Sector

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What has us feel powerless in our efforts to influence others? This has us see ourselves having less or more power than others to influence the outcome. Nonprofit influencing others nonprofit power imbalances

Super Advocates: Your Nonprofit’s Most Powerful Supporters

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Because super advocates offer the depth of organizing often times lost in the era of mobilization, we’ve written a comprehensive resource about how a nonprofit can develop a program to leverage one of their most powerful assets to deliver their mission. What super advocates can do for your nonprofit: Raise money from friends and family. Many nonprofits have considered starting a super advocate program for their top volunteers, but aren’t sure where to start.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 79: How Elections Influence Charitable Giving

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election, and how women and men give differently – and what that means for how nonprofits should target donors. Research has found that charitable donors who also give to political campaigns are more generous than donors who don’t give to political campaigns.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide explores the fundraising planning process and breaks down each of the necessary elements that will allow you and your team to elevate your next campaign. The Best Nonprofit Digital Campaigns Collection (EveryAction).

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Nonprofits Value a Facebook Like at $214.81


I just returned from the Nonprofit Technology Conference (#12NTC) hosted by NTEN in San Francisco, CA. While we were there, Blackbaud, NTEN and Common Knowledge released the 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report. What this Means for Your Nonprofit.

The Biggest Social Media Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Nonprofit Campaign [Part 1]


Recently, we've been taking a look at the ins and outs of nonprofit campaigns: everything from free tools you can use , how to properly do influencer outreach , and words of caution around trying to "go viral.". guest post nonprofit campaigns social media

5 Nonprofit Resolutions for 2018

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And you already have a base of passionate supporters, so now is the time to tap into their network of influence to expand your organization’s reach. Nonprofit Fundraising Analytics fundraising fundraising tips nonprofit Outcomes Outcomes Measurement resolutions retention sustained giving

What’s the Best Way to Measure Influence? DIY Not?Klout! - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media -

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What’s the Best Way to Measure Influence? Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - : As nonprofit senior leadership starts taking social media more seriously to engage supporters, they are also starting to ponder their own organization’s influence. DIY NotKlout!

9 Ways Social Media Can Help Nonprofits Ignite Supporter-Led Advocacy

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Today, nonprofits have an opportunity like never before to reignite their partnership with supporters and provide platforms and opportunities for people to use their social networks to organize and advance your cause. Identify + Activate Your Social Media Influencers.

Measure the Impact, Not the Influence

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Someone asked Tara a question about measuring Whuffie or influence. If we concentrate on our influence, we forget the end goal. All too many times, people stop at the influence part: how popular is that person? Learning Loops from the Networked Nonprofit.